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PostSubject: Bad App.?   Bad App.? EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 4:39 pm

Test to see how good/bad of a staff member you could possibly be! There are 22 bad things on the app. below. Find each one for 30 Desai each and pm either me or Zenke (this was his test app.) for a total of 660 desai. Look over the rules and possibly other apps. If nothing else, use your gut feeling.

Please don't use other people. Staff can direct you to other apps. for references, but that's about the only help you may recieve. Negociation is also good.

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Annabell Munroe
Age: 25
True Age: 27
Sex: Female
Personality: While civilized and good normally, she’s easy to get riled up and get angered. While she’s like this, she forgets that it’s a sparring match and goes for the kill. A mercenary at heart, she loves money almost as much as a good fight. She often loses herself in a fight, whether it’s against an army or a single person.

She doesn’t do information gathering and espionage missions, preferring the gory, soldier like, messy missions. Such as eliminating groups. Stealth is certainly not for her. Her relationship with Yuri is…complicated. Sometimes they get along nicely, other times they’re at each other’s throats. Almost like a married couple. A realist, she’s overly blunt, and serves her customers well by keeping her mouth shut as to who they are.

She likes to fight women more, just to see how she compares to others of her gender. Besides, she doesn’t like damaging a man’s ego when they lose to a girl. She’s also arrogant and laughs in the face of threats…even ones from those far stronger than she is.
Likes: fighting…training…messy missions
Fears: She fears nothing.

Character Appearance

Height: 5”9”
Weight: 135 lbs
Physical Traits: She works out. Not overly so, so she is rather attractive. Average bust size, long red hair, and green eyes.
Clothing: Varies
Accessories: Varies, but has a metal pole of some kind around her and almost always have black, fingerless gloves.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: She fights in yo face. Not one for subtlety or range, she gets up close and punches you. Or hit you with her staff. And she will look damn good doing it. She is highly aggressive.

Strengths: Any and all things physical. And she has kido…and is an expert at it.

Weaknesses: Her sensing is subpar at best. While she can still do so, it’s very difficult for her to and essentially needs her to stop fighting to even do that. Anything non-physical she takes double damage from.

Quirks: Combat Perception: With this ability the user is able to easily understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and anticipating their moves. Once they understand their enemies strategy, they are able to find their flaw and weakness and take them down with little effort. While some users of this method do not use it as part of their primary fighting style, it is helpful in emergencies against difficult opponents where ordinary methods will not work against them. Her predictions are 100% accurate. This ability does not work with non-biological beings.

Abilities & Weapons

Note: Due to the way her powers are like, she is to be treated like a Sinner, meaning he is always at max power for her tier. She can also use her magic anywhere, but must point towards their general location with anything. There are exceptions to one or the other, but they are either weak magic spells or the Limit Break spells or auxiliary spells. Outside of those, there are a few exceptions, but some action must usually be taken to activate them. Keep in mind, all of these are learnable.

She loves her metal staffs. And can summon multiple of them. They are nothing special and can be cut or destroyed by any soul bound item.


Name: Lucky Star and Lucky Star Barrage
Effect: A magic circle with a hollow star in the center is formed and fires either a single hollow star that will cut, or a barrage of them. If they hit there is a 1 out of three chance that either nothing will happen beyond a cut, that limb or body part becomes sluggish, or their spiritual power goes haywire and they can’t control it very well if at all (their abilities will backfire or not work right etc). The latter two lasts the entire thread with a one post cooldown for the moves in general.

Saw blade: A grey magic circle appears, firing a saw blade. The saw blade ignores most types of barriers, shattering through ones that blocks purely physical stuff like a bullet going through a non-bulletproof glass windshield. This means it also ignores hierro and cuts through it like a hot knife through butter, no matter how strong. Oddly, stuff that blocks only non-physical elements and energy based attacks WILL stop it. If the shield blocks both, it will slowly chew through them. This does not apply to zanpakutou, etc. They can be melted/manipulated by the appropriate users. The saw blade is three feet in diameter.

Multi-Saw Blade: Same as above, except can fire a barrage of them, up to 20 dozen at once.

Double Phaser: A magic oval appears, and zooms to consume her. It then splits off into several small magic circles, moving erratically to a spot within 250 yards from where she started. They then move in a circle, firing a beam of light that all converge into the same location 30 yards away. A doll shoots out and attacks until destroyed. It is just as strong as she is, but lacks the durability, requiring two to three moderate hits to destroy it. The real Anna can still use other spells while observing. When destroyed, the real Anna is fired out, though coated in magic, making her movements blurry and making illusions of her close by. This makes predicting her moves difficult unless you have a prediction quirk or ability or blow them away with an explosion or heavy wind. 3 post cooldown.

Vector Magic: A magic circle appears and she must go through it before it’ll propel her in the direction the arrow points at shunpo speeds. This only effects physical stuff.

