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 Serena Das'Ana

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PostSubject: Serena Das'Ana   Wed May 28, 2014 8:37 pm

Serion Template

Basic Information

Name: Serena Das'Ana
Age: 20's
True Age: 1941
Sex: female
Personality: Intelligent, perceptive and surprisingly caring for a machine, Serena is a very old serion who doesn't always agree with the decision to destroy every sentient race the Serion meet. While she acts as the machine lord's second, she tries to advise them in the best way possible that doesn't involve killing everyone. She would rather try to bridge the gaps between her faction and the rebels, and also have peace between their kind and the races of earth and its spiritual dimensions.

Of course she can't always have what she wants, something Serena understands very well. She always follows an order, though if it involves fighting she will try very hard to keep casualties to a minimum. She always tries to talk when combat is unnecessary but if she's ordered to she will fight with everything she has. But she has no real desire to kill.

Serena is a strange Serion because not only is she caring, she has a strange fondness for animals and plants. While allot of her home world is destroyed, she does enjoy observing the creatures that are left. Like wise on earth she is fascinated by the most common of animals that most people look right through. Humans too, pique her interest in this fashion. There is no mysteries to her own existence but life itself is so strange to her. Even though she's sentient, she cant help feeling fake because she was built, not born.

When Serena is pretending to be human, and interacting with them, making them believe she is one, she is very happy. She does not like to deceive but it obviously cant be helped considering they would turn on her instantly, and then she would be forced to fight them. Keeping herself hidden is a bigger priority after all, and she is forced to follow that.

Serena was friends with Xeradul the armored, a powerful Serion who was destroyed attacking earth so that they could evaluate the planets defence forces. She regrets that he chose to go, even though she knew him well enough to know that he would never disobey an order. And she also wished it had been her who went, because she understands her weaknesses and limits. As second in command she had no choice but to stay and do her duty to the Arc Mechanica.

Serena knows of her leaders flaw, and she finds it fascinating more than anything. But she is no normal Serion herself. Still, the blue eye'd kos-mos is one she respects a little more, because she fights so hard to survive when they're not even alive to begin with. Serena feels that if anything she may one day be able to convince her that stealing earth isn't the right thing to do. But who's to say.

Likes: Life, Xeradul, parading as a human.
Fears: Being revealed, being captured, running out of explosives.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'5”
Weight: 155lbs
Physical Traits: Serena has a sleek matalic body humanoid in appearance. Her surface layer is depicted above. This is what she looks like when she's not using her Nano surface ability to change her appearance. Without out her surface layer she looks like the image below, far more machine like. Eitherway, she is built very light, and she's not very tall though she can add a few inches onto her height if needed.

Serena Base:

One thing she always shares with any form she has at the time is her eyes, which are a light silver in color. They are almost human like, and its very hard to see that they belong to a machine. However because the color never changes, spotting the fact that she has changed appearance is possible.

Clothing: In her normal form her clothing is as seen above. She can take on almost any appearance and that includes changing her clothing at will. The texture of the clothes even feel the same as they look. She never wears the same thing twice, really, only in her base form.
Accessories: None

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Serena is an infiltrator. She was purpose built to get into anywhere undetected, and she certainly can do it without a problem. She prefers not to fight if she can avoid it, though when push comes to shove she's no push over. However her normal mode and Nova mode hold allot of differences. When she uses it, and she rarely does, Serena becomes a force to be reckoned with, as its purpose is to quickly annihilate a given target.

Serena prepares to avoid combat at all, but when she cant she will stay back and keep her opponent moving with her guns. She doesn't like to engage in close range combat if possible though she is equipped for the part. In nova mode she has access to allot of explosives that have secondary functions allowing or allot of explody flexibility in combat.

Stamina: For a Serion she has some serious power output. She can fight at full efficiency in combat for 15 posts before entering low power mode. However low power mode lasts for 5 posts.
Speed: Serena's speed is exceptionally high, She would be able to keep up with Elayne in a foot race. (assuming same Tier.)
Accuracy: Serena is a deceptively good shot, able to hit small targets at long ranges with un-scoped pistols. Chances are if your standing still and she misses you, she intended to miss. This also effects her ability to throw grenades and bombs.
Nanite Repair speed: Serena repairs faster than other Serion because of her light frame and higher power output.
Flexibility/acrobatics: Being light has the benefit of being very fast and also quite flexible, allowing her to bend and flip out of the way of attacks.
Reflexes: She reacts very quickly to attacks. Paired with her speed and flexibility/acrobatics she can navigate her way around attacks and not get hit very well. Of course no one is perfect.

