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PostSubject: Shira Lisola   Shira Lisola EmptyThu Feb 21, 2013 2:01 am

Vizard Template

Basic Information

Name: "Shira" Lisola
Age: 17
True Age: 37
Sex: Female
Personality: Shirayuki would be considered very shy to other people, and she has a good reason for it. Having spent 17 (human) years (what is really 17 days) in a virtual world created by Akira with little to no human interaction, she wouldn't have a great deal of communication skills with others. Sure there were supplemental AI's that were implimented into the world to help her with this trait, but having little contact with anyone, including her parents, made this become more of a problem for her than anything.

Another side effect of the virtual world was transfered over to her real human body. After not having a childhood and going straight into the teen years (of appearance) has made her act more like a child than a young adult. She loves to play little kid games and has the mindset of Yachiru to compare it to anyone. When she's with her father, she likes to get piggy-back rides from him (and he has no real choice in the matter). When with her mother, she tends to play house with her and play pretend a lot.

The final bit of her personality is that she's really friendly with whomever she meets, unless it's an enemy or someone being a complete ass. Even though she's very shy, she wants to make a lot of friends to help her become more open and outgoing with people. When with friends, all she wants to do is just have fun and live in the moment, not looking to waste any time with her life as she had already missed the glory days of being a little kid.


Sinner's Taint: Due to the fact she was actually claimed by the Sinner's of Hell instead of being killed by hollows like Renko Lisola believed Her mind has been totally twisted to still be like it is above...except Evil. She is still playful, childish, innocent, and all that..........from the evil point of view. She would smile, giggle, and hug you....while stabbing you in the back and see nothing wrong with it because of her "innocent" quality.


Likes: making friends , Chocolate, Cookies.
Fears: Spiders, being alone, afraid of darkness.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'3''
Weight: 98 Lbs.
Physical Traits:
Shira Lisola 130959_zps4eef0dfc

Clothing: As above.
Accessories: She has a small necklace with a sapphire on it given to her by her mother.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Being very inexperienced at real combat she is overly cautious and very clumsy. This may improve with time but for now she is very inept at fighting even though she is very powerful. As such she has yet to obtain a real fighting style other than "trying her best" The sinner's provided basic training but refused to let Kaze train her because he may kill her trying to force her to improve immensely too quickly..hence ruining their 20 years of hard work in corrupting her.

Strengths: Spiritual Power, Strength, Speed

Weaknesses: Durability, Fire(+50%), Light(+35%)

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Always Accessible Powers:

Eye's of the Lisola - Although Renko once had these power she lost it and only retained it's most basic function of changing eye colors. However Shira has the full power of the Lisola ocular powers. The first allows Shira to see everything around her as if she was staring at it or in it's direction, though the actual "images" are in her mind not her eyes as to avoid perceptual confusion. This is the power Renko had unlocked in her time of actually being capable of using the ocular powers, injury ruined this, however Shira under the careful guard of the Sinner's who stole her, and her Grandfather Kaze, has been able to develop the pinnacle of Lisola Ocular power.

Below's Appearance:
Shira Lisola Dragons_eyes_zps389fc9cb

Illusion Stare - This ability can only be activated if the target looks directly at her eyes. This ability effects a target for 72 hours even though only three seconds pass in the real world and Shira is incapable of moving in the real world while it is active (No BS kills on either side because of this). When this ability is activated the victim is sent into an alternate reality within their own mind where themselves as their consciousness appear with Shira's consciouness (Shira determines the area's look. Usually choosing the middle of a lake with no end), having invaded their mind through this ability, It is here that Shira is capable of "torturing" her victim for the duration of the ability because the victim is bound and cannot move from the pole they are bound too for the duration. The victim will never "really" die. His/her brain will never stop functioning under the believe he/she has died (Except NPC's) but the pain induced upon the consciousness is kept outside of the techniques duration. Making it feel as if she had really "tortured" the victim despite the victims durability. This ability cannot effect the same victim twice in one thread. This ability cannot occur more than once per nine posts. This ability CAN be stopped but only by extreme mental discipline.

Sealed Appearance: a standard shinigami katana with no differences than anyone elses.

