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 The Ultimate Trainer

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Trainer   Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:47 am

Takego had been given orders to help the lesser ranks of the Soul Society's forces grow and learn. So he had given forth an order calling for shinigami, of no greater than Vice-captain rank and no less than 5th seat, to come and train with him. Given his unique zanpaktou he was well equipped for multiple person combat and due to his ridiculously high spirit capacity..he could do so for a extended period of time.

"Soon they will be here and we will begin training." Takego spoke to himself as he stood there waiting for the participants to arrive, "What do you think will be gained from this endeavor?"

His zanpaktou..who had materialized next to his owner..spoke with a cold calm in reply, "For us..I do not expect anything but a test to the limitations of our powers..which isn't really needed because it's known. For them? perhaps a few lesson's in avoiding dangerous things and some lessons in offense."

"Well that is the whole point now isn't it? So I can live with that." Takego said as he continued to grin while waiting. Now if only those participants would show up soon..the thing was supposed to start in 5 minutes..


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PostSubject: Re: The Ultimate Trainer   Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:04 pm

A strange looking shinigami pranced through the hallways with ease as he quickly made his way towards his destination. As soon as he heard that one of the captains was going to be training lower ranked members, Kurama had to come wanting all the training he could get in order to improve himself. Stopping right outside the room, the fox quickly fixed up himself before opening the door.

Peaking in at first, he noticed that he was the first to arrive. Walking in the captain would see a strange almost female looking shinigami with long red hair, bright green eyes and a fox like appearance. Kurama had fox ears, sharp black nails, black paws for feet and a really long fluffy tail. He was known as the lieutenant of squad nine; who formally was convicted of a crime and was sent towards the maggots nest. Not too many shinigami are aware as to why, but then again it was also kept a secret.

The fox was also known to have failed the entrance exam for squad twelve because of an experiment that put everyone in danger and as well burned down the examination room, and as well he was known to have transferred towards squad nine shortly after he was a third seated member of squad four which again there seemed to have had a problem with the former captain (Not Sess).

The red headed fox slipped in looking quite calm; as he walked his long fox like tail would sway back and forth in motion. His fox ears on the other hand twitched back and forth making him look almost mischievous or curious. Being just a distance away, Kurama had a soft aura of roses around him which was his natural scent. As soon as he was close enough, he suddenly bowed out of respect as he introduced himself.

“Good day captain Takego Obsidian of squad six. I am Lieutenant Shuuichi Minamino of squad nine, reporting for training. Please feel free to calm me Kurama, I don’t really go by my human name.” he said respectfully before lifting up from his bowing position.
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The Ultimate Trainer
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