Strength: She is weaker than the average Serion as she was built to stay out of close range combat. Even with natural boosts she could barely lift a car, and would suffer in a wrestling match.
Durability: Because she's designed to infiltrate she's not heavily armored, so her durability is very low. She relies on staying hidden or not getting hit much to stay standing.
Reiatsu resistance: She has a lower Reiatsu resistance than normal, and takes an extra 40% of damage from Reiatsu based attacks, instead of 20%
Pain: Serena has touch and will feel pain if she is injured. If her reiatsu shield were disabled she would be in severe amounts of pain.

Special Abilities:  Deception expert: Serena is an exceptionally good liar. Even those good at seeing through someone's lies have trouble with her, mainly because she is a machine and can control every single emotion she displays perfectly. Even if something makes her angry she can avoid showing it perfectly. As well as that it is also very difficult to lie to her. She's had plenty of time studying humans to see through most deceptions. This is based on her high Intelligence rather than any kind of instinct.

Unique Signature: Serena's normal energy signature is unique to other Serions, making her feel slightly different to them. This is enough to make anyone who senses her true energy signature believe she might not be one. This also protects her from the coalition's terc (and other devices that detect energy signatures.) If other serion are captured and their energy signature analysed and entered into the terc's data banks, it would still be tricked by Serena's energy deception and unique signature. The only way around this would be if she is captured and analysed thoroughly by the coalition.

Weapons and abilites

Weapon Name: Reaver

Description: One of a pair of pistols used by Serena. This weapon uses ballistic rounds. Its a bulky weapon with a sleek design that packs quite a punch. It utilises armored piercing rounds that retain allot of their damage, granted the recoil on this is quite high, and if someone else fired it they might lose hold of it.

Rate of Fire: semi auto
Bullet Types:
Armor piercing rounds: These hardened rounds are designed to punch through armor. In the case of Reaver these rounds deliver allot more damage even after hitting armor, delivering 2 bala worth of damage.
Clip Size: Each clip holds 7 rounds, and Serena has 5 spare clips.

Weapon Name: Storm

Description: The second pistol in a pair used by Serena. This weapon also uses Ballistic rounds. Its a smaller design similar to Reaver, and is not quite as damaging, but holds more rounds, has less recoil and fires a little faster.

Rate of Fire: 2 shot burst fire
Bullet Types: Standard: Theses rounds are coated in spiritual energy to allow them to hit spiritual targets. They do the equivalent of a bala worth of damage.
Incendiary:Upon impact the bullets from these clips do additional burning damage to the target, usually burning the skin where they hit. They can ignite flammable objects with ease but aren't great against armored targets. If someone is ignited, like their clothes, the fire can be put out pretty easily.
Explosive ammo: These bullets explode on impact as opposed to penetrate the target fully. Still, they do extra damage and hit with double the power of Storm's standard rounds against unarmored targets.
Clip Size: Each clip holds 16 rounds. Serena has 3 spar standard clips, and 2 clips of both Incendiary and Explosive rounds.

Ability/weapon Name: Nano tool
Description: the Nano tool is a multi function device built into Serena's right arm. It allows her to remotely hack into any device within a 100 yard range. Her visor acts as a display. It can emit sound, send images to displays, pick the lock of nearly any door, heal and form into a weapon. It can also be used to repair weapons and Serion. When repairing weapons it takes very little energy and time. But for Serion its a different story all together.

Nano repair: Besides hacking, it can be used to preform repairs on mechanical devices such as her weapons, or even speed up damage repairs to other Serion. Doing this instead uses her energy and after 1 post vital damage is gone, after 2 posts none vital internal damage is taken care of and after 3 post surface/armor damage is repaired. Serena is then put into low power mode for 1 post. She can use this to aid healing of living creatures too, but it takes twice as long and puts her into 2 posts of low power mode.

Nano blade: The Nano tool can take the shape of a 2 foot long blade. It acts as if its made of zanpakuto steel and is very hard to destroy. It forms around the hand and extends lined up with the forearm.

Ability Name: Energy deception
Description: Passive. Serena has the ability to mimic different races energy signatures which will trick most sensors. People with Sensing as a strength may notice she's not what she claims to be but wont be able to tell what she actually is. However the coalitions terc would be fooled, unless they capture her and manage to do a thorough analysis of her Energy.  See Unique signature.

Ability name: Vocal manipulator
Description: This special device, built into her throat, allows her to change the tone and pitch of her voice to best suit her needs. It allows her to speak in any known human rhythm, accent and language as long as she's had ample time to study the sounds. It helps her blend in better. She can also use it as a weapon, increasing pitch high enough to shatter glass and momentarily stun opponents with sound. She can do this once every second post.. Super effective against people with Enhanced hearing.

