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 Tinkering Away (Past RP)

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PostSubject: Tinkering Away (Past RP)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:41 am

Tinkering away til dawn, fumes escaped from the cell of the Coalition prisoner Albatross, who worked out of pure curiosity. A challenge had been laid before it, and a contract guaranteeing enough fun for years to come. At first a spark, then a flame, erupted from the blowtorch the sinner wielding into its battle of intelligence and determination. Having worked day and night for three days straight, the monster in its true form felt no need for sleep, as it never had before. It's bright white eyes swirling endlessly into a sea of darkness which then cascaded down into a pit of white. Again and again, Alba's eyes changed from black to white as it watched the bright blue flame of its tool.

Its smoky presence disturbing the prisoners more so than the guards, who could leave for a good night rest at their homes in New York. While Alba's inmates could not do anything but cover their ears from the constant noise. Flicking the switch on the torch, Albatross moved slowly to the other side of its small cell, that had been renovated as a miniature lab. The ventilation system on as the blades of the fan spun. Setting the blow torch on a metal desk of steel alloy, Alba gingerly jumped on its comfortable cot, its feet not even reaching the floor, considering the sinner was only three feet in size.

Dangling its mist covered legs of black and white, Albatross grinned from beneath its shroud of smoke as it sensed the world around it, noticing that the guards were switching again for what Alba guessed was a lunch break. Sitting inside its roomy cell, decorated from floor to ceiling with heavy equipment, consisting of hammers, nails, saws, torches, spare blades, and the like. Turning to the ceiling, Alba let out a small sigh as it stretched its short stocky arms. Taking a book from beside its cot, Alba flipped through the pages, memorizing the information in mere glances. The sinner thinking of hundreds, thousands, of ways to track Hell's minions, figuring this new challenge laid before it was an interesting affair.

A simple feat to be sure, but going about it was the annoyance. The sinner deciding which system it should try first as a prototype. Throwing the meaty text book to the corner of its room by its barricaded door, Albatross moaned out of boredom upon seeing the stack of fifty or so text books already read. Moving to the metal door, Albatross moved the eye slit, which had been gratefully moved down on the door, for Alba's height. Seeing the guards standing around, Albatross groaned in its childish way. "I'm booooooooored.... Can I at least have some uranium or something? I've read all my books already... come on..." Alba spoke as the guard near the door turned, giving the signal to the others as they took out a small trolley filled with text books, and an empty one behind it.

Opening the door slowly, the sinner heard the numerous locking mechanisms churning and clinking together and away as four guards came into the room, one starting to pile the books that Alba read already on the empty trolley, as the other dropped off the new books of assorted sciences and the like. None saying a word, having been instructed not to do anything careless by their superiors. All of them at about the strength of a below average Vice Captain. Leaving the prisoner in its cell with new reading material, Albatross frowned as its door was closed and locked again. The guards beginning to talk outside to each other, the normal gossip not helping the sinner's boredom, even if it was curious to know what humans normally talk about in the Coalition.

Turning away from the large reconfigured steel door, the sinner went back to reading, this time more slowly. Tired of being stuck in its confinements. Putting the heavy book down, Alba laid down on its board like bed. Its head tilted towards its masterpiece in the making from across the room. The small machine, partially completely stood on a small metal stand, as the wiring and electronics were laid bare for all to see. That piece of metal was merely the beginning for what Albatross had in mind. Grinning to itself as it stared at the ceiling again, Alba yawned as it started to twiddle its thumbs out of habit. Its cold whistling tune, callous and sharp, pierced through the door as the slight tune echoed down the prison hallway before dissipating with distance.
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Tinkering Away (Past RP)
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