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 Bleach Stories RPG

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PostSubject: Bleach Stories RPG   Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:10 pm

Bleach Stories

This is Bleach Stories:
24 years have passes since the Nosferatu came and pushed the world into chaos. Worlds have collided and destruction has swept the land. Towers were erected in each area to bridge the worlds together. Dhaos saw it fit to shatter the barriers between each world to created a better world, to rid everyone of empty ideals, hollow morals and give birth to a new land. Instead he only created chaos, destruction and a lawless universe. However the Nosferatu have vanished back into darkness, never to be seen again for no known reason.

There is no such thing as discrimination any more. Only the Survivors and Predators. Even though the world has fallen, there are such beings that enjoy the way things are and will do anything to keep it that way. However there is a man, or being that was created by the soul king himself. He has come with good word. This being has seen the future, various possibilities there is a way to close the gates and rebuild the world. However this task will not be a easy one. Peril, destruction and death await those who try to close the gates between each world.

“I know of a way to close the gates my friends. This task will not be easy by any stretch of the word. The towers that were left by those wretched beings are the keys to saving your world. Each one links their respective realm to the other worlds. By simply destroying them they will force the gateway close. However, each tower is protected heavily by minions and a Guardian. I have no doubt with your combined skills you will be able to defeat the minions. The guardians are individuals that were corrupted or hand picked by Dhaos himself to protect these towers from destruction. Defeating them will be your true test. To do so each of you must work together regardless of your race or who you are. The very existence of your world depends on it. I will do my best to guide you all on your quest.”

With that being said each tower, four to be exact will need to be destroyed for the world to slowly get back to the way it was. A tower exists in The Soul Society, Earth, Hell, and Hueco Mundo. Each of these need to be demolished, however the only way to do so, is to kill the Guardian of each tower. The tower is connected directly to their life force. Only by extinguishing their flame will the tower fall. Prepare yourselves for a wild ride.

I will not release any information on who these guardians are or what they can do. You will have to find out for yourselves when you meet them on the battle field. Stay tuned for the first event to start.

Its your choice, help rebuild or keep things the way they are, and keep chaos going.
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Bleach Stories RPG
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