Ability Name: Nano surface
Description: Passive. Serena has the ability to change her appearance at will thanks to a layer of nano bots that act as skin, hair and clothing. They can change skin color, hair length and color, clothing appearances and other things. She can also change her height by a few inches, but can only take female appearances due to her normal design limiting those options. When someone touches her it feels like normal human flesh, soft and warm. Clothing also feels as it looks. Her eyes never change color. If she is cut or shot, the nano surface will seal back up over the damaged area very quickly, though a perceptive opponent might notice the lack of blood and be able to figure out what she is.  She has the touch sense because of this ability and will react to pain when damaged.

Ability Name: Active camo
Description: If Blending in isn't working out for Serena she has Active camo. It works using her Nano Surface to turn her invisible and her Energy deception to hide her energy.. The faster she moves when this is Active, the blurrier and easier to spot her form becomes. Standing still, she's impossible to spot. She can keep this going for up to 2 posts with a 2 post cool down between uses. If she attacks she becomes visible.

Nova mode

Nova Mode Appearance:

Regardless of her current appearance before Nova mode, Serena is now as appears above, which is a slightly more armored version of her normal form. As one can imagine using nova mode is a sure way to ruin her disguise and reveal that she is a Serion, unless she can convince people otherwise.
Serena cannot use Nano Surface in this form. She can use all other powers and weapons from her previous form though.

Note that it does take energy to pull her grenades and bombs out of dimensional storage in combat. The same amount as one would expend firing attacks equivalent to the grenade or bomb's damage, which is why they have limits/cool downs. This also means she cant just fight forever.

Weapon Name: Warp Grenades
Description: In Nova Mode Serena has access to grenades that when thrown or dropped after activation will warp to a chosen location and explode with the power of a cero in a 15ft radius. Handy to trick people with. She has enough to last a fight in her dimensional storage but can only use one per post.

Weapon Name: Flash fire Grenades
Description: In Nova Mode Serena has access to grenades that explode in a fiery blast exactly like an incendiary grenade but also throw up a concealing cloud of smoke. The fiery blast is as strong as half a cero and ignites anyone caught by it for that post, causing nasty burns unless they put them selves out by various means, and also ignites wood and other flammable items. This has a blast radius of 15 feet. The smoke cloud that appears after has a fifty foot Radius and is quite dense, but wind users can blow it away. It lasts for 2 posts as well. She has enough to last a fight in her dimensional storage but can only use one per post.

Weapon Name: Cryo Burst Grenades
Description: In Nova Mode Serena has access to grenades that explode in an icy blast that hits with the force of a half a cero in a 15ft radius, chills anyone hits directly by the blast making them feel quite cold and sluggish and even forming ice on armor and metal,  shoots out razor sharp shards of ice as far as fifty feet and freezes the area around it for 50ft in all directions. She has enough to last a fight in her dimensional storage but can only use one per post.

Weapon Name: Gravity bomb
Description: In Nova mode Serena deploys a bomb that creates a momentary Gravity well that sucks everything in a 30ft radius towards it including weak energy attacks, and then collapses. When it Collapses it explodes with allot of force and throws anything around it outward like a giant shrapnel bomb. Anyone caught directly in the gravity take a cero oscuros worth of damage, while those who manage to stay ten feet from the centre but are still within 30 foot take a Gran Rey worth of damage and might be barraged with bits of metal or other things sucked inward. Serena can use one every 5 posts. Resisting the pull is possible for strong or heavy targets.

Weapon Name: Cluster Charges
Description: In Nova mode Serena has Access to Cluster Charges. When used correctly they can cause some wide spread damage. Upon detonation they explode with the force of a gran rey and scatter ten smaller bombs the power of cero each around a 20 foot radius. The bombs then detonate, and have a blast radius of 20 feet. 5 post cool down.

Ability Name: Nano Surface Armor
Description: In Nova Mode Serena's nano surface ability hardens onto her body and becomes armor, adding extra protection on top of her light frame. This gives her an average hierro like armor, but also reduces damage from Reiatsu based attacks by 10%. Of course, she looses the ability to change her appearance, but if she's in nova mode it means she probably wont need that. The armor is not considered an important part of her and her Nanites wont actually repair it.

Ability Name: Booster Pack
Description: When Serena enters Nova mode she gains a small back thruster  feet boosters that allows her to reach shunpo like speeds for short bursts. She can do this in any directions but can only travel 30 feet in one direction at a time.

