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PostSubject: Eve Reinhart   Eve Reinhart EmptySun Jun 24, 2012 9:25 pm

Advent Human Template

Eve Reinhart 12971512

Basic Information

Name: Eve Reinhart
Age: 30
True Age: 1594
Sex: Female
Personality: She is gentle and kind, a loving, caring woman who started out tending flowers and now tends to forests. She is the younger sister of Jensen Reinhart, and was once a sweet and naive girl. She's grown out of that part, atleast, and has become allot more independent over the years. She loves company and is very social, but she does have a problem with cities, and being away from wildlife and forests for to long.

Eve spent a good 800 years in hibernation, and hasn't adjusted to well to technology, she doesn't like phones or tv's or listening to music on i pods. She avoids it like its the plague. She also Despises cars and other vehicles, and consideres them dangerous, not to mention she gets car sick. She sticks to her own to feet, and if she must travel long distances she'll take a boat if at all possible, and will set foot on air planes if its absolutely nessasary.

Eve is more enclined to spend time with animals, but she has no great likes or dislikes for any of the races. She takes a person a face value, rather than lable a whole race as good or evil. She is wary of hollow and arrancar though, but does not despise them for their natural preference to eating the souls of the living. She only truly likes or hates people who do something to earn her trust or envoke her wrath.

Eve is quick to anger if someone shows great distrespect for nature, cutting down trees in particular can get on her nerves, but needlessly hurting animals is one way of ending up with and arrow in your butt. She does not intentionally try to kill, but taking a life wont keep her awake at nights either, and she will if its absolutely nessassary.

Vengeful Spirit:

Likes: Animals, children, flowers and wilderness, her daughter and other family members.
Fears: Harm to the natural world, Airplanes and being made travel in a car.

Character Appearance

Eve Reinhart 12971511

sheight: 5'7”
Weight: 121 lbs.
Physical Traits: Tall and slender with skin a soft golden color, Eve has long flowing Brown hair that reaches well past her mid back. It is clean and well kept, despite its lenght, and streaked with lighter brown near the ends. She has light green eyes with a ring off blue similar to her brothers eyes around the pupil.

Clothing: A long white shoulderless dress edged with gold, that reaches to just above her feet so it does not drag on the ground. Tassels of golden ribbon hang from her waist on either side. She wears white shoes that match the dress.
Accessories: A golden neclace that belonged to her mother.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Eve is not the best close range combatant, She preferes to keep some distance between her and her enemies. She preferes her bow to her long knife for obvious reasons, but can quickly switch to using it if someone gets to close for comfort. She Is an excellent marksman, and her bow can fire up to 100 feet acurately and before it looses power. Her skill with the long knife isn't so honed, but she knows enought to fight well with it if needs be.

Eve's biggest strength in any combat situation is her spells. Most have an incantion to activate them. Because of this she can attack with various elements, but she cannot manipulate elements beyond her different spells. She can also summon allies to aid her, heal, and various other useful spells that can turn the tide of a fight. She must preform a Druidic Verse to unlock each level of her spells, and each level is stronger than the last. The forbidden Druidic Verse is not something she uses willingly, and will use it when absolutely nessasary.

Physically she is not very strong, or for that matter fast. She has excess Spiritual pressure and a naturally enhanced healing rate from her druidic magic. Her control of Said spiritual pressure is top of the line to, and She is not only able to detect Spiritual pressure, she can also detect life force, unless the person is invisible or a spiritual being.

Strengths: Good durability due to fast healing, high spiritual pressure and excellent control of it, and good sensing. She can also sense life forms through her Life Sense. Her Amazing concentration allows her to cast her spells on the move and makes it hard to interrupt her.
Weaknesses: Average speed, below average strength. Life sense and spiritual pressure sensing are not compatable, meaning she has to concentrate and block out one type to use the other.

Special Qualities: Immortal soul: Eve is immortal, thanks to her connection to the earth and her druidic magic. She can be killed, but has not aged a day since she unlocked her true power, and will not die of old age.

