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Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Kai Allard-Liao
Age: 20
True Age: 28
Sex: Male
Personality: Strict, somewhat militant, but concerned for his comrades all the same. He’s a generalist spellcastor, not specializing in any specific element, and obviously doesn’t lean towards one morality or the other. As such, he’s very perceptive of both magical and spiritual activities. He’s learned to become political as spellcastors start becoming more famous, being the youngest on the Magical Board and their primary spokesperson. He detests magic users that hire themselves out to the highest bidder. Though he does acknowledges their usefulness and often power. He has a natural dislike of Yuri Romanov, having worked with him before.

Flexible to the point of ignoring prior duties, he can bring fresh outlooks, and has, to old guards. He’s no stranger to the battlefield either. Being on the Magical Board of Directors at one time, he’s quite the public speaker, when given enough time to prepare a speech. While not a genius, he has overcome obstacles with sheer determination and willpower. This, along with the training necessary to become a spellcastor, makes such abilities dealing with mental states a waste of energy for the most part, depending on what they do. Generally nice, he does get aggressive with those that threaten humans.

Like most magic users, he fears the Rune Blade for its rumored abilities. He also fears leeches due to a traumatic childhood, and hates to the point of fear the sight of blood being used as a weapon. He knows when a situation is near hopeless, and knows when to take advantage of one that isn't. His viewpoint is fairly neutral when concerning the shinigami and vizards.

A natural leader, he brought with him his personal cadre of skilled spellcastors to act as his personal guard. Having made a pact with Monoliths, allowing him to summon several different kinds, he is often stereotyped as stoic and unmoving. He often makes jokes about this to his comrades. He also has a strong sense of justice. Just the same, he also does feel some remorse, especially in regards to Angel’s pack and Yuri Romanov. And thus, since reading the details of what happened and becoming the Coalition Leader, wishes to make it up with them. While fluent in most European languages, he is most fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and English.

Having had a psycho aunt and a jealous cousin, he’s had his fair share of misfortune. His understanding of such things have made him the go to guy for comfort or talking about your own problems. He also loves teaching/training others, as a sort of pass time between paperwork and attending to priority duties.

Likes: Alliances with like-minded organizations, thinking of new spells, training others
Fears: the Rune Blade, leeches, characters that use blood abilities.

Character Appearance

Height: 5”8’
Weight: 140 lbs.
Physical Traits: Kai Allard-Liao  57383_1332213827

Clothing: Varies
Accessories: Varies, but always two reiatsu suppressors, one ring and one ear ring.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: As a generalist magic user, he has a very wide variety of spells to use, making him a little unpredictable and very flexible. While not particularly fast, he does blend in the “true” battle mage spells to help him react faster to physical attacks, and even overpower them should they stick to physical combat (though he’s already fairly strong himself). Like most high leveled magic users, he has a rather large amount of energy, and makes heavy use of it. He makes use of his Monolith summons to anchor battle lines and give the enemy even more to worry about.

Strengths: Vast amounts of energy: He requires two reiatsu suppressors to keep it contained with any amount of success. That should speak for itself.

Physical strength: He’s only above average, so a full on strength is a strength will overpower him.

Sensing: While he’s not as analytical as Alexander Kerensky, he’s still a very good sensor. After all, his vision isn’t the best.

Weaknesses: As a character flaw that could be exploited in times of mass/team battles, he’ll defend his people from attacks that would kill them, even taking damage himself. His average durability would not allow him to continue this for long.

Speed: He’s only below average, so it’s not too terrible. But still enough of a hindrance.

Vision: His vision isn’t great, but also not completely blind either. He is also color blind. This is characterized by his red eyes. His vision is half of that of a normal person.

Spiritual pressure: Because he has so much, it is very easy to sense him. It only becomes hard to find him if he actively suppresses it, but can’t completely hide it, unlike Yuri.

Quirks: Mental Fortitude: Abilities dealing with disrupting his concentration and mental states, whether it's attempting to distract him to bringing his worst fears to life, very often fail. This comes from his own mental training and the standard magic user training as well. This doesn't mean they won't work, just unlikely that it would affect him the way they're supposed to if at all. For other types of illusions, he has 60% resistance to it.

Spiritual Mapping: By taking off one of his reiatsu suppressors, he can manipulate his spiritual pressure into forming a map of a 40 yard area in his head, using the disturbances to map it. And detect movement of any sort. From a thrown rock, to a person moving. However, this also has the bad side effect of occasionally a spell will not work, go haywire, explode, etc.

Abilities & Weapons

Note: Due to the way his powers are like, he is to be treated like a Sinner, meaning he is always at max power for his tier. He can also use his magic anywhere, but must point towards their general location with anything. There are exceptions to one or the other, but they are either weak magic spells or the Limit Break spells. Outside of those, there are a few exceptions, but some action must usually be taken to activate them. Also of note is that all spells are learnable if the person satisfies three conditions: they do not have powers of their own, that they can see spiritual beings, and are human.

The ones with seals form fast enough where you can't run through them, but slow enough you could put up a shield, dodge them by the skin of your teeth if they're close ranged, use a teleportation ability, etc. There is a "room" gimmick, however, it is permission only from victim.


