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 Frosted Tea (Open)

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PostSubject: Frosted Tea (Open)   Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:25 pm

The clanking of change scratched through the atmosphere of New York City, as a lone beggar rattled his plastic coffee mug whenever a prospect walked by. No longer disappointed in receiving nothing, the beggar simply shrugged as a woman walked right past him without even a glance, with no spare change to spare for the down trodden. Yet, the beggar merely sighed as he sat his coin cup in his lap to rub his hands to experience the warmth of friction. Dried skin, calloused and scarred, rubbed against scraps of leather and wool gloves. Every breath showing a small cloud of white moisture from the man's nostrils, like a stream of steam fueled by the poor man's soul.

Turning to his left the homeless man stroked his unkempt beard as a cold wind blew past, sending a shiver down his spine, as another prospect came within eyesight. A short, rather stocky human, or so it appeared on the outside walked near the homeless man. The short human merely grinned as it rummaged through its many layers of clothing. Albatross merely chuckled as it stopped in front of the beggar, as it wrapped its clothing tighter around its body to disguise its appearance.

The cup rattled again with the few quarters and nickels in the cup. With a pleasant surprise the beggar looked up at the short man who had stopped. The cloaked man who wore garbs of human clothing. Albatross met the beggar's gaze with its bright white eyes as the monster dropped a solid gold coin of ancient currency into the cup with a thud. With a smile, the creature laughed slightly as it wrapped its scarf tighter around the bottom of its face for warmth. The bright red wool glowing in the overcast grey day. Alba beginning to walk away from the homeless man.

The beggar could do nothing but gasp at its gift, before he stood up to go to the pawnshop on the next street over. The corner becoming vacant besides for Albatross who walked slowly, in the cold weather, down its chosen path of concrete and ice. The sidewalks were empty except for the odd pedestrian every so often. After all, it was cold a freezing day to be outside even for the industrious race of humans.

As Alba moved through the city which had become one of its new homes, it stayed in its true form, hiding its appearance with layers upon layers of cloth. It did not feel like putting on a human skin today, rather the three foot creature wanted to relax for once without worrying about appearances. However, it did not stop the gamble from marching towards its target, The Coalition Headquarters. A place of wealth, food, and plenty of pass times for the contracted monster to enjoy. In retrospect, Alba was glad it had taken the job to create the dimension tracker for the Coalition, as it allowed for many opportunities and access to resources, even information, not normally accessible.

A clock struck out a chime twice to signal the time of two o'clock AM, the digital clock showing the text in bold green lettering on one of the office buildings. Looking up at the digital clock, the creature smiled from beneath its scarf as it tightened its leather gloves, feeling exposed in such weather. The gamble's trim grey suit covered over in a layered wind breaker, bright orange in color. Though a walking fashion disaster to most, Alba merely kept on walking down the sidewalk, heading for its destination. It had been a while since its last visit to the large building and the idea of once again toying with technology in a nice open room gave the gamble a smile across its hidden face.

Meeting some of the old guard would also be a plus, for Albatross had never really spoken with much anyone at the Coalition unless it was in the form of a warning. Walking for several miles, the gamble finally reached the public entrance of the Coalition's building, a fine piece of architecture. Grinning beneath its warm scarf the being of souls walked right through the front doors. Not giving off a single hint of its true strength, as usual having trained itself to be completely undetectable except for its physical form. The monster in disguise appeared before the front desk as it loosened its red scarf, revealing its smoky face of black and white mist, which soon crept around its clothing, curling around its fingers.

Flashing a small badge that it had been given to access the Coalition building, Alba was let in without much trouble besides for a general inspection. Passing through security, Albatross took off its hat, shedding its jacket as it shoved the clothing in its small bag, barely the size of a fist. Out of the cold weather and wind, the temperature outside being seven degrees Fahrenheit, Alba walked through the hallways as it reached an elevator. Taking it down to the prison block, Alba walked past the few prisoners locked up as it opened its cell door and entered its room. The guards around the place not even noticing that Albatross had returned until it started asking for supplies.

Taking a seat in one of the comfortable chairs in the cell, Albatross felt the presence of all in within its sphere of influence, nothing escaping the monster's sights. As it noted the security systems and cameras, among other things. With a yawn, Alba waited out day by tinkering with some electronics. Alba felt more at home in the building than in Atlantis, where the place was half in ruins. Playing with its toys, so to speak, the gamble relaxed as it kept quiet for the most part in the early morning, before itself grew bored. Putting aside the small contraptions it was working on Alba took out a small punching bag from the corner of its room, setting it up, Alba began half heartily training in the early morning. Loud thuds echoing across the prison block hallway.
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Frosted Tea (Open)
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