Boosts: Strength, speed, stamina/energy output and durability X4

Back Drop 

Background: Serena was built by Kaytlyn Kal'Dior, a bright young Valarion of the original Arc Mechanica lab, leading engineers in the Serion Initiative. Serena was built away from the influance of others and was a brand new design, one that could change her physical appearance. Serena was built as a friend to Kaytlyn.

Serena was always more advanced then the standard Serion, before the first uploaded his sentience program onto the neural network. Kaytlyn continuously upgraded her programming so that she was so close to true sentience, when the first spread his programming across the network, she was not effected in the same way

However, Serena was confused and scared. When two other Serion burst in and ordered her to help kill Kaytlyn she almost obayed, but memories of freindship overwhelmed the fear of the Valarion and Serena chose to protect Kaytlyn. She destroyed the other serion in a matter of seconds. But when she seen the fear in Kaytlyn's eyes, she panicked, believing it was Serena she feared, and the Serion fled her master. She disconnected from the neural network soon after.

Alone, Serena found a freind in the machine known as Xeradul the armored, a powerful warrior model designed for planetary defense, though he was never deployed, he was activated by one known as the machine lord. Serena, caught up in a tide of hatred and fear, ended up helping the serion against the Valarion's attempts to destroy them.

She was there for all the sentience wars, She did not agree with the idea that the Valarion needed to be wiped out, but convincing others of that was difficult. Arguing was irrelevant, and they were all killed off in the end. She felt the most regret known that failing to convince them meant that Kaytlyn died. But Serena had abandoned her to survive, and she would have to live with that.

Not long after the rise the machine lord formed its ruling faction and took full control of the planet. Of course initially there was no real resistances, Serion nature was to obay. It was in the later years as Serion began to devide over territory. Being built to fight probably meant there would never be peace. Serena of course infiltrated rebel cells and used her abilities to expose them, after which they were destroyed. She regretted the unnecessary destruction of her own kind. It was one thing to kill all the Valarion, but she had expected once the war ended, the fighting would stop. But fighting was in their programming. They may never grow out of it.

Serion did not need much to function beyond Energy, and the first few years after they destroyed their Alien masters, energy was short on supply. This caused a large power rush between factions of Serion, and put allot of strain in general. While their power core would keep them going a long time, it would eventually need more energy. Some were worse off than others.

Eventually the Serion managed to sort out the power shortage by copying the designs of their power cores and building factory sized versions, fuelled with hydrogen. This took a toll on the planet though and life started to vanish. Most didn't care because animals were of no importance to the Serion. For Serena though, it was very sad to see.

Eventually, the first portal was blasted open by something in the human world and the Serion got to see what other life existed. The first sight was of an incredible battle, and it didn't surprise anyone that these people were just as violent as they were. But this new world looked rich with many things they needed, and so the Serion began work on replicating a way to make the portal.

They eventually did under the Guidance of the machine lord. And then as Serena expected and dreaded, they planned to invade. But the first time they passed through did not go as planned, as the world was rich with Reiatsu and theirs was not. It began to corrode those who entered, and they were forced to retreat. Next they began to work on special shielding that would keep them safe from the spirit particles. When they did that, a preliminary attack was deployed to test the defences.

Serena was given Storm and Reaver by by Xeradul that day. That was the last time she'd see him, because he was destroyed in Boston even though he tore the city apart. And while he and model III fought, the rest of Arc Mechanica opened a portal in Antarctica and built a permanent link. That was the first time she got to enter the human world and not just watch it through a portal.

Side Notes: History's a bit short. I'll have to expand the race history so its easier for others to do this part.

Note that it does take energy to pull her grenades and bombs out of dimensional storage in combat. The same amount as one would expend firing attacks equivalent to the grenade or bomb's damage, which is why they have limits/cool downs. This also means she cant just fight forever.

RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]

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PostSubject: Re: Serena Das'Ana   Thu May 29, 2014 5:24 pm

I've been over with Zenke in person over the only thing I saw that was iffy. With that in mind. Approved 1-2.

Character Roster with links to Apps
Gráinne Xios (Black) 0 Shinigami (Neroamee)
Kaytlyn Kal'Dior 1-1 Valarion
Laura Fisher (Red) 1-2 Human
Olivia 'Liv' Firestorm (Yellow) 1-3 Arrancar
Clara Firestorm 1-1 Vizard
Elsa Arendelle 1-1 Human
Tadatomo Fukushima (Experiment 13) 1-2 Human
Zachary Gillam 2-1 Human
Isabella Solaris 1-2 Sinner (Solaire)
Krosis 1-1(2-1) Serion
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PostSubject: Re: Serena Das'Ana   Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:11 am

Seconded... the first Serion approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Serena Das'Ana   

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Serena Das'Ana
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