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PostSubject: Bella Pennywell   Bella Pennywell EmptySun Mar 06, 2016 1:32 am

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Bella Pennywell 2015-010

Name: Tia Bella Pennywell
Age: 16
True Age: 19
Sex: Female
Personality: Tia Bella Pennywell is a happy girl who, despite having access to a torrent of spiritual power, doesn’t like to fight. She is naive and sheltered, and oblivious to most things like jokes. She has a tendency to take things literally, is confused easily, and is generally considered to be slow, or a moron. She is actually incredibly intelligent, but because of a sheltered life she hasn’t the best social skills. She prefers to be called Bella and will introduce herself only as Bella.

Though she never lets that hold her back. She is an extrovert by nature and loves to meet new people, even if sometimes she’s seen as annoying or weird. She usually doesn’t even pick up on that, but even if its said to her face, she won't  be offended. She does understand if someone doesn’t like her or wants to be left alone but only if they’re very clear on the matter.

However the patient person will find that Bella is a kind, compassionate girl who cares greatly for her friends. An oddball maybe, but she will quickly jump to someone’s defense against anyone who intends to cause harm to her friends or innocent people. She might also lack  the will to fight, even fear fighting, but she has the skills to make up for that, once she really gets going.

While Bella is not a coward, she is afraid of fighting because as a consequence of her power, she killed her mother as a child. Though that is the story her father told her since she doesn’t actually remember. He insisted she be careful with her power from then on. Because of this, she is always careful not to go to hard or use her full potential and has placed a mental barrier on her power. However hurting her friends is one way to make her angry enough to go all out.

Likes: people, friendship, being herself.
Fears: Fighting(Power Barrier), seeing her friends die, dying herself, or failing to act which results in the death of others.

Character Appearance

Bella Pennywell Tumblr10

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 102lbs
Physical Traits:  Bella is petite, with a slim body and small chest. She has green eyes and orange blonde hair, which she usually wears curled up but also has it straight sometimes too.

Clothing: Bella wears a white blouse with long sleeves that are loose at the wrist, under a green dungaree dress. She has black leg sleeves that are loose around the ankle and cover her black shoes. Her clothing is accented with green strips around her waist and down her legs, as well as green highlights on the hem of her dress. Finally, she wears a black collar with green strippes on it.


Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: When she fights, its generally unwillingly and tepidly. She is careful with her power, afraid to overwhelm and hurt her opponents. Her fear of fighting really holds her back, and holds back what she can do. She is able to fight effectively and with skill. She has a great mind, and an excellent understanding of her powers, which allows her to utilise those powers inventively.

She relies on keeping people at range since she is not a close quarters fighter. She is afraid of fighting, terrified of hurting or killing someone by mistake, and cant use final form or nova mode. If she’s broken out of that fear she can do so, but will still hesitate to use hyper mode, to the point that she only uses it if things are really dire.

Spiritual Energy: Bella has a massive amount of spiritual energy, pushing the limits for her tier.
Spiritual Control: Her spiritual control is exceptional and she is capable of manipulating it in magical ways thanks to that control, and the way her advent powers work.

Strength: She has pathetic physical strength. She is probably without a doubt the physically weakest character her tier.
Power Barrier: Her higher stages are locked unless her power barrier is broken in a fight.


Power Barrier: Bella is afraid to fight out of fear of hurting or killing her opponent, and as long as that fear holds, she is unable to enter final stage or hyper mode. This is because she is unconsciously blocking her powers and, while she can still use most of her magic, and her primary stage she cannot access her higher stages or  magic that relies on those stages. The only way to break this is for her to come close to experiencing a different fear. As soon as a friend's life is threatened, or her own life, or she is going to fail or do the wrong thing by not fighting, the barrier on her power vanishes and she is able to fight at full capacity. When this happens, it also nullifies her fear of fighting and activates her second quirk. This can be broken in non life threatening conflicts if someone uses an illusion ability that attacks her with her fears.

Focused Mind: When Focused mind is activated Bella is not only able to fight at full capacity, she gains a 50% resistance to illusions and fear attacks, and her focus is incredibly hard to break. She barely needs to concentrate on her more powerful spells, compared to normal. Her fear of fighting is nullified, though her other fears can still affect her, they are reduced.