Disease Immunity: Eve's Druidic magic grants her Immunity to all diseases and viruses. She hasn't had a cold in a very long time.

Life sense: Eve can sense any living creature without spiritual pressure or who are surpessing their spiritual presure, including humans, quincy, bounto (because they are alive although she can't tell their not human), and animals, but not invisible life forms or spiritual beings. This abilitie works up to 50 feet from her, making it hard for someone to sneak up on her without going invisible. This is something she can block out.

Fast healing: Her Druidic Magic grants eve a faster recovery time. Small wounds will heal fully without a scar after 3 posts, and larger ones will scab over and stop bleeding in about the same time and become fully healed after 6.

Abilities & Weapons

Weapon: Arcum Silva
Eve Reinhart Images10
Appearance: Arcum is a shortbow, and gifted to Eve by the forest.
Powers: It fires pysical arrows, infused with reiatsu, but both it and its arrows are strong and able to withstand zanpakuto blades. The arrows can pierce average heirro and armor easily, but have a little more trouble against stronger hierro and armors. Druidic Verse Lvl 2 and Lvl 3 Increase Arcum silva's ability to pierce, so the blade can keep up with stronger hierro. She has 30 arrows in the quiver.

Weapon: Ensis
Eve Reinhart 1807_510
Appearance: Another Gift, Ensis is a long knife, about 22” in total length.
Powers: It is spiritually infused in the same manner as Arcum, and can cut like Zanpakuto steel. Druidic Verse Lvl 2 and Lvl 3 Increase Ensis' ability to cut, so the blade can keep up with stronger hierro.

Primary Stage

Name: Summon weapons.
Incantation: “O nemorum tela mitterent eos prohibere ad me uti inimicis.” (Oh forest, send your weapons to me so I may use them to stop your enemies.)
Effect: It summons The weapons Arcum Silva and Ensis to Eve, with quiver, sheath and belts in toe. Can be used outside of druidic Verse. They return from where their kept when Eve wills it, and vanish instantly if someone else picks it up or pulls it from her hand, but they can touch it and it wont go anywhere if she's holding it.

Name: Druidic Verse Lvl 1
Incantation: "Dominus aut in silva, da munus tuum, ut tueri regni a qui audeat nocere.”(Lord or the forest, grant your gift, so that i may protect your realm from those who dare harm it.)
Effect: The sorcerous Verse Unlocks Eve's powers, allowing her to cast her magic. It Has no other uses really.

Name: Scorching bolt.
Incantation: "Lux ardent et Peirce." (Bright light burn and peirce.)
Effect: Eve speaks the incantation and Casts a bolt of lightning from the tip of her index finger, Equal to hado 31 in power, 1 post cooldown.

Name: Hand of the mind
Incantation: Activates once the sorcerous Verse is spoken.
Effect: Eve can lift up multiple objects up to a ton in weight using telekenetic energy. She can throw the objects, the speed depending on the size. An object she's lifting gives off a feint glow, and her hands glow. Eve can do this normally until in fatigue state. 4 post duration, 3 post cooldown. automatically reactivates. The range on this is 30 feet. Note: For rp perposes only, This can be used on a person. ONLY if they give consent though.

Name: Aid
Incantation: "Ego vocant in naturas donum, reddere vitam vis puer." (I call on natures gift, restore the life force of your child.)
Effect: Eve Can heal a person with her touch after speaking the incantation. Its not instant, and can take up to 4 or 5 posts to fully heal a person. She must speak the incantation again if she moves to another person, or lets go of the person she's healing.

Name: Fire arrow rain
Incantation: "Ignis sera conlucent levia sursum signum." (Fire bolt, burn bright and light the target up.)
Effect: 10 fire arrows appear in the air around eve, pointing in the direction she's looking. They fire all together, either in a volley or at a single target. Each one is as strong as and fast as a bala. 1 post cooldown.

