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 Devon Born Arrancar

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PostSubject: Devon Born Arrancar   Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:55 pm

Basic Information

Name:Devon Born
True Age: 2190
Personality:Devon is a cocky Arrancar to say the least he thinks his powers are the strongest out there and that's that and with his level of strength that could be true. He is not shy about drinking and he does so quite often even though he usually ends up really drunk after two or three cups.Devon's age makes him quite full of himself to the point where many find him to be egotistical. Devon loves the ladies and is considered quite the ladies man to them as well. Devon loves the thrill of fighting and the adrenaline it gives off and when he dies he wants to die by the hands of the first or second strongest Arrancar ever.

Devon is a party type person even though he is almost three thousand years old. He can drink with everyone fight with everyone get layed by any female and can party with the best of them. Besides all of his negative personality traits he is a pretty generous guy in his mind. He gives the weak a chance to scram before they die unless they really piss him off. Devon loves killing his opponents slowly and methodically as possible as it in his mind is how battle is supposed to be your opponent shouldn't die quick he should die slowly for crossing you.

If you haven't crossed Devon or he likes you he is polite and minds his manners overall and is quite a good person though he loves to gloat. He is friendly to those more powerful than him as well so he does not cross them unless they are on the opposite side of the Arrancar Civil War. Devon fears dieing greatly but if it is going to happen he will not plead for life. He often in battle begs for death if he has lost. He does not want to die outside battle so if he is going to die in battle he welcomes it.

Devon is a very serious man usually and almost never smiles at anyone, or anything. He hates to lose in battle as irregular as it is when it has happened he often cusses curses screams and yells like a five year old who dosen't know any better. Devon feels fighting is the only solution to problems and talks with his swords not his mouth and im in some cases this can be his downfall. He is a very spiteful man and can hold grudges for years. Overall he is unless he likes you a very unpleasant Arrancar.

Devon in many people's mind has a nice side if he likes you or your his friend even though being his friend or having him like you are both hard to do. Devon loves little cute animals like puppies and kitties and all of that cute stuff so he has a soft spot for all things soft and cuddly. Devon hates to see other Arrancar's die that don't deserve it makes him feel pretty bad unless you've crossed him before then its like he's oblivious to the fact.Devon is also quite childish and sometimes quite childish if he loses a fight or a game of some sort. Devon dosen't feel life has true meaning himself but adores every moment of it.

Likes:Devon loves the thrill of battle often putting fighting first talking second though it is sometimes his downfall. Devon likes polite people and if you are nice to him unless he really dislikes you is nice back. Devon likes the fact that he is a powerful Arrancar and knows how hard it is to get to his level of strength. Devon likes his select group of friends even though he says you don't really need them. Devon likes screamo type music and is often caught with his Ipod in his bag.

Fears:Devon fears quick death he wants to know if it is coming and if it is he wants to be prepared at least. Devon fears death in itself saying though his existence is miserable hell would be no better. Devon also fears those whom are much more powerful than him unless they don't want to fight him.Devon fears that the Arrancar war might escalate and weaken the Arrancar to much where the Shingami can come in and wipe them out. The thing Devon fears most is getting his heart broken by a woman.

Character Appearance

Weight:200 pounds
Physical Traits:

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Devon likes to have an all out fighting style is a master at swords fighting and likes close to mid range more than long range even though he does like launching Ceros and Bala. He is a terrible fighter using Cero and Bala and if it comes to a shootout using the two blast he is sure to lose.He has very tough Heirro as well. His Pequissa lacks power so he dosen't use it much. He is also terrible at hand to hand fighting so he prefers his sword.

His Sonido is great as well often being able to catch the best of them considering he trained with Zommari which he is quite proud of. His durability is great he is able to endure great amounts of punishment as well. His Stamina is one of his greatest attributes being able to battle on for days at a time. Devon had almost no education so he is not the greatest thinker or planner for that matter. Devon's fighting tactics however are genius having 2890 years to perfect his craft.

Strengths:Devon is a great sword to sword fighter and will often win in those regards. . His Heirro is quite tough and hard to penetrate with a weaker sword it is one of the hardest things to do. His durability and Stamina are also key traits in his fights and make him very hard to beat. His Sonido may be his strongest trait however as he trained when he was younger with the great Zommari. He is also great at battle tactics.