Primary Stage

Ability Name: magic I
Description: Bella can cast magic using spiritual energy. Her magic is a manifestation of her spiritual power and control and she is not a mage in the same sense as Kai, Alistair or Yuri are mages. As such, her magic can be mimicked by mimicking abilities, but only certain magic can be tought to others. Bella can use all Magic with the tag Magic I,

Ability Name: Shield I
Description: Bella is able to activate a shield that constantly surrounds her in battle. It is a 6ft sphere of energy that encases her. It is slightly visible. While active, her shield can block up to ten bala powered attacks or one cero powered attack per post, before being breachable. This does not block physical things in its normal form. However Penny is capable of applying additional spells to her shield. These spells are tagged Shield I. Just to note, if an attack breaks through her shield there isn’t much she can do to avoid it at that point, and at the very least she’s taking a glancing blow.

Ability Name: sword control I
Bella Pennywell Pbbfrl10
Description: Bella can create up to two swords (as seen in picture above) she is capable of controlling telepathically in a range of 30ft of herself. Both blades are as strong as Zanpakuto steel and are physical manifestations of her power. She is mentally aware of swords location at all times. Each sword is 3ft long and has a handle and a single edge. They are black with a green line. She can make them vanish at will independently, meaning someone can't just grab her swords. However they always reappear just outside her shield, (cannot reform inside of someone next to her) so she can't make them vanish and reappear elsewhere to attack someone from behind suddenly, or use this to slip through someone’s guard.. She can use them as focal points for spells, and also enchant them using spells with the tag Sword Control I.

Ability Name: Levitation
Description: Bella can Levitate at will, moving in any direction with a 10% speed boost over her normal speed. This is not like air walking, because she does not physically need to move her body, nor is it like flying because she does not fall if she’s not moving.

Final Stage

Ability Name: Magic II
Description: Bella gains access to magic with the magic II tag, and all magic with the magic I tag gains a 25% damage boost, to magic that deals damage. This is an addition to magic I.

Ability Name: Shield II
Description:  Her shield grants her a thin inner shield that forms close around her body and moves with it. This coating of energy  acts as a average hierro. This only affects physical things. This is an addition to shield I.

Ability Name: Sword Control II
Description: Bella gains the ability to manipulate up to 4 swords at once. She can use magic with the sword Control II tag, and has greater control over her weapons, allowing them to move faster and resist external forces better, meaning their harder to knock around and out of the way. They also have an increased maximum range of 40ft.  She is also able to connect herself to her blades with a string of spiritual energy and use it to anchor hers in place, or pull herself out of the way of an attack. This is in addition to sword control I.

Ability Name: Dash Levitation
Description: Dash Levitation allows Bella to move using a blur like effect only when levitating. She cannot use this on the ground, and since she can’t use blur she cannot use it in place of Dash Levitation. It also improves on her levitation, making her harder to knock around with powerful attacks.

Boosts: Spiritual energy x3, speed stamina x2,

Hyper Mode

Ability Name: Magic III
Description: Bella gains access to her final ability, and magic with the Magic III tag. This is in addition to Magic I and II.

Ability Name:Shield III
Description: The defensive effects of shield I is doubled, allowing her to block up to 20 bala powered attacks or 2 cero powered attacks per post. The Hierro like effect shield II adds is improved from average to strong. She gains Access to Magic with Shield III tags. This is in addition to Shield I and II.

Ability Name: Sword control III
Description: The final iteration of sword control gives Bella up to 6 of her swords and access to spells with the Sword control III tag, with a maximum of 50ft range. This is in addition to sword control I and II.

Boosts: spiritual energy x4, speed stamina x3, strength and durability x2


Ability Name: Mana Bolt (Magic I)
Description: A very weak bala powered blue bolt of energy is fired from her hands or the tips of her swords. She can fire mana bolt from any focal point simultaneously, and quite rapidly too.

Ability Name: Basic Healing (Magic I)
Description: Bella can creates a small area that heals those within it. up to four people can fit in the area, and are healed as if with above average high speed regen. While there is no duration, Bella must be in the area. She cannot fight while doing this. It takes approximately 5 posts to restore very serious/life threatening wounds or regrow full limbs, so the less severe, the faster wounds heal. This does not restore a target's stamina or spiritual energy..

Ability Name: Volt (Magic I)
Description: A bolt of lighting is shot from her hands or one of her swords. It has a range of 100ft and is strong as a cero, with the speed of a bala. 1 per post.