Final Stage

Name: Druidic Verse Lvl 2
Incantation: “Domine caeli dico vobis potestatem ut liceat uti possem tueri regnum munus tuum." (Lady of the sky, I call to you, allow me the use of your power so i might, protect your realm with your gift.)
Effect: The second Level of Druid Verse grants Eve Acess to stronger spells, and grants her boosts to her previous spells.

Name: Deiceitful illusion
Incantation: "Split et expansum, dolum et decieve." (Split and spread, trick and decieve.)
Effect: Creates an exact copy of Eve, right down to the feeling of her spiritual pressure, making it impossible for someone to tell between the two unless they listen closely. The copy makes no sound. The copy is just a copy, and cannot harm the target. It can be destroyed easily, but moves with the same grace and speed as Eve. Lasts for 2 posts, 2 post cooldown

Name: Summon Familiars
Incantation: "Prodiit custodem saltus custodi me de inimicis." (come forth, protector of the forest, guard me from our foes.)
Effect: Summons 1 dire Bear, a creature about 10 foot standing on its back legs. It has enhanced strenght and durability and can withstand a good beating. It is 3 tiers lower than Eve.
Eve Reinhart Dire_b10
Or Summons 2 Dire wolves, that stand 5 feet at the shoulder. They have enhansed speed, and are decently durable. Both at 5 tiers lower than Eve. The Familiars are equivelent to humans in primary stage and stick around for 3 posts or till death. And another can't be summoned for 2 posts.
Eve Reinhart Direwo10

Name: Earthen Barrier
Incantation: “Derivare et mutare, tueri me cum petrosa forma et ostendere quod est fortissimum” (Shift and change, protect me with your rocky form and show them what is strongest)
Effect: A Wall of earth Rises from the ground to protect Eve from an attack up to the power of a gran rey or hado 88. 3 post cooldown.

Name: Ice tornado.
Incantation: “Nent, ventos furore et frigus, flagellum et verbera et lacerant mea hostibus” (Spin, winds of fury and cold, whip and lash and tear at my foes)
Effect: A weak tornado appears, it is about six feet tall and filled with shards of ice. It charges the target and can hit with the force of 2 cero, along with slashing and peircing damage from the ice. The tornado dies after hitting something, and while it has mild tracking abilities it cannot turn and come at someone from behind. 2 post cooldown.

Name: Entangling vines.
Incantation: “Procedere membra arborem unam fraudem obtinuit.” (Come forth, limbs of the tree, trap and hold the one before me.)
Effect: Vines grow from the ground to trap a targets legs, holding them in place. They can still defend themselves or try to cut themselves free, but the vines are thick and hard to cut, although easily burned. They die off after 1 post, with a 2 post cooldown.

boosts: Speed and strength x2, Reiatsu x3.

Hyper Mode

Name: Druidic Verse lvl 3
Incantation: “Kyrie et domina dicam vobis demum tempus. Nulla fac ita ut potius impleretur voluntas tua!” (Oh lord and lady, I call to you one last time. Please, grant me more power so i might fulfill your will!)
Effect: The third Druidic Verse grants Eve Access to her strongest spells, and grants her boosts to her previous spells.

Name: Fire storm
Incantation: “Pluviam ignis ardentis volantis calidum quidem et inflammabit convellere dictis et carnem meam hostes.”(Rain of fire, burning hot and and flying true, rip and tear and scorch the flesh of my foe.)
Effect: A stronger version of Fire arrow rain, with more arrows and that are more powerful. 30 arrows rain down on the area Eve points at. Each arrow is as strong as 3 bala. Unlike before, the attack is a volley, and each arrow cannot target the one person. 2 post cooldown.

Name: Chain lightning Blast.
Incantation: “Incursu, inspiratione et fluunt canalibus scopum, percutere iterum in incautos anima” (Shock, blast and flow trough the target, then strike again at the unwary soul)
Effect: eve fires 3 bursts of lightning from the tip of her finger. They can all target the same person or multiple targets, and can jump from any metal objects to the target to a maximum range of 50 feet. (not per jump.) 3 post cooldown.

