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PostSubject: Rynn   Rynn EmptyTue Mar 24, 2015 3:23 pm

General Information
Name: Rynn
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: She has a split personality ish thing caused by Valus' constant training and the subsequent journey she went on her own throughout Europe and Asia, which taught her how to be more human is isn't really a problem moreso than a trained response. The first is the killer guard dog which is the very personality that always, without fail, takes over during hostile situations. During this she is incapable of basic emotions and will mercilessly attack whatever has threatened her without playing or remorse. The other side of that coin is the neutral girl who is discovering herself by wandering around the world. She believes that the world needs saving and that she can do a little each day to aid towards that goal. A bright and vibrant world that is filled to the brim with amazing things and people despite the bad and evil that pollutes it needs protecting and she has no issues with taking up that task even though she is overly brutal about it due to her other side. She can make friends with anything and just as easily become a mortal enemy with the same person in a few seconds depending on the situation. She could save a kitten and then kill a man with an honest to god smile on her face and not even feel a difference in her own emotions. Despite having positive emotions she lacks basic negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy or doubt due to Valus' upbringing of her. She can seem carefree and kind but she remains mostly neutral as she believes people should be able to fend for themselves in a time of crisis. That doesn't mean she'll let people start needless fights around her though. Good or Evil whoever is doing the most is the one she'll turn against to even the fighting out and stop it sooner.

Helena's influence: While Rynn's personality remains generally the same she seems to make constant, sometimes begrudging, exceptions for Helena and her sinner whims. This could be some form of complex caused by Rynn's crappy past but for now it isn't quite clear.

Height: 4'9''
Weight: 100 lbs

Rynn Anime2_zpsvwlpdded

General Clothing: As the pet of a Vampire she was dressed fairly well in dark colors, mostly black or red, as such she mostly adopted this style of clothing and continues to use it. Maintaining fanciful non-dress clothing like black jeans and a dark crimson long sleeve shirt would be the norm for her.
Accessories: Earrings and a Necklace of no significant value.

General Fighting Style
Fighting Style: She was trained by Valus' and as such she's used to fighting people much stronger than she is. This left her with an immense knowledge base when dealing with strong attacks and she uses that to her advantage. Beyond this she uses a pressure style to needle down her opponents life until victory is assured. This takes time but due to Valus she's got an incredible amount of patience too.

Strengths: Enhanced Energy Capacity, Strength
Weaknesses: Endurance, Holy spells do double, Fire deals 50% more.


Primary Powers

Name: Ego Weapon - Zanlou
Effect: This weapon can be summoned at any time and is treated like a Zanpaktou in terms of both possessing a spirit and it's breakability in battle. This weapon looks like a cresent moon halberd but has it's shaft cut down to be wielded like a dagger in most cases. (Though it is able to extend to a full halberd in length and retract itself again at will much like Gin's Zanpaktou just with an 8 feet limit) It is dark red in color and can be used as the focal point for her blood abilities, though this isn't required for her to use them. The spirit within the blade is that of a arrogant male who was sealed in the weapon centuries ago as punishment for his lack of manners during an exhibition match in front of an emperor.

Name: Life's Blood
Effect: She has the ability to generate, change, manipulate, and alter the density of a seemingly infinite amount of blood, as conjured using her spiritual energy so it does have that limitation (I guess), this includes her blood as well though she rarely uses her own blood for anything besides desperation attacks. Any creation or attack made by this ability cannot exceed a cero worth of power. Because of this ability it is not possible for her to "Bleed Out". This ability basically makes her a walking Blood Bank as once she's created the blood she can literally make it any type of "Real" blood that is known to mankind. She can even make the blood as hard as steel due to being able to change it's density as noted earlier. This makes her blood ability one of her most dangerous and versatile abilities in her entire arsenal. (This ability cannot be overcharged)

Name: Blood Charge
Effect: She gains a "Blood Charge" every post with a limit of 3, 5 in second stage and 7 in hyper mode, She uses these charges to use the remainder of her abilities outside of the above Blood manipulation. She can "Overcharge" any ability by an additional Blood Charge past the required amount.

Name: Red Pin
Effect: Blood Charge Usage: 1 | She creates and then hurls three dozen knives created from blood at her intended target(s). This wave is six feet feet in width and six feet feet high. Each blade strikes with the force of three bala (Overcharging this ability can max it at a half a cero). This ability does require Rynn to be stationary but does not require stationary targets.

Name: Grace of Vampires
Effect: This spell was cast on her so many times by Valus that since her powers are stil developing they adapted to add this spell to themselves and made it permanently happen for her and this in turn allows Rynn to defy gravity by causing her center of gravity to always be underneath her feet meaning she can scale walls and stand on slanted surfaces and such but cannot float in the air. This ability is kept in all her forms as it is part of her rather than part of a form of power.

Second Stage -

Name: Abilities SP
Effect: She retains the use of her Blood Manipulation, and Red Pin. They do not change from previous forms.

