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 The Portal Chat World

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PostSubject: The Portal Chat World   Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:48 am

This is a new chat I'm trying to get fixed up. It's a 2d Sprite chat world named Kyat (the word "Kyat" was brought about through misstranslation of "Chat" in japanese, it'd translate horribly to .hack//kyat). Though it's official name given by the makers is Metagate X. ( again not sure why ) I'm kinda hoping to get this place functioning and maybe even using it in place of meeting threads. So instead of dying meeting threads we can hold a real time meeting within 10 minutes. Since only speech should be done in a meeting. idk. that is up to you all. either way I'm putting this on the forum.

Here's a quick rundown of the chat worlds actual functionality as it is currently.

Clicking your person brings up a menu. what it says i don't know cuz I don't read japanese but I do know what a few of the things do.

The first bar is obviously your name. Edit as you see fit.
the second bar is like a homepage. mine would be our forum url. this can be left blank.

The ear picture with japanese by it - this is how you flash mail ( pm ) someone. You click their person and then click the ear picture with japanese by it.

When reading flashmail:

button on the far left - Respond/send
button in the middle - close flash mail.
button on the right - minimizes opened flashmail for later reading.

When sending flashmail:
button on left - send
button on right - close.

Now we have a translated version of the personal menu to SHOW but it isn't yet in the kyat. Here:

Instructions to get it to work!?!?! -

Using Internet Explorer ( Default ) - open the portal page and run the activeX it tries to install. let it run it's course until it refreshes ect ect.

Then run

Now the ONLY thing you need to do with the above updater is hit the 1.7 vista option. otherwise just let it do it's thing. Close browsers before running.

to change avatars go -

simply double click the avy you want and it should start trying to run. let it do so and when it's finished your avy should change to that avy.


Using Google Chrome ( not perfect but is working ) - First you will need to go here and get this extension

Add to Chrome.

When you have THAT. Go to the portal page and allow it to run the activeX ( which it can now do due to the extension you just got before )

After THAT you can run - - just like above. using the 1.7 vista option.

now here's where it gets a bit different. Unlike IE where you simply double click avatars. Chrome users must click and "save" the avatar then hit it from the download bar that normally pops up or wherever you saved it too to make it change your chat avatar.

For those who don't scroll up the avatar mirror is


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PostSubject: Re: The Portal Chat World   Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:27 pm

Era X Avy's

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PostSubject: Re: The Portal Chat World   Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:48 pm

First you'll need giam (English translation credit to SC) -

1)(using a program like Paint) Put your avatar into frames e.g. walking forward, backward, left, right, the sit poses and stop poses. frames can be anywhere within the 64x128 pixles mark.

2)copy/ paste each individual frame into GIAM
MAKE SURE THE GIAM IS SET TO MNG; Click "View Indication". Then click "MNG Specification"

3)In giam click a frame and add transparency by clicking the "Transparency" click box. Do this with each individual frame.

4)Make sure the "Enable Speed" checkbox is checked, and set the speed for every frame at 50 (or modify to match your avatar.

5)Click the "Select all" button and change the Play Type to "Crush with BG"

6)Now click the first Walking Forward frame, and click "AddKey" (Bottom right), Type in "_move_2", Click "Close/Save"
ALWAYS USE THE BOTTOM "Add Key" OPTION. As seen in the below picture.

7)Click the first Walking Backwards frame, click "AddKey", type in "_move_8", Click "Close/Save"
do the above with each of the first frames of animation, the codes are as follows;
Walking Forward=_move_2
Walking Backward=_move_8
Walking Left=_move_4
Walking Right=_move_6
Stopped Forward=_stop_2
Stopped Backward=_stop_8
Stopped Left=_stop_4
Stopped Right=_stop_6

You don't "need" to use every one of these codes.

ALL CREDIT TO RAVEN. Who has done excellent work on these types of things for years. Way back when there wasn't any tutorials so I definitely have to give him credit for this.


Rena's Character Roster
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Posts : 874
Join date : 2011-11-25
Age : 25
Location : Under your bed eating your Cookies

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PostSubject: Re: The Portal Chat World   Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:55 pm

Image Editing

Hello, this is a quick tutorial in order to get your sprites ready to be inserted into Gaime. The download to Gaime is above. This is NOT a tutorial on how to make a sprite, but a way to prep them.

What you need:

  1. MS Paint
  2. Alignment box (will be provided)
  3. Your Sprites.

Alignment Box

Now for this I will use my own Sprite Sheet.
A sprite sheet is pretty much an image with all the sprites needed.

Now, you take the first sprite you are using and select over it

You drag it to the Alignment box and put it where you think should be the center of your sprites

Then you color the rest of the box Green, or whatever color your sprite does not have in it, be sure to stay constant.

You then select all but the top and bottom with the Pink dots, you don't want those appearing since only one color with go transparent.

You then copy that image and in Gaime you go to the options>Edit?>paste frame and there you go, just rinse wash and repeat.

The post above tells you how to code in Gaime and use it.


#BFFF00=Lime Green

Orange=Gauge Jackson/Red=Lancelot
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PostSubject: Re: The Portal Chat World   

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The Portal Chat World
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