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 The Cult of the Damned(Open)

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PostSubject: The Cult of the Damned(Open)   Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:06 am

Strange rumors appeared about a "satanic" cult which is involved into all kind of hollow and demon activities. It seems that the cult is formed by some immoral humans with spiritual awareness...some of them even having special powers. All these happening in the deep forests surrounded by mountains in the grim Transylvania the Land of Monsters. People were reported missing one after another and several parties ended in all the guest massacred. There was one more thing...they seemed like sacrificing virgins to their "Demon God".

Things were pretty bad so the coalition sent a few members to investigate...they never returned. The deaths now were reaching hundreds and still counting. The cities near the forest which is now named the Forest of the Underworld(or DoomWood), have grown restless and every attempt to protect the citizens up until now was in vain.

On the outskirts of the city, completely unprotected a farmer's child having no more than 7 years was playing in the garden with some car toys. He was carefree, no worries, and unaware of the things which would happen in the near future. After some time a gate appears from nowhere. The gate was Japanese style and when it opened a glowing white light was coming out from it. Out of that gate a black cloaked man came out before the gate disappearing. His face was hidden by the shadow of the hood, only his mouth and jaw being visible.

At this sight the boy had a completely unexpected reaction for the mysterious man. He was surprised, he was fascinated by the "badass man that came trough a portal" how the child would describe him. The man stood and looked at the child before the little kid started to talk: "Hey mister...are you from the future? No wait...if you were from the future you would be a robot, with lasers shooting from your eyes...are you from the past then? Do you have a dragon as your wait of course you don't would have brought him here. Maybe you are from another dimension...or another planet...are you an alien mister? Can you turn into a goat please? Or ,can you make my bicycle fly or not wait...maybe you are a zombie...can zombies turn into goat? no wait those were those people from animal protection. I are a a Llama disguised as a human coming from the Llama world trough that magical portal in order to scout our lands undercover and to conquer the earth so that they can eat as much hot dogs as they want and spit wherever they want. How far can you spit? I can spit 3 meters with my finger in my nose...can you do that? Hey mister Llama...can you say moo?"

The cloaked guy stood there amazed of how rich his imagination was?And also Undercover Llama?...
The mysterious guy's image in the head:
You can't stop loving this child..especially when he makes you a Llama. "You sure talk a lot kid. Aren't you afraid of me? Strangers can be very dangerous you know?" said the mysterious guy. The kid looks up with his innocent eyes and replies: "It's okay. My daddy said not to talk to strangers but I don't think the rule applies to alien Llamas too." and right at that moment the father of the boy shouted "JIMMY!!!" and run towards the boy. He gets the kid into his arms and says "Stay away from that man. He can be dangerous...what have I told you not to get out from the house. I am sorry mister if my kid gave you any problems I will take him now." The boy then said one more thing to the hooded mister: "Is it true that Llamas talk with each other trough farts?" and when the grown man heard that he replied to the boy with a scared voice "Jimmy! Shut up and come inside. Hehehe...sorry he has a very rich imagination." and when the boy was taken in his house said his goodbyes to the stranger "Goodbye mister Llama. Hope you find the hotdogs."

"What a strange kid..." thought the cloaked man with his voice also. After this awkward situation he decided to head out for the city to gather Intel about the strange occultists that were haunting this place...learning from a report in Seiretei when he sneaked out there. So he took a walk trough the entire city gathering intel and some really disturbing rumor from a stoned man that this is a conspiracy of a group of emo gorillas which cut their veins and sacrifice virgins to Tarzan...their god.(Note: not to be mistaken with Tarzan from the child books or George the King of the Jungle...they have their own girls)

After all this researching the cloaked man heard about a strange cemetery at the outskirts of the DoomWood. Finally the mysterious man reaches the cemetery full of mist and shadows walking trough it making it the perfect place to scare your girlfriend. The boy was exploring the cemetery but stopped at a grave which attracted his attention...He stood on his left knee reading the name on the stone: Tiberius Woodco...erm...Woodclock. Now the mysterious man was just staying there in front of the gravestone inspecting the resting place of Tiby...

(OOC:Sorry if it was too short...I kinda lost my shape not rping for some time XD)
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PostSubject: Re: The Cult of the Damned(Open)   Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:45 am

After the coalition's attempt to stop what ever was in the "doomwood" killing people failed, it became clear that the threat was far more serious. Alistair had been surprised when he was told they'd already sent someone, when he should have been the first to enter the doomwood. He doubted Kai sent the last team, so there was clearly an incompetent moron at work in the coalition who believed he had more power than he actually had, and needed to be removed. Alistair came alone, though after a brief conversation with Kai he'd learned another might be joining him later.

The large muscled man walked gently towards the cemetary. He'd gained a scent that hinted at evil, especially strong in that area. The werewolf kept his power suppressed so that he was undetectable to anyone who might be looking and approached the area in shadow, not making a sound. He crouched down near the cemetary wall, and waited. The smell of death was strong in the area. It was a very fresh smell. Watching for a while, alistair spotted someone walking through the air. He sniffed the air, and picked up shinigami, with a hint of something else, though it was to faint to be sure.

Alistair was pretty sure the gotei might send someone to find out what was going on here. Not seeing any reason to hide from the man, he hopped over the wall and approached carefully. He tried to suppress his predator aura that might frighten the man or set him on edge, but it might still effect the shinigami. Alistair wasn't to familiar with their kind, so he didn't know exactly how they would react to the feeling of being hunted. "Nice day for a stroll in a graveyard, am i right?" He asked the man as he stepped into full view.

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The Cult of the Damned(Open)
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