Name: Greater Familiar
Incantation: “Creatura saltus, convertere et torquere et factus verum gardian, mea inimicis sinus et ostendere ira”(Creature of the forest, turn and twist and become a true gardian, keep my enemies at bay and show them your wrath)

Effect: The greater Familiar is no longer a bear or wolf, but a barbaric warrior companion. The Creature is a mix of bear and human, as in the picture above. It is 3 tiers lower than Eve and is equivilent to a human in hyper mode, with enhanced strength, durability and speed. It sticks around for 5 posts or until it dies, and another can't be summoned for 3 posts.
Eve Reinhart 13610010

Name: Dance of the forest
Incantation:”Chorus saltus, attonitos et musca et turbo per caeli, frustum et sectis et Peirce quod semper ut tangere”(Dance forest, Flutter and fly and swirl through the air, slice and cut and peirce what ever you may touch)
Effect: Once activated a tree grows from the earth rapidly (through concrete or asphalt if nesesary) and sprouts leaves. In the next post its fully grown and ready for use. Eve can pull a large quantity of leaves from the tree and use them to attack a foe. Each leaf is Razor sharp and she can fire about 50 in a clump at the enemy. The tree sticks around for 2 posts or until it is destroyed or burned, with a 3 post cooldown.

Name: Forbidden Druidic Verse
Incantation:”Dico non solum dominus et domina, et ad terram naturae miraculum. Quaero datum, qui conantur, ut tacere desinam in comprehenderunt. Obsecro, concede mihi hanc potestatem, postremo”
(I call not only to the lord and lady, but to the earth and all of its natural wonder. I ask for a gift, one that will stop all in their tracks as they try to comprehend it. Please, grant me your power this one last time.)
Effect: A Forbidden Verse. It Give Eve access to A final, deadly spell. Preforming the verse Boosts Eve's reiatsu Well beyond what she can handle (from times x4 to x6) and doubles the power of all her spells.. After 5 posts in this form all of her power is resealed and she falls unconcious.

Name: Raging storm
Incantation: “Furens terra ostendere omnibus verum ira, et ut non sit tutum ex.”(Raging earth show all your true wrath, and may no one be safe from it.)
Effect: When activated, this spell uses up 5/6 of eve's reiastsu, dropping her boosts from x8 to x1 or simple, its base level. The effect is a wild storm 100 feet across. It begins to rain and there are random strikes of lightning as strong as cero hitting down withing the area. Every where the lightning hits the earth explodes and throws massive earth spikes. On top of that a powerful whirlwind developes in the centre of the storm, and sucking anyone one within 30 feet towards it. The storm lasts 2 entire posts and even Eve is not safe from the random lightning strikes or exploding earth. Also, Eve enters fatigue state during the storm as its quickly draining her reiatsu.

Boosts: Speed stamina and strength x3, Reiatsu x4.

Back Drop:

Background: Born in 617, Eve is the last Child born into the Reinhart family, and Jensen's younger sister. She lived a very normal life for that time, though by her mother how to care for a husband and keep a household. She was a dear freind of Marie, and knew her better than her own husband when Marie and Jensen were married, which was before Eve was even aranged to be married.

Eve loved to keep the small garden her mother planted, and not just the crops. From a young age she always had a way with plants, tending and caring for them. When she was 22 she was finally entered into an arranged marriage with a local warrior, however he died soon after. She met another man 3 years after but her father didn't approve of him, despite the fact that they fell in love.

Eve considered running away with him but after Marie gave birth to Ashen, she changed her mind, He wasn't her first nephew, her two older brothers had several children each. But Marie was always her freind so she stuck around to help out. Her father also finally relented and she was married.