Name: Bloody Backlash
Effect: Blood Charge Usage: 2 | She redirects the force of any one attack back at the user for full strength. This ability does not keep her from moving backwards or sideways due to the force of the attack she redirected. This ability does not work on final abilities. (Overcharging this ability can bounce the attack back with 50% of Rynn's strength added to the strength of the original attack)

Name: Vampiric Demeanor
Effect: Blood Charge Usage:  3 and forcibly consumes all the rest if applicable | This ability cannot be overcharged. This ability is accessible in any form of power she is in. This ability pumps her blood with enhanced spiritual energy and allows her to Vampiric levels of the body. This state can last four posts and due to Blood Charge being necessary this ability has a three post CD. In this state she is almost like a Vampire having enhanced senses, speed, strength, high levels of endurance and even regeneration which she uses her conjured blood to enable.

Name: Not Yet Known

Hyper Mode -

Name: Abilities EX
Effect: She retains the use of her Blood Manipulation, Bloody Backlash, and Vampiric Demeanor. They do not change from the previous forms.

Name: Dance of Blood
Effect: Blood Charge Usage: 3 | She creates ten copies of herself around her target(s) and each copy does a random series of five slashes at the target(s) with two blood swords. Each successful attack causes Blood Plague which does not stack and cannot be refreshed. Blood Plague causes a bala's worth of damage of festering wounds each post for three posts from each wound inflicted. This ability cannot be overcharged and each clone can withstand up to two hits. (Though they disappear right after they try to attack so.....)

Name: Not Yet Known

Name: Not Yet Known

Spell List:

Each spell, except Dark and Light, has no CD and has a power equal to a level 40 Hadou
Spells can be boosted by ten levels per Blood Charge used to Over Charge them. This does not apply to Dark and maxes at level 90 (5 Blood Charges)
Overcharged spells gain a CD equal to the Hadou level they are increased to. So a level 90 overcharged spell would have a 5 post CD.
Dark and Light had a one post CD and have the same power as a level 40 Bakudo.
These spells are accessible regardless of what stage she is in and she can only cast two per post in primary, three in second stage, and four in hyper mode.

Spell Blade - Zanlou is able to house one spell at a time inside of himself, during this time Rynn's overall spell casting number is reduced by one. The spell is held within the blade granting the weapon benefits of the spell for one post. A spell housed in this manner cannot be overcharged before or during it's encasement inside the blade of Zanlou. Dark and Light cannot be used with this ability.

Bolt - she scatters a dozen small bolts of lightning in a wide ranged attack infront of her.
Flame - She calls forth a fireball and launches it at one target where it procedes to explode for 15 feet.
Icicle - She drops a condensed icicle ontop of one target.
Aera - She hurls a vaccuum wave at one target trying to cut them as if with a sword.
Dark - She attempts to blind her target's sense of sight and cut off their ability to detect energy for one post.
Light - Several rods of light try to bind the target in place by immobilizing them, much like a weaker version of the Bakudo spell that does the same thing.

Background Information


Childhood - Tragic is a word to easily describe this girls childhood. At age three she was abandoned and left alone in the world due to her having devoloped powers and freaking out her own parents neither of whom had powers nor had a history of anyone in the family having abilities. She was already able to speak somewhat at this age and even walk as it seemed she was moderately intelligent as far as young children go at that almost infant age period. She wandered around alone for a few days before being picked up by the Coalition on a routine patrol as she was seen killing a wild rabbit for, what seemed like, food. She didn't know to cook it or how to she just recognized it as food somehow and killed it using her powers.. but that patrol was slain before they could deliver her to their headquarters in Rome which was the nearest main office to where they found the girl by a Vampire who went by the name of Valus, which he gave to himself as his introduction to the patrol officers before slaying them, and is the only reason his name is even known at all as he never mentioned it again for the entire time he "took" the child with unusual 'Blood" Abilities under his wing and raised on his own ideals. Which were simple, stupid, arrogant, and vicious. If you're strong you live. If you're weak you die. He repeated these words to her as a Litany for the rest of the time he had her in his "possession". This caused her to be emotionally stunted. Leaving her all of the positive, or semi-positive from certain perspectives, emotions like joy and confidence, caring, and passion but removing such emotions like Anger, Doubt, Fear, Jealousy, Hatred. This made her even more dangerous as a weapon because it made it impossible for people to guess what she was going to do next in combat situations.

From the age of three to the age of twelve she was trained and used by Valus as both a weapon and a source of blood he didn't have to kill for, as she could summon up any type of blood he required using her abilities, and as caretaker of his resting place when he hid for the daylight time's. Due to this unusual nocturnal schedule Rynn became Nocturnal herself and started to sleep during the day instead of at night though unlike her "Master" she enjoyed the sun against her skin and would often sneak about to have that occur. This was the only luxury she was ever afforded however as he raged at anything else she tried to do. She was after all human. She had basic knowledge and wants society as gained from the media she was forced to watch to keep Valus updated of the day's activities when he woke in the night. This continued until said age of twelve when Valus, unusually hungry, attacked her for her personal blood instead of that crafted by her powers having slowly been driven nuts temporarily having fed on nothing but conjured blood for the last nine years. Something inside of her snapped and she defended herself against the Vampire using the very training he had put her through in order to forge her into a weapon for himself. She was not able to kill the beast but she was able to wound Valus greatly enough to force him to flee and leave her alone. But the damage to her had already been done and she was aware of what that meant. She was a weapon and being useful to someone was about the closest to happiness she was going to manage. She needed to find someone or something that wouldn't eventually turn on her like Valus did. Like her parents did before him.

