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 A bite to eat in the underground?

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PostSubject: A bite to eat in the underground?   Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:02 am

Seras had come here for one reason.


She was in need of a fresh supply and the coalition was very bad about trying to help her..because human blood was not something so easily made in a way that would suit the tastes of a vampire. Especially one that has become as old and picky as Seras had started to become.

This place, this underground arena, was perfect for such things. People spilled blood around here all the time without any questions about it. So she was simply walking around letting the blood be slowly drawn to her..where it would be absorbed through her clothing and kept pure by her own power.

However, this time was a bit different, they started a random cage match and randomly, though she questioned the actual randomness of it, chose Seras to be the next contender against some muscle man that was three times her size and muscled to the core.

The match lasted maybe 30 seconds, and thats mainly because thats how long it took for the man to stop insulting Seras and for her to walk over to him and smack the shit out of his face with one hand.

The crowd which had been rowdy and loud was now quiet and shocked. Seras got a small prize of 20 dollars, even though originally it was a cage match where they just played around for 3 minutes..and seras had just ended the match with a slap down.

Everything soon returned to normal though. Seras had kind of hoped that the match might have drawn the attention of someone with powers around here. because she was part of the coalition it was kind of her job to keep track of supernaturally gifted humans. Either by registering them or by having them join the coalition..or even arresting them or perhaps in extreme cases killing them.


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PostSubject: Re: A bite to eat in the underground?   Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:10 am

(I have no rogue humans, so you shall deal with Saisei! >Very Happy)

"C'mon, Bret, you owe me money on that last match!" A young man growled, at an older, and much more muscular man. "Sorry man. it didn't last as long as you said it was. Deals off." The guy turned to walk away, only to have himself turned around, right into the eyes of Saisei Chitose. Saisei had come here, to let off some steam, and win some money. He had spiked up, silver hair, blue eyes, and wore all black. He had a jacket, but left one of the sleaves off, to trail behind him.

"Either you give me what you owe me, or we are going to have a problem." Saisei said, rage very neatly mixed in with his words. "I told you. No deal. Go somewhere else, if you want to cry about it, punk." The guy turned to leave, only to be met by a right hook to the face. He flew back, and crashed into a table. Some of the people there ran. Saisei's eyes burned with rage. He walked back over to Bret, and picked him up. Someone would have step in, and stop them. (Hint Hint)

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Dorian Kaiser
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PostSubject: Re: A bite to eat in the underground?   Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:36 am

Oelandra had only just sat down to enjoy a long night of watching some fights. She had about two grand riding on 4 to 1 odds that night on the challenger for the main event, an old friend of hers who was a safe bet. She had a small scheme going on with him that racked in quite a sum to supplement her income and pay the medical bills. Kaylin wouldn't be too happy, but he didn't need to know anything other than that she made a good salary from a private organization... It just so happened that the organization wasn't her only source of income.

Ramshackle, an old mercenary buddy, would make his appearance later that night and she'd hoped to watch the fight. Ramshackle was the purist form of tactician that lived - utterly mechanical in executing his strategy. This was the first fight she'd be allowed to sit ringside while betting with the big boys. Not that she didn't mind sipping fine wine and dining on fine food while ruining some rich arse's night, but there was just something about being down in the pit.

A commotion broke out a new tables over from where she sat in a short t-shirt and fitted jeans. She had her bag with the container slung over her shoulder containing some of her indispensable items, just in case. House Rules were that if a bar fight broke out and the place got raided by cops, the every bet taken up to that point suddenly became donations from the goodly patrons of the city.

Oelandra wasn't about to lose two thousand dollars because some guy made a bad bet. But she had to keep cool, too.

Walking over, she placed a hand on his arm just far enough toward his elbow that she could apply a noticeable force against the flow of the punch without seeming rude. If this guy felt affronted, she could kiss two grand goodbye and she would not be a happy camper.

"Hey, other people have some bets going down tonight. Did they tell you the house rules as far as bar fights? Lemme buy you a drink - you can find Martin later."

She shot the bookie a look that told him to stay put. This was not the first time she'd been to this particular den, and her name was known to the bigwigs and their trusted employees, like this one, Martin. They hated her good luck, but she left a nice percentage of her winnings in tips behind to make sure her wallet was always welcome. She had a lot of friends in low places, which made finding things easy wherever she looked.

