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 It's a Trap!

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PostSubject: Re: It's a Trap!   Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:54 am

She frowned at his flaws. "Your so flaweddd. I really wish you'd change sides so i can improve on you. Serion scientists know nothing! Gah." She said, all sorts of dramatic. She was thinking of all sorts of ways to improve his heat management. Not that it even mattered. He wouldn't turn. Which was fine. "Farewell for now, Yuma. Stay out of trouble." She said with a wave.

Gaige waited a few moments before disengaging her power. She managed to make it down the hall into the staff room, where she flopped onto one of the sofas, covered in blood, scratches and bruises. Her shoulder was going to take a while to heal. She should just cut off that arm. Gaige sent the signal for the recovery team before falling asleep on the sofa.


One day later.

Gaige woke up in her bed. She didn't know how she'd gotten there, probably Vyn eventually showed up and brought her home. Her shoulder was bandaged. She hadn't realised just how tired she'd been fighting that kid. Must have been all that adrenaline. Maybe he would have won if they'd drawn out any longer. Didn't matter. She had been worried about killing him at that point. She headed down stairs, shoulder still a little tender and sat in her chair. She dailed kai and waited for his answer.

"Well, he's dealt with. There was no chance of me catching him, and you didn't pay me to kill. But I drove him off as promised. He's a tough little bot. I'll give a full copy of my battle analysis on him. You might find it useful." She told him everything else that was relevent, not what they'd talked about, but told him the limit of the little serions power. That he'd over heat if he pushed it to hard. She didn't really care if he was annoyed at her letting him leave. She was a mercenary, not an officer in the coalition. She didn't mind doing work for him, but she would never change how she felt about the coalition.

"Well, if there is nothing else, I think i'm going to go back to bed for a while. Or eat. A steak. Or two. I'm really hungry... "

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Jun Tomoshibi
Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Re: It's a Trap!   Sat Feb 27, 2016 3:29 pm

Kai rose an eyebrow and brought up the contract, with the conditions highlighted. "On the contrary, I did pay you to kill him. I just preferred capture, but also stated a forced retreat would also be acceptable. And that you were to use your best judgment. I'll just assume it was best you let him go due to your own personal safety, so no complaints. Anyways, that would be much appreciated. Go eat something nice. You've earned it. You'll receive the rest of your payment within a day or two. If you haven't by then, contact me and I'll harass our accounting department." With that and a nod of appreciation, he ended the call.

The man hoped she wouldn't try to contradict what her contract says again...that becomes telling of a mercenary. Unless there was a loophole. And he didn't allow for one unless you count that "best judgment" clause. In cases like this, it was best to give them as much flexibility as possible. But alas, the extra data would be good should he come back again. And he would...the war with the Serion was just beginning after all.

~Thread End~

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It's a Trap!
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