Stats in Sealed State -

Strength - High
Durability - Weak
Stamina - Average
Reiatsu - High
Speed - High

Spirit’s Name: me-ka Myou Hyoushou (Maker of Dark Ice Crystals) (Meka for Short)

Spirit’s Appearance:

Shira Lisola Icy_zps93b68468

Spirit’s Personality: Meka tends to be over zealous when it comes to talking. She is very passionate about doing whatever she wishes and loves to talk to anyone and everyone around her including Vognar who hates her guts and wishes he could snuff the live out of her. She is extremely curious and always wants to be manifested so she can look around and see things with her own eyes.

Inner World:
Shira Lisola Shira_zpsa25bc5dc




Call Out Command: Grind and create!


Shira Lisola Attachmentsfate61ea


Dark Crystal - She is able to create dark crystals that brim with negative energy and are at -50 degree's in temperature at all time making them extremely cold to the touch. She is able to form these from nothing at any quantity however she can't form them more than 30 feet away from her being. She can however create some dark crystal and hurl it at her opponent as a projectile weapon. She does not have to touch the crystal herself in order to control it. So it seems like she has telekinetic powers but she really doesn't. She can also hurl said created shards from her blade itself. her blade is at -50 degree's and covered in negative energy at all times this also means her blade is able to leave 1/2 inch of ice on anything within 1 foot of it's swinging arc as long as it can be affected by temperature due to its coldness not enough to really do anything but it would definitely be noticable.

Bone Shards - All of her bones in shikai become shards of the very dark crystal she uses to attack with. Making her just as cold and giving her a more defensable body. She is able to repair this shards if damaged fairly quick but can only regenerate them 50 at a time. There are 206 bones in the body thus she has 206 shards in her body during shikai. She is able to spike out dark crystal from her skin at any point in her body without pain to herself and is capable of covering herself in a thick layer of Dark crystal allowing for even more defense. however..the full body cover uses more than her body can regenerate in one post..thus is only usable once per 4 to 5 posts. ( technically 4 and a half for full regeneration ) However a limitation to this is she cannot make the dark shards within her body leave bodily contact (So she can't shoot crystals out of her body.)

(Example of use - someone punches her chest. she can have a crystal spike out without harming her physical structure -Think Kimimaru from Naruto with his bones-)
(Example of use - Someone fires hadou no 31 at her. she coveres her entire body in dark crystal to lessen the overall damage she would have sustained.)
(Example of use - someone touches her with their bare hands without any cold protection. They would get frost burns and possibly even frostbite.)

Dark Pulse - she is able to release black energy from her body to such a degree that it would cause even high powered Kidou to be diverted from her being The kidou being diverted can't be higher than level 70 on either hadou or bakudo however..otherwise it will only impede it's speed but not make it miss. having an immense spiritual capacity due to her parents allows her to do this once per 2 post. This burst is powerful enough to send enemies close to her flying back to up to 40 feet. She can also focus this energy into her hands and release it as a bala-similiar attack though it is much slower and a little more powerful. When this "bala" come into contact with any object it explodes with a small burst of 5 feet. The bala ability is spammable.

(Example of use - Do i really need one?)

Boushi Yami ( Spinning Darkness ) - This ability has to do with her Zanpaktou itself..The zanpaktou is not like traditional blades in the respect it cannot cut. Inside it has three cylinder shaped parts that spin at insane speeds in altering directions while creating a large amount of energy. This spinning is upon activation only and the energy stays wrapped around the blade at all times unless released. The longer the blade spins without release. The stronger it gets. ( 40% power increased per post. max of three post increase ) This energy is warped from the blood of Kaze that ran through Rena's blood and now flows in Shirayuki's veins as well. Causing her energy from her weapon to be pitch black and the energy her body puts out to be black as well. Due to the high speed spinning..the blade also has a high amount of friction which creates heat..making the blade impossible to touch with bare skin without being burned.

Ankoku Kaihou ( Darkness Release ) - When her Zanpaktou spins it creates an enormous amount of energy and friction. this energy can be released in the form of a massive wave. or in a spear like motion by thrusting it and releasing. ( it would look more like a kamehameha beam than a spear when thrusted ) this is possible once every post as it takes that much time for the spinning to generate more energy. The energy is the same as the rest of her energy cold to the touch yet capable of leaving burns on flesh. The damage range starts at cero and maxes at gran rey cero. It takes three posts to reach the level of gran rey.