Weaknesses:His Pequissa leaves much to be desired and in battle is not much help at all even against weaker opponents. Because he lacks formal education his battle strategy also lacks greatly. When angered he rushes into battle which often leads to his downfall as well. He is not very smart so he sometimes will do stupid things that most people wouldn't even consider in battle. He also does not know how to learn his place so if someone is more powerful than him he often does not act that way. His Cero and Bala are both terrible as well

Zanpakuto & Cero

Sealed Appearance:
Zanpakuto Name:The Demons Entity
Zanpakuto Call Out:Entity of the demon emerge
Cero:Gran Rey Cero Cero and Bala


Appearance:In Resurreccion Devon's skin hardens and his whole body turns into a red hardened skeleton. He gains a hard spiky spinal cord and a long sharp tail that he can use to stab people with and emit a poison that gives them double vision. He grows about five inches taller and drops about 30 pounds as well. He also gains a mouth full of sharpened teeth and his sword grows about a full foot longer. He also gains an extra scythe in his left hand. He then wheres a long white cloak and that's the differences in appearance.
Abilities:Devon in this form gains numerous ability's such as being able to turn dust and reappear somewhere else once every five post and cannot attack when he is a dust form. His tail emits a gas that goes into the bloodstream when bleeding occurs and causes double vision for three post and has a 3 post cool down.His next ability is that he can launch his sword at his opponent up to 150 yards away and call it back like a frisbee and cover it in Cero type power much like Ulquiorria Schifter's spears throwing technique. His other sword in his left hand is identical to his other sword except its ability's are different. For every sword, Heirro and skin it touches it gets sharper and sharper up to 10 times sharper.
Boosts:Heirro becomes stronger along with his Cero Bala and Sonido. His ability with a sword also increases.

Back Drop

Background:Devon was born right in the middle of the White desert among a pile of dead Hollows and bone remnants. He was a large child even at birth being near 16 pounds and two feet long at birth which almost killed his mother. He was born at a high power level and most people respected him for it and when he was in school one of his non pure bred teachers tried to kill him and Jeff then turned on him and killed him at the age of 12. Devon loved to play with his friends even though he often had to mask his Spiritual Pressure to play. His father often trained him and told him that one day he'd be the strongest Arrancar ever born.

Devon was a pure breed at birth and he took pride in knowing this as well because his father said he should. He loved the rush of battle since he was able to fight and often was the best at it and one day when someone made him upset he displayed his Spiritual Pressure and killed a low level Arrancar. The Arrancar was his friend Roger and he cried for days and vowed to become the strongest Arrancar ever for him. Jeff as a child was an outcast because of his power all of the others were frightened by him and ran away from him because of his power. He hated being born that way and always concealed his Spiritual Pressure so he wouldn't harm anyone or seem unusual.

As a young man Devon trained alone as a solemn man usually because not many liked to train with people they were so out powered by like Devon. This annoyed him and gave him a deep hatred for the world. One day he watched his friend die and his last words were "it hurts" which made Devon from then on absolutely despise the day he may die. Devon was always itching for a fight and hated to lose when he did he let his Spiritual Pressure come fourth often killing any low level Hollows within fifty yards of him. Devon felt alone in his own solemn world until he met her.

One day Devon was walking around when he met a women her name was Jessica. She unlike many others didn't fear Devon and made him feel much more alive knowing he had friends. They walked together every day they chatted they laughed they spared but never hurt the other and Devon vowed to never hurt her or let anyone else hurt her. One day an Arrancar killed her Devon was enraged when he learned this and swore he'd find the Arrancar. The day he did was the day the Arrancar died Devon killed him with all of his power and had not one regret about it.

When Devon was about 1700 years old he trained with Zommari the for 7th Espada to train and to improve in Sonido. Though he never got as good as Zommari he became one of the fastest Arrancar alive. Devon tested it out on a lowly Gillian class Hollow and was almost immediately behind it and with a downward slash killed the lowly Hollow and Devon laughed with delight. He was a few 100 years later asked to join the Espada to which he declined. He did not want to become a puppet in such a plot and completely denied Aizen by not looking at his Zanpokuto.

As the years went on Devon decided he needed a home he fixed himself up a shelter in the middle of the White Desert and laughed at it but it was all he needed. He killed a Gillian and began to eat it when he heard a few Arrancars discussing the Arrancar Civil War and how it was going to happen and the pure breeds should follow Hibiki. Devon then rushed over to apply but soon thought that if the Arrancar were weakened the Shingami could wipe them out. He erased the thought from his mind and went to sign up. Devon liked the man and joined him and killed anyone not on Hibiki's side of the war from that day on.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Devon Born Arrancar   Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:27 am

Approved, 2-1.

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

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Devon Born Arrancar
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