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 Jun's Mama (NPC)

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Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Jun's Mama (NPC)   Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:59 pm

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Xena Tomoshibi
Age: 37
True Age: 40
Sex: Female

Personality: She is one fiesty bitch. A fighter for damn near anything and everything, she does not let up. Persistant. Easily riled up, yet she cannot be goaded into attacking or anything like that so easily. Despite that, she is very patient and caring woman. And she also plans, something unexpected for a fire user and someone that seems to be rash. She is very strict on her employees and even more so on her son. Which is also the cause of their friction.

Seemingly bi-polar, she often switches from a loving, very good wife to a stark raving mad banshee. She is a very good actor and knows how to play politics, though she loathes it. She is also not a proponant of the Coalition's hiring practices. She obviously loves her family, despite the headaches they cause her. She is oddly similar to Jun in some respects.

Likes: Her husband, son, and job. Plus family.
Fears: Losing all those in her likes.

Character Appearance

Height: Five foot eleven inches tall.
Weight: 160 lbs.

Physical Traits: She has jaw length blond hair. She also has blue-green eyes. She is quite pretty, despite looking as if she's in her late thirties. She has a healthy glow and is fit, though not physically strong. Despite this, she almost always looks mad. Like all base Tomoshibi family members, she is ambidextrous and her eye color lightens or darkens in accordance with her mood (which annoys her to hell). Her left eye doesn't do that though, as it is they Cyber Eye 9000 or whatever it is.

Clothing: Usually in a woman's business suit, but can vary.

Accessories: Whatever appropriate for her attire, but she has no Coalition gear.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: She is not to be taken lightly. A better tactician and planner than her husband, she has beaten him seven times out of ten. She relies more on her abilities than anything, but is still quite the threat. The city environment is her field of choice and is where she is strongest. Her speed and stamina, as well as her extreme amount of energy, keeps her in the fight.

Strengths: Speed: To the point of mirrioring the shinigami's Cicada move and making two afterimages. That's all they are, afterimages.

Stamina: She can last a long time without tiring.

Spiritual pressure/energy: She has a lot of power to spare. So much that she can't hide, though she can minimize it, but she can be felt nonetheless.

Kido: She can only do five, though it is average at best, it is note worthy. Bakudo: 62, 81, and 21 (or whatever senkianton is, the red smoke one). Hado: 88, 73.

Weaknesses: Hand to hand/weapon fighting: She's a manipulator in the truest sense. She does not do close range fighting well.

Strength: She's not physically strong.

Abilities & Weapons

Primary Stage

Note: She is a fire and metal manipulation user. The following are simply how she often uses her powers.

Name: Metal creation
Effect: She can create metal with her reiatsu, making it as powerful as a zanpakutou as long as she keeps her power flowing through it. She courses it through the metal through physical touch, and is constantly circulating it from her body to the weapon/peice of metal back to her, allowing no loss of energy except that of when she first created it. If she's not touching it, then it's only as strong as how much power she put into it, cooldowns on that front ranging from 0 to two posts, from strong enough to block a hado 13 to strong enough to block a hado 88/gran rey.

Name: Fireballs.
Effect: Self-explanatory. Power varies, as does cooldowns. Bala power to Gran Rey, 0 to 3 post cooldowns.

Name: Metal telekinesis.
Effect: She can control metal with her mind (not counting zanpakutou/equivalents). Obviously, she can't move an entire skyscraper. A windmill is the absolute max size she can take and control. This is not energy efficient except at smaller objects, like a truck, or semi-truck.

Name: Heat
Effect: She can increase the temperature around her, and anything in the environment within two hundred yards of her. Molten stuff she can take control of, but it's not energy efficient, and can only take control of a mini-van amount of molten stuff, and it has to be of metal originally. Oh, she can also propel herself in the air using fire as thrust, but this takes as much effort and power as other races' air walk.

Final Stage

New Appearance: Her eyes turn red and she gains claws...literally. She also gets this red, hardened skin on her hands and forearms, though a zanpakutou/equivalent can still cut it. It just feels hard. Ability wise, same as before, metal and fire manipulation.

Name: Bomb
Effect: Using a combination of her two abilities, she can make a bomb...and make it explode in shrapnel and an explosion of varying strengths, up to a Hado 73 with a one post cooldown. But it can be weaker.

Name: Metal Deny
Effect: This is only useful against Shadow users or those that can use shadows as a means of transportation. She can essentially boot them out of a metal object that has a shadow on it, if they're on it. She can tell through the cyber eye.

Name: Cauterization.
Effect: Using her superheated claws, she can cauterize a wound and seal it. This mostly works on smaller wounds, as larger ones are more difficult to do. At most, she could only cauterize half of a large gash a post...if uninterrupted due to her pain tolerance.

boosts: Speed is doubled, durability by x1.5, Stamina by tripled same with spirit energy.

Hyper Mode

New Appearance: She gains a set of fire wings, allowing her to fly without actually proplling her. Nothing else changes. Same as before, just manipulation of metal and fire and all above this.

Name: Fire Tornado
Effect: launches fire tornados as big as an F3. These will take at least two ceros to back them off of where she controls it to. Can last up to three posts, is fairly slow, and has a two post cooldown.

Boosts: Everything x4.

Back Drop:

Background: Born as the middle child of Jaden Tomoshibi, she was very emotional and loved to act. She's not that emotional now due to being a lawyer, but she is still good at acting. She is often called the strongest Tomoshibi, with her husband second best due to beating him seven times out of ten. She lived a fairly quiet life...for being a fighter and a general delinquint most times. Especially in her teenage years.

She was a late start to college, wanting to become a lawyer. There, she met a persistant wannabe cop Dino. And he knew how to fight. She also admired his cool and calm head, and clear thinking, in pretty much all situations. They hooked up and got married. With her child, she was strict. And still is. At the root of their problem, that is it and is the cause of their friction. She is quite the cook though. She is responsible for prosecuting dangerious humans and other races that are sentient enough (usuallly the occasional bounto) and sending them to their deaths/life in prisonment.

Side Notes: NPC. See note on Dino's app. She is 1-2. Proof of being an NPC is in link below and she will not be used often.

RP Sample: Do I have to?


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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Mama (NPC)   Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:28 pm

she can move an entire skyscraper?

I assume you mean she can't move an entire skyscraper.

other than that i see no problems. Apporoved.

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Jun Tomoshibi

Posts : 1990
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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Mama (NPC)   Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:35 pm bad... that was suppose to be "can't"....fixed it.

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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Mama (NPC)   Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:57 pm



Rena's Character Roster
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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Mama (NPC)   

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Jun's Mama (NPC)
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