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 Reforging a Legend

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PostSubject: Reforging a Legend   Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:11 pm

Tara had alot of her work cut out for her.. She had to convince Arngrim to let her melt the blade down first. That was not an easy task. He was very attached to his sword.. however after explaining how she was going to fix it he reluctantly agreed. Now that it was melted she merely had to added the extra metal to it and work it so that it would properly combine with the metal of the blade.

So it was. She melted down the blade and mixed in what the humans called L6 Bainite, which was truely a painstaking process to get it to properly form in the right way. The metal would make it harder to work with but because of her increased inhuman aptitude for smithing and her inhuman strength this would be like working any other normal quality steel to her.

When the metal was properly rehardened into a state she could use she began her work. First she had to make the tang. She heated it up and used her hammer to bang it while keeping only the part that would become the tang against the anvil. She would bang the side to force the tang to form, the hammer the flat side to keep from having too much build up. put only the tang part in fire to reheat it and repeat this process until the tang was fully developed.

She finally finished the tang formation which meant she had used the files to create the "not quite" 90 degree angles along the tang as to remove a chance of weakness which could make the blade break later, but did not finish the full process for tang itself just yet before beginning drawing out the sword, as it was still too thick and not as long as it should be, she would accomplish this by hammering part of the blade a few times and then moving it up half an inch. Making sure to always keep the blade against the anvil as she did so. She had to hit the tip of the blade more because the tip needed to be much thinner. She also had to make sure to not make the blade wider than it needed to be on certain areas..which wasn't that hard to accomplish but still needed to be made sure of.

Once she finished that she kept the blade fully flat against the Anvil and started to use her trusty hammer on it to make sure it was straight before working on the tip. This process follows much of the same steps as creating the tang, but she did not finish the tip she merely formed it. She then put the blade flat against the anvil again and started to work on the edges. She would reheat the part she was working on and hammer away. Reheat and hammer away. She had to make sure she flipped the blade over constantly and work on both sides evenly or the end result would lose the desired look. She had to use a smaller hammer to finish this because she needed to thin the edges down on the sides so that it would take a much better edge in the end.

Now she finished the tang. Since she had the blade the proper size and all. This was extremely simple to do. Once she accomplished this she needed to normalize the sword..which she did by sticking the entire thing in her firepit. She did this to take out the stress that was caused to the blade by her working on it. She had to keep a constant eye on the blade, moving it around, moving the coals around. Making sure she got it nice and hot but not enough to ruin all the work she had put into it thus far. She checked if it was at the right temperature by using a magnet. When the magnet no longer stuck to the blade she pulled it from the fire.

It was ready for more work so she started using the sanders she had told Arngrim to get for her to grind the edges out the way he desired them to be done. This process would take quite alot of time as she could only to the basic form with the power tools and had to do the bulk of the grinding by hand. Upon eventually finishing this hours later she began working to recreate the pommel and handle of the sword exactly as it had looked to the side of her, as she had kept the original pieces for visual aid, except with newer versions of the same material. That part was fairly easy..the handle was never very hard to craft by itself and didn't usually take alot of time. But she didn't attach it yet because she wasn't done with the sword itself.

Now she just need to harden and temper the blade so that it would withstand the punishment caused by Arngrim in battle. She had a pipe to her side now, having moved it close from one of the corners by the firepit and heated up the oil inside it first with a rod of metal she had placed in the firepit while she was grinding. Warm oil made for the best quenching after all. Now she just waited for the blade to heat up after placing it in the fire. Once it was the right temperature again, using magnets once more to keep check of this, she dipped the blade in the oil and kept moving it in and out slowly until all of the flames finally died out.

She had to clean the "scale" off of the blade with sand paper by hand afterwards to make sure the blade would look shiny and such in the end and so she could see the color of the metal while she works on tempering it. Which is what she used the plasma torch(Cutter) for, though she wished she had asked for a normal blow torch this would do just fine as it was stronger, she'd have to be very careful because a fuck up here would mean the entire process had to be redone. When she was ready she began heating up the blade with the plasma torch very carefully until it became a nice "wheat" colored along the blade's edges and a "plum" color along the dead center spine of the blade, as she was "very" careful, she then cleaned it up once more time with more sanding paper.

Now she needed to polish it and assemble the pieces. She started this process by using the smallest grit of sand paper she had and working the entirety of the blade with it before switching to a higher grit and repeating the process until she eventually stopped at a whopping 600 grit. This process as the later grinding process took around five hours. She finally accomplished this and put the handle together. Oiling it down and giving it a very nice finish and "feel".

That was it. The sword known as Tyrfing was reforged in it's entirety. However she did not feel any powers from it. Upon sitting and thinking about it for quite some time, as she had not yet told Arngrim it was done due to it's powers still being dormant, she realized it probably needed more energy put into it in order to reactivate. So she gripped the blade and pushed her spiritual energy within it at a moderate level. Indeed just like she thought the powers of the blade sprang back to life and it gleamed as if on fire, making it even more beautiful than it already was due to her work, and it was THEN that she called for Arngrim to come claim his prized weapon.

She even got all dramatic about it, due to being overly proud of her work, and knelt before her king when he arrived and offered the blade up to him upon a cloth made of silk, "It is remade my King"


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PostSubject: Re: Reforging a Legend   Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:58 pm

There was a knock at the cero kings door, and an arrancar entered to infrom him of the completion of his weapon. Arngrim visibly smiled and thanked the arrancar. The arrancar backed out nodding, confused. Arngrim snatched up a sheath he'd had made while tara was working. Argrim set off the the forge area, cloak billowing behind him. He was excited to see her work. It had taken a while to convince him to let her melt down the blade, but back in his time such a thing wasn't done.

He arrived in the forge Area and was met by Tara who bowed, holding the sword before him. He took it up carefully by its new handle, examining it. It was identical, and the blade even seemed to shine brighter. He nooded, and suddenly spun, slashing it twice at the dooframe wall. A second past, then a traingular piece of stone slid from the door, landing on the ground with a thump.

He turned back to tara. "This weapon is magnificent. I was right to place my trust in you, my Primera. Rise, if any in this land deserves to stand close to my equal, it is you." Arngrim smiled. He picked up the weapons old sheath which Tara had cleaned up, and put the blade back where it belonged, at his hip.

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Reforging a Legend
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