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PostSubject: Lucia   Lucia EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 7:25 pm

Sigillum Dei Template

Basic Information

Name: Lucia
Age: looks about 18.
God Incarnate: Herself. It is known that she was a goddess on a slightly weaker level than Althena and was created by Althena in order to make a new world in case Earth was destroyed.
True Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Personality: Lucia was isolated for her entire existence as her only purpose was to heal a distant planet to make it habitable without any interaction with the people of Earth. As such, she knew nothing of the human world and is very naive and curious about the aspects of earth. Lucia knew nothing of human emotion either, so initially, she is very serious to the point of being insensitive. As a running gag, she could also take things people said too literally.

Likes: Birds, Singing, Adventuring
Fears: Her mission not being completed in time, Evil permeating the world, being unable to protect others.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 130 LBS
Physical Traits:
Lucia LuciaBromide4
Clothing: See picture above.
Accessories: Lucia's Pendant

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Lucia does not do physical combat. She solely relies on her abilities to fight her enemies. Anything that negates her spells would effectively render her useless. As such she tends to be a long range fighter with very little physical strength to speak of beyond that of a normal human.
Strengths: Spiritual Power, Spiritual Density, Spiritual Capacity, Spiritual Control
Weaknesses: Strength, Weakness to PHYSICAL blows, run speed ( has no shunpo equal ). ( not reflexes )

Abilities & Weapons

Represented Item: Lucia's Pendant

Additionally Learned Ability: Elemental Spell Blade

God power Stage One:

Name: Goddess Aura
Effect: Lucia's body is protected by a spell that prevents signs of physical damage. As example, if a sword cut across her chest, it would hurt her and do damage as if it had really cut her, but leave no cut on her cloths or skin. The attacker would not have any change to his/her attacks and their effectiveness due to this ability. Each time this ability activates a faded out blue aura shows around Lucia.

Name: Napalm Shot
Effect: Lucia fires off 8 blasts of energy in two waves of 4 into the air. Those blasts then turn in the air quickly and home in on a SINGLE target of her choosing before firing quickly at that target. The ability does not home in past the initial aiming of the blasts. Each individual blast is the same power and speed of a bala.

Name: Heal Litany
Effect: Lucia is capable of instantly healing 15% of the damage done to a single target as well as 10% of their total reiatsu once per 5 posts by calling upon the sacred power of..herself and enveloping the target in its power. lol. This does not recover lost limbs.

Name: Magic Barrier
Effect: When used on herself or others this spell creates a heirro effect to increase ones defense for 4 posts. This cannot be used more than twice and cannot be used on the SAME target more than once within a 6 posts time ( 4 for the spell and 2 for CD ) When used a blue shield of pure light shows up infront of the target for a few seconds before disappearing and leaving the heirro effect. While UP this shield is capable of blocking a Gren Ray Cero. but again this shield's form is only there for a few seconds.

Name: Power Drive
Effect: When used on herself or others this spell doubles their natural strength by 2x this spell does not effect nor is effect by any other boosts. This cannot be used more than twice before CD and cannot be used on the SAME target more than once within a 6 posts time ( 4 for the spell and 2 for CD ) When used a blue sword of pure light shines over the head of the target. The sword does not effect anything nor can it be affected by anything. It lasts a few seconds and disappears.

Name: Ruby, Nall, Cyan, and Rubeus
Effect: These four Dragons are the protectors of Althena..and since Althena herself died as a mortal for Love they now protect Lucia who has claimed Althena's powers. As Lucia's goddess power was sealed so too were the dragons powers. Forcing them into their baby dragon forms. They are capable keeping pace with Lucia while flying with ease but only have access to fire breath in this form that deals damage equal to half a bala and extends a pitiful 2 feet from their mouths. She can have these four together but only in their baby forms and only if she is not about to summon one of their powers forth to create an adult version of one.


God Power Stage Two:

Appearance -
Lucia Lucia02

Name: Atomic Burn
Effect: With this spell Lucia creates a repulsion barrier that burns on contact while dealing bala damage to the burned area and forces people hit by it back to it's outer effect of 10 feet. This barrier spell effects every direction from lucia within that 10 feet. ( Think sphere ) even if she is on the ground.

Name: Thunder Blow
Effect: Lucia releases energy from herself through the ground or air and creates a dimensional rift that is 40 feet wide underneath her target(s). This itself takes but a moment and once set up the rift explodes upwards in many blasts of energy in an attempt to caught her Enemy(ies) off guard. This blast wavish thing has the same power as a Cero. usuable every 2 posts.

Name: Tranquil Litany
Effect: With this spell Lucia is capable of healing up to 5 targets, distance not being a factor as long as she can picture them in her head, and call upon the divine powers, of herself lol, restoring 20% of the damage they have taken as well as 10% of their total reiatsu. This is usable every 7 posts.

Name: Pulse Explosion
Effect: Lucia releases the big bang and causes a spontaneous explosion of non-elemental energy. This explosion extends for 90 yards and is capable of damage equal to a gren rey. However that is only if the victim is at ground Zero of the spell. for those who get caught in the blast but are not within 10 yards of the middle. They only take 2 cero worth of damage to whatever was caught in the blast. This is usable every 3 posts.

Name: Plasma Rain
Effect: With this spell Lucia pours out her spiritual energy and creates hundreds of energy missiles that rain down from the sky as a bombardment. Each missile is double the power of a bala and can go up to 200 yards from Lucia's position. These fall are terminal velocity ( fastest falling speed 200-300 MPH ) This is usable every 4 posts.