Teen Years - She spent three years alone wandering around the western half of continent and eventually wandering into Rome once again at the age of fifteen where she re-met some of the Coalition's officer's, they being recognized by their standard uniforms moreso than her having met them before as they hadn't. During this time her powers had tripled in strength as even though she had been betrayed by Valus he was still the only part of her memory she had and as such had continued the daily training and most of the usual routines that he had essentially programmed her to do on a regular basis. She had more and more human contact during this time however and was slowly but surely becoming "human" instead of a "weapon" though she still remained vigilant about the one thing Valus repeatedly said to her during all of the time he spent with her. If you're strong you live and if you're weak you die. She still believed that as wherever she went and whoever she talked to she saw the weak being either oppressed or killed rarely being left to their own devices and even when they were they remained poor and rather helpless. While the strong ruled and thrived anywhere they seemed to be. It was during her travels at this stage in her life she ran into her first solo encounter hollow as well, as Valus had never allowed her to stray far enough from him to have allowed her to fight one on her own, slaughtering it only because it attacked her and then encountering her first Shinigami who had been tailing the thing getting ready to take it out. This shinigami seemed rather friendly and talkative because he didn't bother to hide the fact that he WAS a shinigami and he even thanked her for taking care of the hollow. She asked what a hollow was and why it even attacked her and he gladly explained both. He said that level of hollow was no better than a beast and would have attacked anyone. She just happened to be the closest target when it got hungry.

She categorized this monster in the same class as Valus when being told that and decided she needed to find and permanently destroy him since despite all of his years trying things a good way he still ended up trying to kill HER of all people. Thus began her year long quest to even find the man as he had vanished without a single trace ever since the battle they had had years prior to now. It was during this time that she found, more by it's loud mouth ways than coincidence, the weapon known as Zanlou which she uses regularly now as it seems to be a sentient blade capable of extreme combat endurance much better than the vampiric weapons she was used to. When she heard the weapons story about his curse she decided to help him in exchange for allowing her to wield him in battle against Valus. The weapon, being moderately intelligent, asked if she had already asked other vampires after listening to her own story and she had said no. So he suggested to her that she start there and she did however even other vampires who Valus had dealings with, but did not let Rynn talk to, had no idea where he was when she tortured them for information. She learned of werewolves from one of these torturing sessions however and how they could possibly help her find and kill Valus. So she began to look for them instead. Which was much easier to do it seemed because they had an entire Library of Magic under their jurisdiction. She located the library and entered only to find Valus heading her way having not detected her scent yet due to all the other people in the library. She grinned, took out her weapon, and was stopped by a werewolf who happened to see what she was about to do. Warning her that any fighting done in the library is taken to the utmost of the Law. She wasn't a stupid girl and knew that meant they would interfere if she tried to kill him now.

So she waited and silently stalked him, hiding the scent of her blood from him using her abilities until he was alone at a graveyard looking like he was about to sleep for the night. It seemed the werewolves were interested in the fight because they stalked the stalker to make sure nothing got out of hand.. unknown to her anyways. She sprung into action just as he knelt down into what would be his bed and after several hours of intense combat it seemed victory was within her grasp. She lifted her weapon up to deliver the final strike, or what she thought would be the last strike, as she went to plunge the weapon into his torso, not knowing that she needed to pierce the heart and decapitate him the werewolves, having no love for any vampire and having only tolerated Valus because he was polite during his visits to the Library, purposely used a simple spell to redirect the weapon to aim true at his heart and controlled her arm long enough for her to decapitate him. Leaving his quickly decaying corpse in the grave he had dug up to hide himself in she buried him and left him there as his final resting place. She had no idea the wolves had helped as they had left before she could detect their presence, though she did suspect something had gotten involved because of her arm moving on it's own. But now she had her revenge, though she didn't label it as such since she just wanted to rid the world of another monster, and once again found herself without a purpose. She went back to the library and figured that reading could at the very least pass time enough til she figured out what to do.. so she asked the wolves if she could stay for a while.

Present - She studied with the wolves in their magical fortress of a Library, at her request and their gracious acceptance, for another year before leaving into the world. Between her media learning about the state of the world, her own kindness still being intact as an emotion, and the extra training of the magical library being for mostly offense, she decided to go find an organization and attempt to join their ranks doing somthing useful as the trained weapon she still was...even if she was now more humane about it than being a robotic killing machine like Valus wanted.

Rynn Rena%20Sig_zpswiu6wnpm
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Approved (pending second opinion). Tier 2-1

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Anything I seen wrong has been fixed so Approved.

Praise the Sun!


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