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Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Jun's Papa   Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:57 am

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Dino Tomoshibi
Age: 38
True Age: 41
Sex: Male
Personality: The man is like a statue at work. No emotion except that of anger or dire need. And rarely shows any emotion at all. Cool and calm in literally every situation and in all things, he's a competant leader and a very strong fighter. He loves fiesty women...and his marrage choice reflects that. He looks at thing logically for the most part, and can be a political animal, being cheif of NYC's police department, argueably the strongest police department in the world under his leadership. He doesn't particularly like the Coalition, mainly because of their recruiting habits. Namely his son and other teenagers with abilities. But he will work with them.

He does not get along with Jun. Though he is in better relations with him than his wife is with their beloved son. He is by no means an idealist, and knows how the world is. Once he has a goal, if he can help it, he will stop at nothing to attain it...within reason. Dino's military training has helped him substantially through the years of being NYC's police chief, especially against mass hollow attacks. Though his role has lessened since the new defenses went up, his Police department will still play a big role in NYC's defense should a massive attack happens. Part of his disapproval could also be because he often catches the dangerious humans that the Coalition misses. He is also understanding, kind, and caring...though rarely shows those traits.

Likes: His wife, son, and job
Fears: losing his wife, son, and job.

Character Appearance

Height: Six feet tall.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Physical Traits: He is lightly tanned, and a strong, but somewhat lithe build. He has silver hair and calm, sky-blue eyes. He is not ambidextrous nor can his eye color change in accordance to his mood.
Clothing: Usually his uniform, but could vary.
Accessories: The normal cop stuff. Plus a pistol that is Coalition issue. And he has the floater device. His duel metal tonfas too...which can block zanpakutou. But is otherwise nonespecial.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: The man is a tank, strength, and sensor type of fighter. He uses his abilities when appropriate and is somewhat a tactician in a personal battle. He's mostly a close range fighter, prefering that over using his abilities. And will often attempt to use his abilities to keep the battle close and minimize collateral damage. He also doesn't like to waste what little energy he has.

Strengths: Strength, Durabiliy, and sensing are all strengths. A somewhat odd tank because he is a sensor. He is also an expert marksman and a very good user for his tonfas.
Weaknesses: Speed. For a manipulation guy, energy amount, being average, is also a weakness. Mostly because those types of fighters, if they're not careful, which does happen even with this guy, can use up their energy awfully quick. He also needs his tonfas...or a weapon at least...because his hand to hand sucks.

Abilities & Weapons

Note: He is lightning and water manipulation. The following are just differing ways.

Primary Stage
Name: Turning ice into water.
[Effect:[/i] Exactly as the name implies. He can convert ice into water and attack with it. This can easily become a power match against an ice user. He can also gather water from the air as well.

Name: Jet Stream
Effect: He can fire water so fast in a stream that it will scrape off skin and cause bleeding...unless you have a strong hierro.

Name: Water bullet
Effect: A small bullet out of water that moves at the speed of bala. They will hurt if they don't penetrate hierro.

Name: Water Wave
Effect: Fires out a wave of water in a crescent shape that will cut due to its speed. It is stronger than Jet Stream.

Name: Water strike
effect: Varying power levels of cero to Gran Rey, with cooldowns between 0 to three posts.

Name: Lightning blast
Effect: A blast of electricity that is comparable to a hado 31.

Name: Lightning Cage
Effects: Surrounds the person in electricity. Like a jail cell door. It will stay for two posts. But the person inside of it can escape from it, but it will electricute them the whole time they're struggling through it. One post cooldown.

Name: Lightning Enhancement
Effect: He can combine his lightning and water abilities to make the attack stronger or electricute them. Same cooldown as the base water ability.

Name: Lightning strike
Effect: Varied power levels, from a hado 4 to a Gran Rey with the appropriate cooldowns of 0 to 3 posts.

Name: Charge
Effect: For four posts, he doubles his speed and strength by denying/increasing the electrical signals coming from the brain to the limbs. The strength part is simply using more of it, as if a human used their full muscle capability, they would break their bones. While he doesn't do that, he is denying the pain signals to some degree to allow his doubling his strength. Cooldown of 2 posts.

Name: Element blobs
Effect: He can make blobs of his element to use as he sees fit, somewhat like what Gaara does with his sand. These blobs can stay active for up to five posts. With a three post cooldown. Note on the size of the blobs...they're as big as...what would be an appropriate size for the blobs? In Damaged they're only as big as he is...but Idk if I can go bigger than that with them...would like to, but I'm having trouble figuring out how big the blobs can be... help?

Lightning shield
Effect: It blocks stuff. Strength varies, he doesn't like to waste energy. The size of it often reflects its strength. A tiny sheild that covers his forearm for something to block a bala/hado 31 to a literal wall the size of a Bakudo 81 that can block a Gran Rey. Those are the two extremes. Cooldowns range from 0 to three posts.

Water shield
Effects: This doesn't block lessens the strength and speed of an attack by half. The size varies, but is usually a water wall just large enough to cover him and is a good ten feet thick. Projectiles (as in physical stuff) could be stopped with this.

Final Stage

Appearance: He gains fiberglass/kevlar armor...on his shoulders and his torso, acting as a type of slightly above average heirro. Up until he takes a Gran Rey or enough hits that amounts to that. Then he's just as cuttable as before.

Basically the same as up above...general manipulation of water and lightning...with one addition.

Name: Lightning Teleport
effect: He can disolve himself into lightning particles and essentially teleport within five hundred yards of his original position. Two post cooldown.

boosts: Strength, Stamina, and durability are tripled.

Hyper Mode

Just a general increase in power for abilities or better control. Nothing to really add here besides a new appearance. His kevlar armor is repaired and acts as before, including the same tolerance, his tonfas are now black, and his silver hair turns red. He does gain one new ability.

Water Logged
Effect: Through osmosis, he can water log an opponent and slow them down by half (As in his water will go inside of the person). This lasts for five posts, but also has a five post cooldown too. This does no damage to the victim. He usually has to touch them, but he can infect them through any of his water attacks as well. Or even a puddle of water.

Boosts: Everything Times 4

Back Drop:

Background: Born in Illinois, he joined the military right out of high school for three years. There, he learned leadership skills and got his physique. Then he decided to go to college, where he met his future wife, Xena Tomoshibi. What a wild ride that was. After college, they stayed in touch, even after Dino went to Police Academy and became an officer. Shortly after that, Xena was pregnant...and thus they got married and had Jun. And it's been an adventure ever since then.

Side Notes: He's an NPC, but Rena said if he's gonna help with NYC's Defense, he needs to be an app. Tier is 1-2. He won't be played very often. Rena had also said that the app. doesn't have to deserve it, just make sure the abilities are approvable. Proof that he's an NPC is in the link below.

RP Sample: Do I really have to?


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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Papa   Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:29 pm

Lol you have 2 attacks called lightning blast in primary stage.


Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Papa   Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:57 pm

seconded I suppose. this better not get out of hand.


Rena's Character Roster
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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Papa   

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Jun's Papa
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