Ability Name: Telekenisis (Magic I)
Description: Bella can move objects with her mind. She can do things such as pick up and throw rocks, move a large body of water, propel air forward, deflect bullets (though the caliber, speed or type can effect how well this works. Shotguns would be difficult for example, because of all the pellets), use a tree as a giant spear, and much more. Energy guns wouldn't be affected.  She can move up to 1 ton of materials, with enough force that she could rip up a chunk of earth, or tear apart a tank. This is an activated skill and can be used for one post with a 2 post cooldown after. 300ft range.

Ability Name: Mega Ball (Magic I)
Description: Bella fires a powerful  2ft wide black ball of energy from her hands that hits with the power of a gran rey cero. 300ft range. It has a 3 post cooldown. Works with Split.

Ability Name: Fire Barrage (magic I)
Description: Bella creates 6 fireballs the power of a cero each in front of her, firing them forward in a bombardment style attack. The balls have a range of 200ft and travel at the speed of a cero. 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Elemental Well (Magic II)
Description: Bella creates a ball of energy capable of sucking in an energy or elemental attack up to the power of a gran rey cero, and fire it back in as a beam at the same power. It works with split. the attack has a 300ft range and a 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: flame Strike (Magic II)
Description: A tall column of fire rapidly forms on one of her swords locations and smashes down on a target, with a blast range of 30ft around the 12ft wide column that goes off on impact with the ground.. it does a cero oscuras worth of damage. Flame strike is 50% fire and 50% Raw Holy Energy. Can be used with split. 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Elemental Mana bolt (Magic II)
Description: When active, Mana bolt does 50% energy and 50% elemental damage. It can be given a fire, cold, or lightning elemental enhancement. Mana Bolt acts the exact same and does the same damage, except it is now on fire, slightly frozen or crackling with lightning and deals energy and elemental damage at once. Bella can switch this once a post or return it to normal.

Ability Name: Soothing Light (Magic II)
Description: Bella sends out a soothing white light from her hands at one target, and it instantly seals a serious wound or regrows a missing limb, while granting them regeneration for 2 posts. Unlike advanced Healing she can then  keep  fighing. 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Psy Spear (Magic III)
Description: Bella forms a spear of Psionic Energy infront of her and launches it at a target. It hits with an initial cero powered blast, then collapses in on itself, sucking in all objects in a 50ft area, before exploding with the force of a gran rey cero in a 30ft area, sending out anything it sucked in as shrapnel.. It’s pull can be resisted depending on how strong a person is and also how much they weigh. Someone over 150lbs could resist, but if they have strength as a strength they could walk out of it fine. Even Bella isn’t safe from its pull if she’s too close to it. 5 posts.

Ability Name: Hyper Bolt (Magic III)
Description: Bella fires a cero oscuras powered bolt of energy from her hands or one of her swords. The bolt is about a foot wide, moves with half the speed of a bala, making it quite dangerous, and has a range of 100yds. 6 post cooldown. Can be split.

Ability Name: Split (Sword Control I)
Description: Split allows bella to split powerful attacks like Mega Ball or Flame strike between two or more of her swords. If she split mega ball between two swords, Mega ball would fire from both swords, but each ball of energy would only do half the normal damage. If she split it between three of her swords, each would do one third of mega ball’s damage, and so on. Not only damage is divided, but also the range, and size of the attack, and if it has an explosive range, that is divided too. Split gets half the cooldown of the attack it’s chained with.

Ability Name: Switch Out (Sword Control I)
Description: Bella can switch places with one of her swords by teleporting. She teleports to its exact location, and it appears where she was. She can use this on any of her active swords at the time, however she can only do it once every 2 posts. If she is grabbed and uses this, the person doesn't come with her, but they also dont end up holding a sword, or run through, as it appears a few feet away from them.

Ability Name: Combine (Sword Control II)
Description: Bella can merge up to 3 of her swords to make a bigger, heavier version. If she merges 2, she can make a 5ft long version of the base blade, and if she merges 3 it becomes 8 foot long. She can do this in any combination. In final form she can make two 5ft blades, or one 8ft blade in hyper mode she could make  two 8ft blades if she wanted to, or three 5ft blades and so on. While there is no limit to how long this lasts, they are slower based on size,  but can hit much harder.

Ability Name: Divide (sword Control III)
Description:  As well as combining blades, bella can now split them into two. Splitting a blade into two makes them into 1ft long dagger versions of the sword. She could split all 6, making 12 daggers that move at the same speed as her swords. However when she does this she also decreases her reach with the ones Divided by 30ft.

