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 Ed-cycle 1C

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PostSubject: Ed-cycle 1C   Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:59 am

Item name: Ed-cycle 1C

A great bike designed and created by Ed himself. It contains a strong armor plating that rivals shinigami steel, a special motor. And can reach speeds of 300mph with little to no pollution to the atmosphere. Instead of gas, it runs off spiritual pressure, which will be explained in the effects.

High powered spiritual filter~ Only a few motors like this exist in the world. It absorbs spiritual pressure around it. It doesn't effect a person, but such as when they power up when all that pressure leaks out and can be felt, the motor can absorb that and convert it into energy.

Generator Shield~ for one post, an energy shield forms around the bike. This shield can block up to a cero, and absorb 20% of whatever hits it and stored in the motor. It can not however absorb ballistics such as bullets or blades.

Armor Plating~ the armor around the bike is just a bit weaker than shinigami steel. It wont be burnt or dented or shot easily, but its more possible then a zanpaktou breaking.

SGB~ Spiritual Giga boost. This lasts for a short burst of speed. After this is used, no moves that have a cool down can not be active for one post. It shoots the cycle from 0-100 in one second, making whatever speed it is at adding 100mph to it. Making its total max speed 400mph. However it doesn't last long.

Glide Wings~ Wings jet out of the sides made of carbon fiber. The wings can lift the motorcycle in the air if the speed is 200mph, or glide it to the ground, however the lift would only go mph X 0.5 . So 200mph would be 100feet in the air then it would go down. The longer it is in the air, the more it slows down.

Gatling Bala Gun~ on the sides pop out two thin barrels that rapidly shoot out energy bullets the power of bala. He can shoot 20 from each chamber before having a one post recharge. They move 1/2 slower than bala. He has to be careful not to run into his own shots.

Cero Cannon~ out the middle of the front a cannon size barrel extends and shoots out a cero sized blast with the strength to match, if must either be in motion or strong breaks on. The speed automatically drops to zero upon firing. Has a 2 post cool down.

Gigantic cannon~ upon using all the energy the motorcycle gathered, it fires out a blast as strong as gran rey, however the cycle is shut down for 2 posts. But can't fire again for another post.

Mega Wifi~ constantly, unless shut off, it sends off a strong wave signal that Ed can manipulate if necessary, allowing him internet access, as long as he is close to the motorcycle, anywhere in the world.

Spike wheels~ with a press of a button, spikes about 1 foot extend out of the tires if needed.

Ejector seat~ a button shoots the seat 15 feet up in the air and parachutes down. (cause who doesn't want an ejector seat)

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: 1


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PostSubject: Re: Ed-cycle 1C   Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:32 pm

still don't see a use combat wise for this.. but if it has the same nerfs I had jun give it in RotR I don't mind. approved.


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Ed-cycle 1C
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