Negate: She glows blue, and a blue magic circle appears. When completed, it’ll “negate” and destroy the ability. If it hits before the circle is completed, the damage is lowered dramatically (like 80%). 4 post cooldown.

Mage Disc: While it can be used as a defensive spell, it’s mostly used to allow a magic user to fight in mid-air. He can form a disc large enough for a person to stand on it. It can also be used as a shield but can only block bala leveled attacks (and only up to 10 of them) and weak melee attacks/bullets.

Mirror Shot: A magic circle with a shield in the center appears, summoning a mirror out from it. It will bounce back any energy/non-physical elemental based attack right back. Anything physical will shatter the mirror and will either continue to try to hurt him or just fall to the ground depending on distance and strength it was thrown/fired. Like a bullet will continue through while a bone spike will lose speed and momentum and fall and skid to him. Anything equivelant to hado 90 and up will not be bounced back, and naturally area of effect moves. 1 post cooldown.

Dispel: A yellow circle appears somewhere around the opponent. It then shatters. If the shards hit the opponent, any temporary boost or boosts from shikai+ are removed. The temporary boosts do not come back, and the move that started that needs to be used again. It first targets temporary boosts, and seals them. If none are active, then it seals those from increases of power, but it does not target both at the same time. They do not have them for 3 posts. 1 post cd, starts when the effects wears off. It only lowers them to the previous state. Like a person in shikai, thier boosts will revert back to their normal state. Or a person in bankai, their boosts will revert back to where they were in shikai. This doesn’t kick them out of their form, just kicks out their boosts from going into that form.

Physical Enhancement: She doubles anyone of her choice’s strength, speed, and durability for 3 posts. 2 post cooldown, starts when the effects wear off. Does not stack with other physical enhancement spells of the same kind. It doesn’t have to be all three, just one or two. She can choose which one to boost if she decides not all three.

Solidification: She can give herself a tough hierro for 5 posts, with a 3 post cooldown. She can also make her metal staff, or any object, as strong as a zanpakutou for 3 posts.

Magic Cup: A violet magic circle appears. Out of it comes a highly decorative oversized (like, think semi-truck sized) cup. A non-physical based attack is absorbed. A second one appears in a different spot and fires it back. It can do this with any attack small enough to fit inside.

Magical Hats: Ten overly large top hats appear and hides her, even if you look inside. They can move around, but only as fast as a normal person running.

Sound Distortion: By tapping her foot, she makes a magic circle appear below her and everyone she wants to. No one outside of this circle can hear them, not even a werewolf.

Panel Block: Hexagonal planes appear around her. Each can block up to a Hado 75 without issue. Lasts for 6 posts, 1 post cooldown.

Teleport: By activating a seal underneath underneath her gloves, she can teleport to any location she wishes.

Time Stop: She stops time. Except herself. For one full minute.

Limit Break Spells (Last Resort abilities)

Dying Will Flame: Through two seals, one on her back and one on her abdomen that are only visible when she activates this, she goes into a type of Hyper Dying Will Mode. Not only do her physical abilities multiply by times five, but she also gains a Hyper Intuition that is 80% accurate, much like Yuri’s. A flame of a random color will appear on her forehead. She can switch between three different types, but only one can be active at once. Orange: Harmony factor, essentially petrifying someone slowly. It’s only the surface, however, nothing deep. Blue: Tranquilizing Factor, this slows stuff down up to 80% and makes the victim drowsy. Purple: multiplication Factor, she can multiply herself up to 20 times with no loss of power. Oh, she can fire purple flames that keep replicating.

Oblivion: A magic circle appears above the person, and drops a 10,000 ton tank on top of the opponent’s head. Then explodes for 5 Hado 99s.

Back Drop:

Background: She was born in Dallas, Texas. Her father was an athletic physical therapist and trainer, so she worked out like a beast, training her senses and her condition to the max. When she started to see spirits, her mother enrolled her into a strange academy. That was where she learned to us magic.

She met Yuri when he was 14 years old, just after she had graduated from high school. They worked together on a mission with Yuri’s friend. The next time they met, they were on opposite sides, 3 years later. It ended in a draw, with both of them failing their missions. A year later, they ended up working together again.

Later, she found herself hired by the United Nations to kill off an assassin organization called Kartos Prime. She found “girly man”, who had been hired to do the same by Kain. She worked with them to get the job done.

Later, she found Yoruichi and sparred with the famous shinigami, losing effectively. But the woman was nice enough to teach her a few new things, including shunko and a few high leveled kido spells.

She later found herself volunteering, albeit very reluctantly, at the Magical Library. Pissed off, she fought to kill one Mei Tribal. After the fight, she was charged with attempted murder and imprisoned for 4 months…and her powers sealed that entire time plus an extra month. Now she’s free again and ready for a messy job.

Side Notes: She knows Bakudo 79 through 99, and Hado 73 through 91. She also knows Shunko, but can’t use Hanki yet.

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