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 The Knight and a Test

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PostSubject: The Knight and a Test   Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:07 am

Her foot hit the ground solidly, her body twisting. An injured person was in the area but it was told to be dangerous : so the girl, went in without asking. The knights blonde hair shone gold, brighter then the strands of wheat basking in mid day sun. She was waiting for something to show truth but yet there was a hesitance. She understood that this was dangerous and yet hoped it could be resolved peacefully. She did not want to enter combat with such a dangerous preemption, but the knight cast it aside. Helping those in danger was more important, as she arrived at the scene. Her gaze moved over, her gauntlet covered hands at her sides, ready to fight if need be. But she was patient : she would wait for a few more moments, as her eyes would catch the injured person in question. She was ready, as the girl took a few steps forward, before that instinct of hers crawled up her spine. Something was wrong, as Meimu looked around, waiting for whatever it was to show itself.
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PostSubject: Re: The Knight and a Test   Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:56 am

Ika walked through Canada smoking a Blunt as usual and when he let out a puff of smoke he felt a hint of a Reitsu coming as he hoped off the ledge he was so happily perched on and trotted on down to the source and it turned out to be a Hollow,lovely,Ika can't even sight see without these bastards having lunch time when he was around.Ika hoped down and looked at the Adjuchas in the eyes and grinned "Dude don't you know happy meals are bad for you,knuckle sandwiches are healthier,try one?"he said this sarcastically as it ate some girl,a shame,pretty girl,he quickly hit it in its mouth as it spat out the half eaten human who was still somehow clinging to life and Ika quickly broke its head open with the next punch as he watched it fade into the wind and dissolve.His mind snapped back to the girl half dead on the ground as he walked over to help her, "Everything will be okay little miss,just gotta find someone to patch you up" he said this then stopped and looked "One second".He felt a Shingami and sighed,lovely another thing wanting to kill him,but this one was weak so he figured it did no harm "Hey Soul Reaper,downed Human here,mind coming and helping her out please,pretty girl,hate to see her die this way".He said this and took off his old Parkway Drive Band T and wrapped it around her leg to stop the bleeding so she wouldn't bleed out and she had done faded into pale which meant she may very well die,then there were the acids... he wiped off what he could so the burning would stop and in turn his hand burned a bit so he wiped it on the ground to get it off."Shit,hurry up Soul Reaper I thought you were around to help Humans not watch them die".

Ika had snow white hair today due to spraying it but left the tips of it black as usual,it was a rich coal black that you would not spot in the dark,he left his tan bare abs and muscles exposed which made him look pretty good seeing as he had his shirt on the girls leg to help the bleeding and his snake bites were glimmering a bit in the light.He held a pale blue eyes and an icy gaze,his eyes resembled crystal ice and appeared carved,almost mimicked from a crystals color,he had pale skin and was somewhat emoish in appearance.He wore Black Ed Hardy Converses with white socks and dark black skinny jeans and he was a good 6 foot even and 160 and a lot of that was muscle.He stood up and held pearly white teeth that were hidden from view as he tossed the blunt away from the area. "Don't just stand there help her".
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PostSubject: Re: The Knight and a Test   Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:22 pm

The blonde had seen the male, and sensed him. She knew instinctively that he was on guard with her : but the knight had no time to worry. The injured girl was bleeding very much : what took most of her concern was the hollow that the male was leaving. It was coming up right behind the pair, as without ado, her legs pushed off the ground. That's what it started : the sudden shift in those green eyes.

The spark of life itself gleamed in those eyes : almost an inferno of burning flames. But yet it was pure : a holy fire that filled the area, as the solid crunch of her boot echoed. The air whipped around her, as her form streaked past the male, that delicate pair of lips open. And from that mouth, a battle cry that was fierce : it streaked the area in such a myriad of courage, as her hands held nothing. The pair of hands twitched and then were brought down, the sound of sliced air almost exploding in the ears of those present. With a sudden, sick thump, the hollow's head dropped on the ground, the body collapsing heavily. Even with that, the blade remained unseen : for there was no blood. With a sudden, snapping crunch, the female's body was back on the ground from her flight. The crunch was the gravel on the ground, even as her posture was great : the very few seconds for that exchange were priceless. Even the human that lay bleeding had been caught in bewilderment : her grace and beauty were amazing, as she looked of something out of a fairy tail. A lady knight.

Satisfied, the shinigami walked over to the human, and her eyes searched the body. She would have to enter shikai for this : with a soft mutter, her voice echoed in the air. ''Come forth, Excalibur Yaiba.'' Nothing seemed to have changed, as her fingers now touched the girl, and she closed her eyes. That's when energy flowed from her body into the other girl's, a stream of gentle tranquility. The hard breathing soon stopped, and her skin began to regain color, even as the energy seemed to be winning. There was a sudden hiss, as the acid was forced out, and dropped to the sides, incinerating the ground but not the girl. It was a good thing, as soon, the girl was resting, the blonde shinigami's arms slipping around the girl, and raising her.

The most notable surprise was the fact that she could hold the girl in her arms. The strength in the small-esque body was surprising, but the girl simply smiled at the male. ''Thank you for helping.'' she said simply, noting a house near by : that must be where the girl lived, as the blonde knight pushed off the ground, dashing into the area. But almost there, she lay the girl against the wall, her spine tingling, even as she peeked in the room. Dead bodies. The window was splattered with blood : and the knight heard the cries of hollows. She understood that maybe a few lived but they would die without aid. However, this girl was her first priority, as she waited for the male to follow her. If he did not follow within fifteen minutes, the girl would wake and thus a plan could be made anyways.

But there wasn't much time, as the blonde moved into action.

[Exit thread!]
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PostSubject: Re: The Knight and a Test   

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The Knight and a Test
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