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 Vino Giovanni W.I.P

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PostSubject: Vino Giovanni W.I.P   Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:13 pm

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Vino Giovanni
Age: 17
True Age: 23
Sex: Male

Vino is an extremely paranoid individual. He was born a sociopath, incapable of feeling compassion for other people and as such, only sees himself as priority, anything that benefits him is good, anything that endangers, hurts or scares him is bad. Being raised by an abusive father didn't help either, only making his antipathy for other people stronger. This caused him to fear other people, believing that if even his own father could hurt him, then it's logical to believe any old stranger could as well.

This is magnified by his psychosis which he developed later in life. Constantly hearing voices talking to him, telling him to not care about others, hurt others, steal, even kill and all while whispering praise in his ears, telling him how wonderful, intelligent, and pure he is. Being too paranoid to talk to anyone about this, he just listens to these voices, which convinced him that his life is simply a simulation created by demons who want to torment him and that the voices in his head were his guardian angels who were going to watch over him and help him. Due to this, he believes all other people are out to get him and could care less if they are in danger or die.

His psychosis doesn't just cause audio hallucinations but visual hallucinations as well. He sees human, animal and mythological faces appear on everyday things from brick walls to cars to even the ground itself. The faces he sees supposedly belong to the voices he hears and they talk to him at times.

On top of his total lack of empathy, he is also a huge narcissist due to the praise the voices in his head tell him. He believes he is not only the most important but the only important person in the world since it's all just a simulation to him. As such, he puts his happiness and safety first. He enjoys the finer things in life, expensive food(especially steak but very picky, not trusting the cooks so he mostly cooks things himself and only with ingredients he's sure are safe), fashion(Quite fond of the color purple), cartoons and movies(Comedies, action and sci-fi especially).

While he does fear other people and can't function in society very well because of it, he has a clear fear of death as well. The voices make it clear that if he ever dies, it would be him waking up in hell where his "friends" wouldn't be able to protect him. Thus, he is extremely careful about everything he does, making sure not to get too close to people and when he needs to, has a weapon on him and has his "friends" on constant alert. He is also on a constant search for more and more power so he can use it to keep himself safe, willing to sacrifice anyone to get it.

Vino is extremely emotionally unstable, having a lot of anger issues towards anything that may be getting in the way of his happiness or safety. He will lash out at people just for stepping in front of him and delaying his walk, simply because he feels any displeasure is caused by the demons. His hatred and fear of demons also makes him have an immediate negative response to anything that looks remotely like a demon, including Hollows or Arrancar.

Likes: Himself, Safety, His "Friends", Expensive Food, Fashion, Cartoons/Movies
Fears: Other People, Dying, Demons

Character Appearance

Height: 5'4
Weight: 100lbs
Physical Traits:



Fighting Style

General Fighting Style:
Sadly Vino is very lacking in physical strength. His paranoia lets him be very aware that he is not the tallest or strongest man alive. To counteract this, he spent a lot of time learning how to use guns and knives and practiced the basics and techniques constantly until he felt he'd be able to protect himself. He also spend a lot of time studying strategy, human psychology and biology to determine what the best ways to approach certain situations are and reading his opponents to perhaps get a feel for what they will do and can pick up on others techniques fast. He is experienced in balancing multiple thoughts in his head at one time and takes advantage of it to the best of his abilities. One of his best qualities comes from his paranoia, he is always on edge and as such, always ready for anyone to attack him so he is rarely ever caught off guard unless someone is using a cloaking power of some sort or attacking from a distance.

Strengths: Intelligence, Gun/Knife Skill, Always Prepared
Weaknesses: Strength, Speed, Endurance

Primary Stage

Ability Name: Paranoid Eyes
Passive Ability which manifests itself in faces that form on anything physical such as cars, blenders and even the ground/walls. However, they cannot form on sentient lifeforms such as humans or other animals. These faces can inform Vino of incoming/possible dangers or just letting him know things they feel he'll be interested in. The voices speak to Vino in his mind, meaning their words are directly communicated clearly no matter the distance they are from him These faces can only be seen and heard by Vino until "Louder Than Words" is activated.

The range these faces can see or hear is equal to your average human and they can spawn anywhere within 50 meters of him. If they are accidentally destroyed, they can always reform elsewhere and there can be as many as 10 around him at one time.

Ability Name: Louder Than Words
Activated when Vino asks the faces/voices for help. He does not need to call out to them but merely think it and they will know. Once activated, the faces will begin to form into fierce beasts that vary in shapes such as winged griffins, humanoid golems, giant birds, ect... They form by consuming their surrounding area, meaning they will always be made of whatever materials they absorb, whether it be a car, a brick wall or dirt. Even if they are made up of harder solid objects, they can still move freely like any wild animal and are capable of flight if they have wings. They will then act independently from Vino with the sole purpose of destroying any threats to his life or well being but can be ordered by him to do other tasks such as grab or carry something.

They must be within 200 meters of Vino at all times and are incapable of leaving that range. Should they get to the 200 meter mark, they'll hit an invisible wall that would push them back into the range. There can be 10 of them at one time(One for each face) and if one is destroyed, it can reform in 2 posts elsewhere. They are coated in Vino's spiritual energy, giving them a defense similar to an arrancars hierro based off Vino's tier.

Ability Name: Have a Cigar
Each of the beasts/golems/ect that Vino created have a condensed spiritual core inside them that acts as their heart. Should Vino command it, he can have the core of these beasts detonate, exploding with a radius of 20 meters and the power of a cero. However if a beast dies this way, instead of returning after 2 posts, it takes 4 posts for them to reform due to requiring more time to build up spiritual energy from Vino.

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Final Stage

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]



Weapon / Item(s) / Whatever it is on you:
Powers: (note, these can be different to all your other powers.)

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]


Hyper Mode

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]


Back Drop

Background: [Your character's history]
Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]
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Vino Giovanni W.I.P
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