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 Desert End Hollows (Open)

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PostSubject: Desert End Hollows (Open)   Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:27 pm

Tossing up sand in the air, Albatross laughed as it kicked the white sand particles with relative ease, thanks to its now more focused control over its body. Its training having gone well ever since it had joined the Coalition as a contractor. Though it was not a member, the training areas were right within reach of the Collector of Souls. And as this Collector of Souls moved across the white expanse of sand the Gamble moved fast and silent as it aimed for the large fortress in the distance. Las Noches had not changed too much since Albatross' leave of the Espada, the tall spires and dome of the building still relatively intact.

As it continued to the destination the monster stopped as the curls of white smokes moved about its form contrasting against the black smoke that also emitted from the monster's body. Not even bothering to disguise its true appearance Albatross planned to waltz right through the front gates of the Espada headquarters with a hidden smile plaster across its face. And like the child it sometimes acted like Alba stood at three feet in height, as its heavy weight moved the sand by simply standing on it, its two thousand pounds of weight shifting the dune it stood over.

Moving forward again, Albatross air walked more quickly as its hand left a trail in the desert as it ran. The Gambles bright white eyes looking out at the spires of Las Noches without fear or anger, the being simply wanted to see how well the organization actually faired under Arngrim's rule of the hollow race. While Alba did not care too much about who it met, it was determined to gain more knowledge and information on the organization than it already possessed. Even if it meant spying inside the fortress, Albatross Prototype did not care in the slightest.

It wanted information and it would find it, one way or another. Reaching the front gate of the enormous fortress, the dark moon of Hueco Mundo glowed vibrantly in the black sky which soon would be unseen once entered the domed castle of the hollow. Already Alba could sense the hundred of arrancar and hollows, not to mention the many other beings in the area by simply standing at the gate. At the moment all of Albatross' energy was cloaked, being undetectable completely besides for its actual physical appearance, not even sound or scent emitted from the Gamble which stood and waited for someone to take notice.

After three minutes passed, however, the monster grew weary of waiting as it pounded its left fist against the wall next to the gate, creating a large thud as a piece of stone fell over creating a sizable hole for which Alba then entered from. Standing at the opposite side of the gate, the short creature laughed evilly as its eyes soon swirled into a pitch black color.
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Desert End Hollows (Open)
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