When she was 27, the same year Ashen was born, her older brother Safanx died in battle, and it struck the family hard, especially his wife and kids. Eve and Marie tried to be there for them but it was a hard task, easier on eve who had no family bar her husband who became oafish and lazy, and failed to give her children.

Time passed and the wound healed. Jensen and his oldest brother made sure safanx's family were taken care of. five years passed, and still Eve had no children of her own which annoyed her husband and upset her. At one point, he got so drunk and flew into an intense rage, Attacking eve. She stabbed him with a knife in the shoulder and ran, just about made it to Jensen's home.

Her husband caught her in the street and was so enraged he tried to kill her, stabbing her in the side with his sword and sending her sprawling to the ground with a kick. He raised the sword and was about to kill her when jensen appeared from know where, and cut off his hand. Her brother was so enraged by the attack on eve that he hacked the man to bits in the street.

Eve was seriously injured in the attack and it took almost half a year to fully recover, and at one poitn she was so close to deaths door she returned with a gift. At first it was a simple instinct to sense people in the surroundings. But soon she began to see spirits too. This change spiked a curiousity within Eve that set her to traveling around england, regretfully leaving her family days before Jensen was killed in battle.

During her travels, Eve become a lot more in touch with the natural world, reveling in its beauty. It was a dangerous world back then, traveling alone was hard on Eve. She was quick on her feet most of the time and managed to run or hide from any dangers she encountered, but she wasn't always so lucky.

At one point, Eve was walking through a forest following the road, when two men appeared ahead. She seen the danger but kept walking, she tried passing them but they didn't ignore her like she wanted and attacked. Eve ran into the forest and they chased her. She almost outran them but they managed to corner her at the bottom of a small cliff, she could climb and they cut her off on either side.

One man came at her and Eve grabbed a branch. She swung it and it become more then a branch, twisting into a beautiful silvery long knife. She slashed it across his throat by mistake and killed him, but the other man was quicker and disarmed her. However he didn't make it far as a massive wolf plowed into him. It sent him sprawling, ripping out his throat before turning to Eve.

The wolf spoke to her. Explained who it was, and what it wanted. The wolf was the lord of the forest, a god of nature, and the weapon she held was its gift. It gave her other gifts, and explained how it had chosen her to be a Druid, a protector of the forests and the sea and the medows, and all of nature.

Eve spent the next 200 years mastering these gifts, learning spells to help her do as she was asked. She lived in the forests and talked to the wolf, until she was finally ready. However the wolf stopped her as she prepared ot go out into the world. He told her it was not time for her to leave, and instead, he put her into a deep sleep within a sealed off tomb.

1000 years passed before she woke again, but the wolf did not speak to her. It had transended to a higher plane. However she knew what she had to do and set out into the world. She spent the next 280 years doing as the wolf had asked, helping animals and keeping the forests safe and healthy. She was annoyed by the humans growth and destruction of the land around them but for the most part just stayed away. That was until she met someone.

They didn't stay together long but Eve hadn't realised how lonely she'd been until she met him. After they parted ways she soon enough discovered she was pregnant. And she could not have been happier. When he found out he took her back too, and they had a good relationship. But he fell I'l and died when the girl, Julie, was 5.

As she raised Julie she moved to Ireland, and soon discovered her daughter had powers of her own. She wasn't a druid like Eve, because her powers were that of fire and nothing else. Eve still trained her to use them wisely and try not tell anyone else about them, or for that matter that her mother was a 1594 year old druid.

Side Notes:I Know she has more than 2 elements, but she attacks by casting spells, these aren't her natural abilities like other advent humans would have, they're spells she learned over many years. Plus she has no actual elemental manipulation powers.

She Might be immortal, but she can die by bleeding out or having her head cut/shot off, or body damaged beyond repair. She is not immortal in that sense. And if she dies, no coming back either, her soul will disperse along with her power, and if she ends up in soul soceity she can not become a shinigami, in otherwords, death is endgame for her.
RP Sample:

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord

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Approved 2-1

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