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 [SALE] Combat Equipment! (pre-approved equipment)

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PostSubject: [SALE] Combat Equipment! (pre-approved equipment)   Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:59 pm

Item name: Mechanical Grenade (600 Desai)


Effect: This powerful grenade is as durable as an above average hierro of the character's tier, and is soul infused not permitting anyone other than the character to manipulate or control it. They can manipulate the grenades movement up to three hundred feet in radius. It can move as fast as a bala at maximum. When the grenade explodes it causes an area of thirty feet in radius from the grenade to be effected by the explosion. The explosion is as powerful as half a cero and spreads microscopic particles into the ground and air in the explosion radius. These special particles eat away at the other elements in the vicinity making the air in the thirty foot radius pure oxygen, and the ground extremely flammable. After one post after the explosion the radius area will then explode in a massive fireball spreading the thirty feet in radius and an added twenty feet. The second blast can cause severe burns, while at the same time it eats away at spiritual energy on whatever object it touches. Meaning that a spiritual energy barrier, or reinforced skin of a shinigami would be eliminated during the explosion on the touched areas.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: There are four of these grenades at any one time, and resupplies his amount after every thread.


Item name: Robotic Axe (600 Desai)


Effect: The Robotic Axe is just as it sounds, it is a ten pound axe that is as hard as zanpakuto steel. The axe can expand from one foot to seven feet in height and width. It is completely soul infused, allowing only the owner to manipulate and control it. The axe can be manipulated allowing it to float in the air for up to three hundred feet in radius. The axe is resistant to vibration attacks, such as from vibro swords. If it touches something vibrating at extremely fast speeds it would hit the object as if it were completely still. The axe also has another feature allowing it to cause an area of effect attack. The attack spans one hundred feet in all directions and does not effect the owner, or any of the other equipment. The ability causes the particles in the air to begin to vibrate at faster speeds causing the temperature in the immediate area to drastically increase to one hundred and ten Fahrenheit. This temperature effect lasts for five posts with a three post cool down. It is not negated during the five posts.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: There is only one of this kind of axe, and it can be replaced if it is broken or damaged in another thread.


Item name: Cybernetic Rifle (850 Desai)


Effect: The rifle has a three round burst function and a semi automatic firing rate, which can be switched to either or at any time. Firing specialized bullets, the rounds are able to harm both physical and spiritual beings. The gun has three clips of ammunition, each clip holding thirteen bullets. The rifle and bullets are soul infused, not allowing other individuals to manipulate them and the like. The rifle's bullets can penetrate spiritual energy, whether it is in the form of a barrier, a blast or what have you. So if a hollow fired a cero directly at a bullet the bullet would pass through the cero without being slowed down. While in semi-auto the bullets are as fast as a bala, while in burst mode they go at the speed of half a bala. When the bullets hit their target they explode into a sticky liquid which hardens into an above average hierro of the owner's tier. The liquid can be torn off but it would cause skin damage doing so. The rifle and bullets are as strong as the hardened liquid. The liquid causes an acidic burn like a hollow's acidic touch at above average power, both while it is hardened and not hardened. Lastly, the rifle can be turned into a compact form, for easy traveling. Only one of the three clips have the acid liquid ability, where as the other two clips are only enhanced bullets with the other abilities minus the acid liquid section.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: There is only one rifle and it can be repaired outside of thread, or replaced if it is completely destroyed.


Item name: Automated Shield (550 Desai)


Effect: The Automated Shield is a large riot shield that can expand and contract into various sizes. It can span from one foot in height to seven feet, its width being able to do the same. The riot shield is virtually weightless, being only ten pounds. The shield is as strong as an above average hierro of the owner's tier, and is soul infused, meaning no other individual can take control of the riot shield with manipulation powers or the like. The shield has another function allowing it to use energy it gathers from spiritual energy in the area, and the force that it blocks to fire out a beam of energy. The beam is as strong as two cero, and is as wide as the shield itself at the time of firing. There is a cool down of three posts before it can fire another blast.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: There is one shield and it can be replaced if it is lost or broken for another thread.


Item name: Wired Knives (600 Desai)


Effect: The Wired Knives are special throwing knives that can be re-purposed for close combat if need be. They are as strong as an above average hierro of the owner's tier, and can be manipulated with their power. They can be manipulated up to three hundred feet in radius from the owner. The knives are soul infused, meaning they cannot be taken over by another individual. When the owner wills it, the knives, or knife, will explode with the power of half a bala, with a three foot radius explosion. After the explosion, the knives turn into ten tiny caltrops, each. The caltrops have the same durability as the knives and stick themselves in whatever substance they land on for three posts. They can be yanked off, but it will cause skin damage doing so, this includes hierro and spiritual energy defenses, the caltrop will simply take away part of the defense if they are removed instead of the skin. After three posts the caltrops disconnect from the substance. During the three posts they are active they emit a small poisonous gas that can seep through skin pores. The gas causes temporary blindness for four posts.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: There are ten of these special knives, and they are resupplied after every thread.
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[SALE] Combat Equipment! (pre-approved equipment)
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