Weapon Summoning: He summons a special katana (in his appearance pic.) that was a family’s heirloom. He took it and infused it with magic, giving it a single ability, beyond being summoned. A grey magic circle appears, out of it coming the sword, with or without the sheath. It has a single ability. Once per post and with a one post cooldown, the blade, not the hilt, can become intangible, but only briefly. It will not rematerialize when stuck into something. But returns to that state fast enough to make a proper attack at an opponent that attempted to block it. For example, Yuri is defending with his Heaven’s Gate sword, and Kai swings. The blade goes intangible, allowing it to go through Yuri’s sword. Before it reaches him, it becomes solid again. It then cuts him. The sword is named Yen-Lo-Wang, after a Chinese God of Death.

Defensive Spells


Offensive Spells


Auxiliary Spells


Monolith Summonings

Note: They can be summoned twice each. But there is a seven post cooldown between the two. He can summon one monolith, it gets defeated, and then he can summon a DIFFERENT one (He cannot summon multiple of the same kind either, at once). But two different kinds cannot be on the same field. They also cannot be moved, unless he teleports them himself to a different location (something he’s unlikely to do). Each one is 3 tiers lower than him, and are each VERY durable (they can’t move). They attack with spells, each with a max possibility of three spells, usually with a theme in mind and sometimes fewer spells. They must be on the ground or a building/wall. CANNOT be on a person’s zanpakutou or anything like that. The link below shows all five of them in appearance. Just click the arrows on the picture to move through them.


Limit Break Spell

Ion Cannon: This spell requires 4 posts to charge up. He is in fatigue state afterwards, if he’s not caught or anything by the blast. In the sky…as in lower orbit, an enormous magic circle appears. What comes out of it is the thing seen in the below picture. It fires a red beam of neutral magical energy that hits an area that is 300 yards in diameter. The shockwave will knock down small buildings, move vehicles, and shatter windows. It is like getting hit by a couple of hado 96s. The user needs to be extremely careful when using this attack. Anyone with any significant amount of power can resist the shockwave. Due to how far up it is, which the magic circle is more easily visible during nighttime, it takes an additional post for the beam to even hit the target area. It is also very easily sensed if one can sense spiritual pressure. Kai also becomes more conservative when charging this powerful attack, and has enough power to use a Monolith summon and two of his defensive spells after it goes off, and very little afterwards. This is a once per thread attack. He recovers from fatigue state 8 posts afterwards, but has very limited amount of energy left, especially after fighting awhile before using this spell, but certainly not enough to continue a fight much longer if any at all.

Kai Allard-Liao  Ion_Cannon

Back Drop:

Background: He was born in Hong Kong to a Europeaon father and Chinese mother, hence his duel names. His father was partially Chinese as well. His mother was the daughter of a ruthless Triad Dictator that was also mentally insane, along with her sister. The company his father worked for were at odds constantly with Maximilian Laio, and the two companies were essentailly at war.

When Kai was born, his grandfather had finally snapped after his brutal defeat, and his aunt took over. Kai's childhood was mostly normal. Mostly because his father was a magic user. And when his mother went with him, she enrolled Kai into one of the best Magic Schools in Europe. However, his life was also rather tense.

His psycho aunt had sent numerious assassins after Kai's parents, and even targeted him. One particular assassin used leeches to torture him into trying to find his parents' location, only to be brutally killed by sheer accident by the young and petrified Kai. Because of this...he gained a fear of leeches. Rescued by his father's agents, he spent almost 8 months in rehab.

When he was 12, two years after the leech incedent, he met for the first time a magic user that used blood as a weapon. A transfer student who was tearing through the ranks at an astonishing rate. Kai was put up against him. It was from this magic user that Kai developed a fear of blood being used as a weapon...though he overcame the student and defeated him. It still haunts him to this day.

As soon as he was 18, he started working straight away with the Magical Board as an assistant. When he was 22, he was sent on a mission to work with a very young mercenary that was recently called the heir to Holy Magic, weilding the Heaven's Gate sword. In Jamaica, he met the 16 year old Yuri Romanov. And almost immediately the two hated each other. While they got the mission was messier than it had to be. After a few more encounters with mercenary magic users...he decided that it was instinct that he hated all of them that sell themselves like that. Though he couldn't deny their usefulness or power.

At 26, he was made an official member of the Magical Board of Directors, being by far the youngest to achieve the rank, with the next youngest being 20 years older than he was. However, his cousin, born from his psycho aunt who was killed by his mother for killing his father, lurked in the darkness. Soon after, Sun-Tzu struck. And failed. However, he had done considerable damage to Kai's reputation. And still lives.

Two years later, he had regained most of it back, but the lack of leadership for the Coalition and the attack on New York City, and the leader vanishing, prompted him to make a stand.

Side Notes: Coalition Leader

RP Sample: I have a hyperactive lightning midget, a complex and very different arrancar, an older brother shinigami, an eccentric and leader material of a shinigami, a workaholic bounto, a teenager, a punk werewolf, and a holy magic user. Do I really need one?


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Rena's Character Roster
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Approvalus the secondus

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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