Boosts: Spiritual Power, Strength, Speed x 2

Total Stats in Shikai state -

Strength - Very High
Durability - Below Average
Stamina - Above Average
Reiatsu - Very High
Speed - Very High


Bankai - Osen sa reta megami no reisen (Tainted Goddess of Cold)

Shira Lisola Sfullhollowform_zpsa71ec43f


Retainer of Shikai: All of her shikai abilities are retained and have their abilities increased according to her new capabilities within bankai level of power for a vizard.

Goddess of Cold - While in Bankai a blizzard is constantly blowing within a mile range of Shira. This does not happen immediately but does happen by the second post. The blizzard is always fierce and does not effect Shira due to her shikai enhanced body already being cold as snow.

Absolute Defense - This ability creates an invisible "ring" around the ground or sky (If she's airwalking) that is thirty feet in diameter with her in the middle at all times. Independent of her will ice and water will rise up to defend her and attack foes within this sphere of influence. The top of this "influence" is 15 feet from the ground with her at the middle of it's peak at all times. Because it is water created of her own spiritual energy it is much more durable than normal water. At minimum the water/ice defense is as strong as a non-powered Bakudo no 39 Enkosen At maximum, and only if the ENTIRE defense is behind it, it is capable of being as defensively powerful as Bakudo no 81 Danku. It's speed can never exceed Shira's own. Meaning a speed character her tier or higher has the best chance of out maneuvering it.

Water/Ice Perfection - Shira is capable of manipulating and creating water and ice at will and from nothing. She is capable of using all water on the battlefield regardless of jurisdiction AS LONG AS she is spiritually more powerful than the one in current control. She is capable of changing water between solid and liquid states at will. She is capable of super cooling water so that when it makes contact with anything but itself and normal breathable air it flash freezes instantly. Her manipulation power exceeds that of Renko, her mother.

Eclipse - While in Bankai and Full Hollow Form Shira's spiritual power eclipse's the sun with a shadow of spiritual power. This can be destroyed if someone has the ability to launch a cero oscuras that far into the sky. (It's about of miles from the ground after all.

Tainted Soul - She is able to manipulate shadows and dark energy. She is capable of creating such energy and shadows from nothing very akin to her water/ice perfection skill. However this ability works best on the ground. She is capable of extending shadows/dark energy for 100 feet into the sky and make them up to 30 feet wide regardless of how many "objects" she had created to manipulate. In the sky she can only create a platform of shadows beneath her feet that extends for 15 feet in every direction around her and manipulate THAT for 20 feet (So max range is 35) This ability is never independent of her will in bankai.

Boosts: Spiritual Power, Strength, Speed x3

Total Stats in Bankai state -

Strength - Extremely High
Durability - Average
Stamina - High
Reiatsu - Insane
Speed - Extremely High


Inner Hollow

Name: Vognar ( Vog-ner )


Shira Lisola EvilAnime3

Personality: a psychotic monster. his only goal in life is to gain power, manipulate others and destroy anyone who gets in his way, very disrespectful having no respect for authority, He considers himself very powerful leading him to have a lust for battle, always looking for the strongest opponent. a merciless killer who rarely shows expression, and has no problem attacking his own comrades.



Shira Lisola Okami

Abilities: Mask Regeneration, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Reiryoku Enhancement, Mask Protection.

Hollow Powers: Cero, Bala.


Full Vizard Form

Appearance: Its the picture except white skin / fur (Much like Hollow Ichigo) with red lines going around the body to make it look more tribal and menacing.

Shira Lisola Werewolf

Abilities: Her abilities are all kept while in this form. With the exception that the Absolute Defense that made Ice/Water Perfection independent and have a sphere of influence is now on her One with Darkness ability instead. It has the same speed, power, and range limitations. Her Ice/Water Perfection remains unchanged other than this loss of independence.

Power Boosts: High-Speed Regeneration, Cero, Very Enhanced Strength, Very Enhanced Speed, Superb Reiryoku Enhancement, Very Enhanced Pequisa, Very Enhanced Heirro, Garganta and Mastered-Level Sonido.

Boosts: Spiritual Power, Strength, Speed x4

Stats in this form -
Strength - Insane
Durability - Above Average
Stamina - Very High
Reiatsu - Godly
Speed - Insane

Back Drop

Background: Shirayuki was born as the offspring of two of the most powerful and feared vaizards in history. Selkie and Rena, both organization leaders of the Soul Society and Kishimasuku respectively, concieved a child together and nine months later, into the world came Shirayuki. However, all was not so happy and dandy. Due to the parents have an extrodinary amount of reiatsu, Shirayuki also inherited a major amount of reiatsu right from birth. The tiny vessal was diagnosed with an illness similar to what her mother had for quite some time, Reiatsu Overload Syndrome. This illness occured only when the amount of reiatsu contained in one vessal exceeded the maximum capicity that it could hold. Being just a newborn, Shirayuki had a very small vessal to contain her reiatsu. The symptoms started just a week after her birth, and both parents were at a loss as to what to do.