Without taking her eyes off the young man whose arm she had stopped, Oelandra waited.
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Ika Mazi (Jeff)
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PostSubject: Re: A bite to eat in the underground?   Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:28 pm

Ika sighed as he watched the match unfold with the woman beating the shit out of the man and he about died as he had his ass whooped,no doubt about it,she was a Spiritually Gifted Human, shame, she probably worked for the Coalition unless their guard went down to unforeseen lows,this much he doubted.He sighed as he walked to a table and grabbed a beer and slammed one down, then a dumb ass challenged him to a drinking contest,Ika grabbed three Beers and chugged them,the guy did the same,Ika slammed down five more and the guy was getting slowed down.Ika was just tipsy,he slammed down four more and Ika grinned as he passed out,he took his wallet put one hundred bucks in his pocket,paid the bartender for all the beer then told everyone else,"Beer on the guy that hit the floor"everyone cheered as they got their beers and he saw the man hit the man in the mouth and some young woman stop him quickly."What is with all the strong young ladies here tonight" he said with a small grin as he approached the woman that held the mans arm back with a small grin fixed upon his face.He released some Reitsu to let her know he knew she was of some power and sighed "Bar tender three beers please" he grabbed them and handed the girl one the man one and drank one himself.

He downed it quickly "How obviously rude of me,my name is Ika Mazi,I am the Vizard Of Life of the Kashimaku and you folks...I haven't seen you before,or the woman who just handed the big mans ass to him with a slap for that matter,may I ask if you came together, and who are you guys"?He asked the question with a trace of intrigue and intuition in his voice coupled with humor,he was just wondering who the newest Spiritual Beings he had just witnessed and possibly met were,he did not really give two shits about the background and this much was probably apparent,not that it would stop many people with a shred of dignity these days.He felt the Spiritual Pressures around him and grinned the woman he just bought a beer was weaker as was the man she just stopped from beating the shit out of the sore loser.Ika looked at him and told him "Looks like your betting antics are getting your ass kicked, perhaps you should find another gig and leave before the guy over here kicks your ass any farther,maybe try the hospital, get that Jaw of yours fixed,looks like he broke it".Ika kicked him in the gut and he went flying as a rib snapped and as soon as he got up, he went scrambling out the door."Now then".

Ika had pitch black hair that hung over his eyes a bit when brushed down and hung just above him when he brushed it to the sides,he stood an even six foot two inches tall and weighed a little less then 160 pounds and all of that was muscle. He had a rather fine physical physique and was by all standards a fine physical specimen,well toned with a six pack of abs, he held a smirk upon his teeth showing clean teeth that were about as white as you would get them by human means which was shocking seeing as he smoked a lot, coffee was his favorite drink, and alcohol he could down like a horse.He wore tight black Skinny Jeans that led down to wool white socks into dark purple converses on his feet and his favorite Bring Me The Horizon Band T-Shirt was on him as well.His eyes were a pale blue as if they'd been carved from blue crystals you'd find in a cavern and he held an icy gaze to anyone who locked eyes with him,it was almost evil in a way.Ika had slightly tanned skin now that the summer was on and he had a snake bite on his lower lip and a Monroe on his upper lip and his sheathe held firmly on his jeans side pocket.He pulled out a Blunt and his lighter and put the lighter to his lips "Don't mind if I have a smoke do you?"
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PostSubject: Re: A bite to eat in the underground?   Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:07 am

A young guy in his twentys wearing a black suit, a fedora and using a cane walked into the underground arena and had a look around. Not the kind of place he would normally visit on a trip but his friend recommend it. Good thing I left Julie back at the hotel Kyle thought.

With a quick twirl of his cane he walked towards the bar and ordered a drink. "A pint of your finest cider my good bar man" The bar man gave him a dirty look as to say I don't like your type being in here but Kyle didn't care he just wanted to get pissed and watch a few fights.

While the bar man was getting his drink Kyle checked around to see if there was anyone interesting around. Nobody caught his interest except four individuals.

One was an emo looking kid wearing black skinny jeans, purple converse, a band t-shirt. The second was a woman with long midnight black hair wearing a short t-shirt and fitted jeans carrying a bag with her. The third was a man with spiky white hair, wearing a long black jacket with buckles on it. His right arm had a black material wrapped around it and a gold bracelet at the end of it and black boots with metal on the ends of them. The fourth was a woman who had just finished a fight in the arena. She had short messy blond hair with blue eyes and was wearing crimson red clothes that looked like some sort of uniform.

Kyle's cider arrived he paid the bar man and took his drink and sat down at table near the arena to see any fights that may happen soon in the ring up close also as way to become anonymous to those four individuals for as long as possible. He didn't know them and didn't trust them. He will sit here enjoy his cider and see what unfolds.
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PostSubject: Re: A bite to eat in the underground?   

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A bite to eat in the underground?
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