Boosts: x2 Spiritual Power, Spiritual Density, Spiritual Capacity, Spiritual Control

God Power Stage Three:
Lucia Althena01

Name: Thunder Thrust
Effect: Lucia calls upon the power of lightning to create a massive electrical surge in a field area of 100 yards. This power cannot hurt Lucia or those she deems as comrades. This ability can only be used every 3 posts.
Name: Super Cyclone
Effect: Lucia calls upon the power of wind to create a massive tornado that is surrounded by several smaller orbitting tornado. This power cannot hurt Lucia or those she deems as comrades. This power stays in effect for 2 posts and then cannot be used for another 3.

Name: Crack Zone
Effect: Lucia calls upon the power of earth to create spikes of jutting earth that try to hit any enemy within a field area of 100 yards. This power cannot hurt Lucia or those she deems as comrades. 3 post CD.

Name: Crematorium
Effect: Lucia calls upon the power of fire to summon forth giant fireballs from the sky that explode into a rising pillar of flame upon making contact with anything in a field area of 100 yards. These fireballs are bala powered/speed but their rising flame columns are equal to a cero. This power cannot hurt Lucia or those she deems as comrades. 3 post CD

Name: Freeze Smash
Effect: Lucia calls upon the power of ice to conjure up a snowstorm that creates and drops many human sized chunks of ice over the top of enemies in a field area of 100 yards. This power cannot hurt Lucia or those she deems as comrades. The ice is naturally formed and not empowered. 3 post CD

Boosts: x3 Spiritual Power, Spiritual Density, Spiritual Capacity, Spiritual Control

Full God Power:
Lucia Althena

Name: Solar Bomb
Effect: With this sacred spell Lucia calls forth the power of the sun and creates a Solar Flare effect infront of her. Anyone caught looking in her direction when this occurs suffers 70% loss of sight for 3 posts. Anyone caught in the light emitted in a cone of 75 long and 35 feet wide feet infront of her is immediately dealt fire based damage equal to 2 cero and is burned unless otherwise immune.

Name: Catastrophe
Effect: This ability is the combined spell of all of her stage three abilities. It has the combined total power of all 5 of those abilities and the combined total CD of those abilities. making it as strong damage wise as 1.5 cero oscuras except it covers a much larger scale as this spell also effects an 100 yard field. The total CD is once per 12 posts. Super Cyclone is not in the vid BUT IS INCLUDED IN THIS ABILITY. The rest of the vid is valid.

Name: Power of the Four Dragons
Effect: The four dragons of Althena that only herself and Lucia can control come to Lucia's aid by transforming into their adult forms and providing four abilities that she can access one at a time with a CD of 10 posts before she can do another. they become 4 tiers lower than Lucia and other than these abilities only have natural attacks and their Breath weapons. She can only summon one of these a a time and she must start with the one she had previously summoned in their smaller form.

Dragon's Adult Forms -

Nall - The White Dragon of Althena - Lucia and those she deems as comrades become 3x as hard to injure for a the post the spell is cast AND ending this protection at the end of the next post. Any injuries already acquired are not nullified. Breath Weapon - Beam of Light - Like a cero except with holy elemental properties.

Cyan - The Blue Dragon of Althena - Lucia and those she deems nessicary become healed by 50% of the damage they have taken and 25% of their reiatsu is restored. Unlike the other dragon abilities this one can only be used once in a thread. Breath Weapon - Beam of Icey Water - Like a cero except with ice/water elemental properties.

Rubeus- The Black Dragon of Althena - Using the power of the black dragon Lucia causes all metals to become incredibly heavier within 100 feet field of Lucia. This ability does not effect Lucia's pendant or clothing. Breath Weapon - Beam of Darkness - Like a cero except black.

Ruby - The Red Dragon of Althena - Ruby releases a fireball shower (Similiar to crematorium) from the sky to rain destruction upon Lucia's enemies. Each fireball is equal to a cero in power and it's resulting explosion is double that power. Breath Weapon - Beam of Fire - Like a cero except with fire elemental properties.

Name: Althena's Light ( Final Move )
Effect: Lucia gathers ALL of her power as if she was at full power, regardless of whether or not she is even capable of that because of prolonged fighting, into her left hand which she raises above her head. When this happens a spherical barrier forms and closes in around her and her intended Target(s). The barrier traps her and her target(s) within it and cannot be escaped from due to the massive power being released to maintain it. The barrier collapses on her and her targets fully in an instant when Lucia herself chooses to unleash the spell. The resulting collapse creates a city destroying explosion. Obvious Lucia is left completely drained of power and  is rendered unconcious. This ability cannot effect her dragons.

Name: Blue Star Prayer
Effect: In the event any of the four dragons are slain for whatever reason Lucia's full goddess power explodes regardless of the stage of power she was currently in and resurrects them as though they had not been harmed at all. They are brought back in their flying cat forms and cannot go full adult again in the thread they were killed in. This ability is passive, does not effect Lucia's reiatsu reserves, and can happen any number of times in a thread. Because her full power was forced out however she is unable to remain in it after that and cannot reach it again willingly for 7 posts unless this effect is to activate again. ( So basically she can only use goddess form for one post if this goes off then can't again for 7 unless this goes off again )

Boosts: x4 Spiritual Power, Spiritual Density, Spiritual Capacity, Spiritual Control

Back Drop:

Background: ...Do I have to really..? SHe's a super powerful mage with very little knowledge of modern day Earth. There. I added something. lol
Battle Theme -

Full Goddess Battle Theme -

Lucia Rena%20Sig_zpswiu6wnpm
Rena's Character Roster

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PostSubject: Re: Lucia   Lucia EmptyFri Aug 03, 2012 7:02 pm

Approved Very Happy and fo0r background, the next person can decide on that

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PostSubject: Re: Lucia   Lucia EmptyFri Aug 03, 2012 8:30 pm

you should.. But i'll let you away with making it up as you rp her. I second this motion.

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