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 Knock... Knock... Return Of The Dead

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PostSubject: Knock... Knock... Return Of The Dead    Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:49 pm

Fluttering in the wind, like a dandelion in an updraft, a young girl, perhaps at the age of fourteen, air walked gently in the world of eternal night, Hueco Mundo. The large white sand dunes beneath the young
girl decorated the landscape for miles on end, in most directions, broken by only the rare boulder and dead shrubbery. Though, beneath the reddish brown coat, and boots, that adorned the young girl, was the soul of Albatross, the soul collector. As the sinner drifted over the dreary landscape of its former home, which it remembered clearly, it headed towards the destination of Las Noches.

Watching the horizon with its bright green eyes of a human, Albatross laughed gleefully as it took its time,
its fox mask, decorated with paints of blue, red, yellow, and of course white. The mask covering the sinner's girlish face, as its brown ponytails drifted in the breeze and gusts of the wind, as the former hollow headed towards the Espada base. Through death, Albatross had achieved one of its dreams of rebirth, and because of this, its fears shrunk. Knowing that even in death it would be able to come back and haunt those which it knew.

Laughing at the mere thought of haunting, gave Albatross a swift boost of speed as it saw the dark spires of the fortress of arrancars' and hollow's alike loom in the distance. Slowing down, Albatross descended unto the white sands of Hueco Mundo, preparing for its visit. The sinner wondering whether it should enter the place it had none as it always used to, or to break down a wall, and cause a ruckus. But, as Albatross became lost in thought it realized it had never entered the fortress normally to begin with, usually having broken part of the roof for the sake of amusement. As the sinner, dressed in its human skin, walked closer to its destination, it feared nothing, prepared for combat, or kindly social situations. Its entire presence cloaked, giving off no heat signatures, sounds, scents, nor any form of thing which could give itself away. Besides for Albatross' physical presence, it seemed as if it did not exist at all.

With a giggle, Albatross decided to play its part, as it planned to surprise those who visit it, in its female form. As Albatross reached the walls of Los Noches, it waited, with a smile plastered on its human face, and hands clasped together as if waiting for its favorite cartoon to start on the television. Giggling lightly the child waited for an opportunity to enter, as it sat down in the sand gently, the child's height being about fifty-two inches.

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PostSubject: Re: Knock... Knock... Return Of The Dead    Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:53 am

Amaterasu had been sleeping next to the doors of Las Noches, being bored to sleep by Issun's stories that she had heard many a time. She had been dreaming of the first strong person she met in Hueco Mundo, Albatross... She was dreaming of his death, something she had not witnessed firsthand and believed it was a dream.

Issun, who was telling his stories to the sleeping Amaterasu, would continue to tell his stories to Amaterasu... Until he had heard a giggle that Amaterasu hadn't unknowingly heard. Issun was curious about who it was. So, abandoning Amaterasu Issun crawled under the doors and saw a human looking girl sitting in the sand...

Even if it was a little girl, Issun still had a pervy mind and wanted to try and 'smooth talk' her...

Issun then bounced onto her lap, lays its 1 cm tall body on her thigh, and says, "Hey girly, whatcha doin here?"
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PostSubject: Re: Knock... Knock... Return Of The Dead    Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:40 am

Dragging her finger through the white delicate sand, Albatross enjoyed itself as it made a small picture of a hollow it had met along the way to Las Noches much earlier. The beast having been a snake like creature with long arms and lanky legs. It had thought of feeding its hunger off of what looked like the young girl, but its life had been cut short, tragically, as it soon found itself with a arm through its head. Though, Albatross still remembered the divine taste of that hollow's soul, even after the numerous hours since its demise.

Shifting its body in the sand, Albatross turned its head daintily, as its colorful fox mask encased the entire front of its face still, but its green eyes still looked out, as the sinner sensed the sounds and movement around its sphere of influence, where it started paying more acutely to the surroundings.

Turning its head, Albatross' ponytails whipped around, as it felt the familiar presence of a talkative, rather tiny, arrancar that it remembered so well. For Issun, or so Albatross thought the being's name was from memory, had already discovered the sinner's whereabouts.

Giggling as the small insect-like arrancar hopped onto Albatross' lap, she (yeah, Its too much of a pain to say "it" all the time so i'm just going to use she for now...) listened to the tiny being's insignificant greeting, as the young girl raise her right hand and aimed her index finger at, what she saw as a bug. "Pitiful insect, remove yourself from my person. Only those which I approve may ever touch me." Albatross spoke coldly, in the young girl's voice. The tone was cold, uncaring, and Albatross played along with its acting for the while, wanting to see how far it could play its farce and amuse itself at the same time. Her green eyes looking down upon the bug with dreadful eyes, that seemed to have the hatred of hell locked deep away inside. While, a small slit in the fox mask, where the mouth would be revealed, Albatross' young red lips, in a twisted scowl. "You've only five seconds to remove yourself, before I tear off your limbs, one by one."

Giggling again, as if nothing had happened, Albatross waited for Issun's reply, and possible actions, prepared to swat away the arrancar if he decided to try anything funny. The girl's scowl changing to a gentle smile, and her eyes lightening up. "One..." Albatross started sounding off the seconds, in a sweet voice.
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PostSubject: Re: Knock... Knock... Return Of The Dead    

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Knock... Knock... Return Of The Dead
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