The one who had helped out her mother with her illness in the past time and aain was Akira Tanaka, the captain of squad 12 and head of the Research and Development branch in the Seireitei. Knowing that Shirayuki was very sick, the parents took the little girl to Akira-taicho to see if anything could be done to save the innocent girl from what would most likely be a very violent death. After examining her for a few minutes, Akira knows that the only way that he could possibly save her is if she were at the age of 17 (human years). Having just recently finished a new project, he asked permission from the parents if they would mind having Skirayuki be the first to test it for him. The project that he had just completed was a machine that would trap the mind of whoever was wired to it inside a virtual world. Inside that world, time worked differently. What would seem to be a year's time in that world would only be a day's worth of time in reality. This would serve the purpose that would help Shirayuki. She would become eligable rather quickly to have her disease cured, all while it was being impeeded by medicine and science.

However, being inside a virtual world for so long, especially since she doesn't know anything about the real world and has no motor skills, would be a problem. Thankfully Akira was able to alter the programming to have the virtual world that would host Shirayuki become more interactive and it would teach her the basic motor skills that a normal child would have while growing up. She would get the basic education of speech, speeling, arithmatic, and human interaction. After 10 days (10 years for Shirayuki), Akira began to notice that the human interaction with artificial intelligence was deteriorating. There wasn't anything he could do to alter the AI's programming to give Shirayuki as close to a human to human interaction, however he could link up another machine to the same system and allow other minds to be transported into her virtual world. For the next 7 days, she would get constant visits from her parents and the three of them would spend half a day (half a year) together in total time (so Selkie and Rena have invested 12 hours worth of real time into seeing their child progress and teaching her).

Finally, when she was 17, her vessal was stronger so that her illness was reduced to the level of what her mother used to have. This was manigable for Akira as all he had to do was forge another ribbon similar to what her mother had. Now all that was left to do was release her mind from the virtual world and she could go on to live her life normally. Or so she thought.

After spending many happy years with her mother and father.. Her father suddenly disappeared and all believed him to be dead.. Only one year later.. Shira was believed to be killed by hollows in a massive raid by the Espada. However.. the truth is that during the confusion of the raid by the Espada..the sinners..who at the time were not known by anyone except top ranked officials of Gotei.. had kidnapped her. Slowly poisoning her mind with the evil of Hell until she was the ultimate innocent killing machine. Unlike a standard killer who had no emotions at all or relished in killing.. Shira retained ALL emotions..but was able to kill and seem "innocent" about it. Life and Death, to her poor mind, were equally as important. so giving someone death wasn't a bad thing anymore.

This taint would remain so strongly that even her own mother could not hope to break her child free of evil. Much to Kaze's deliciously horrible delight. He would take Shira under his wing like the daughter he had always wanted.. The daughter Renko failed to become because she grew a heart. This would not happen to Shira..because she had not lost her heart when being consumed by evil..

Shira Lisola Rena%20Sig_zpswiu6wnpm
Rena's Character Roster

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PostSubject: Re: Shira Lisola   Shira Lisola EmptyThu Feb 21, 2013 7:06 pm

I'm already questionable on Illusion're probably gonna hate me, but I'd like you to choose which one to keep. Illusion Stare or Runic. If you choose to keep Runic, it shouldn't effect "holy" or "darkness" energy either.

In weaknesses, I can think of another, seeing as she is half darkness: Light/Holy. I know it's not common, but it does help balance her out a little bit. The blunt force trauma though...even if it is spiked or bladed, if they don't cut you, it will cause blunt force trauma...just letting you know. The spikey balls/clubs will do both no matter what. You might also have to move durability to weak as well...but I'll leave that to another's decision if they think it's warranted.

Beyond those...just update the boosts in each state to our current template with the required specifics, and I'll give it a 1-5.

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PostSubject: Re: Shira Lisola   Shira Lisola EmptyThu Feb 21, 2013 8:01 pm


Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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Shira Lisola
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