Ability Name: Link (Shield I)
Description: Bella can link Shield spells, allowing them to work in tandem. Normally she can only use one shield Spell per post. This allows her to do things like link Deflect and Expand to create a larger protective area, or link Iron Guard and Repulse to create a much more powerful protection around herself. Link gets half the cooldown of the two spells linked, rounded up, so linking protect and repulse results in link having a 6 post cooldown. The linked shield spells are also on cooldown.

Ability Name: Deflect (Shield I)
Description: Blocks all ranged attacks weaker than a half a cero for one post, including bullets and other physical ranged attacks. Anything stronger will go through. 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Expand (shield I)
Description:  Bella’s shield expands outwards and is capable of covering 3 other people. Bella must link this with deflect or another shield spell, or it will only grant her shield’s passive protections. Using this cancels the hierro like effect on Shield II upwards, and she cant move. 1 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Protect (shield I)
Description:  Protect thickens the shield around bella, stopping one gran rey cero powered attack or lower, down to a cero, dispersing it harmlessly. anything lower than a cero won’t waste protect’s charge. It lasts for 2 posts and is gone as soon as it blocks anything stronger than a cero, It has a 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Iron Guard (Shield II)
Description: Iron Guard blocks a single attack up to a cero oscuros in power, but no weaker than a cero. If she links it with protect, it increases protects protection from 1 gran rey to a cero oscuros for the 2 posts. otherwise it only lasts the post she uses it in, with a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Restorative Shield (Shield II)
Description: This shield heals Bella over time exactly like her basic healing effect, however she can continue to fight while using it. It lasts for 5 posts with a 3 post cooldown. It can be used with link, but counts as a shield while its active, meaning it counts as her one shield per post for the 5 posts.

Ability Name: Repulse (Shield III)
Description: Bella blasts her shield outwards 20ft in all directions and it repulses all incoming non physical attacks at the time, sending them  away from her. Attacks stronger than Gran rey cero will not be turned away, unless she linked it with Iron guard, and then it would turn away up to a cero oscuros. Won’t repel finals regardless of what she links it with.. 7 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Mega Buster (Final Ability)
Description: Bella arrays her swords in a circle with the handles facing in, to a central point and the tips facing out, and spins  them rapidly. The blades turn in, gathering a large amount of power in the centre of the vortex of spinning blades, and when the blades are lined up parallel with each other, that energy is released in a green explosive messy blast of energy. The blast travels forward at the speed of a cero for 100ft, in a widening cone that starts at 5ft wide and expands to 50ft wide as it travels. Think of a massive shotgun blast. Except instead of bullets. Its a widening cone of green pain and fear. Alternatively she can charge it for one post, to double the range to 200ft, and it expands to 100ft starting at 10ft wide. It does 2 cero oscuras worth of damage to anything caught in its path, and is a final ability, so it can only be used once and  she will be exhausted after using it.

Back Drop


Tia Bella was born in england, to lord and lady pennywell, a prestigious and wealthy family. From the day she was born, she was powerful in spiritual  energy, like her mother had been. Her parents seen great potential in her, and so from a young age she was taught about her powers. When she was eleven, she was entered into a school for spiritually gifted children and learned to control  and manifest her powers early on. From then, she learned almost everything she possibly could about them.

But Bella was seen as a strange and peculiar girl and most of the other children excluded her. They were jealous of her power and found ways to make her miserable despite her easily being stronger than most of them combined. She never rubbed in her face, but regardless the bullying and exclusion went on to the point that most people wouldn’t talk to her.

The one friend she made stuck by for all of a month, until Gene, the leader of the group of kids bullying her, attacked and injured him, and scared him away from being her friend, leaving her alone again. About a year later, the bullying got much worse and the kids started ambushing and attacking her. She never fought back out of worry for harming them.

This continued until her mother found out and was going to pull her from the school, but despite the bullying, Bella loved the school. The teachers were nice to her and she was learning so much about her powers and didn’t want to leave. So instead she challenged the ring leader to a formal duel. She beat him, not with shear force, but using wit and skill too.

That ended her troubles quickly, and people started leaving her alone. Some even  tried being her friends. Two years later though, Gene finally apologized for all the trouble he’d caused her. Being the person she was, she forgave him and they became surprisingly good friends. She let it go eventually, though she was a little skeptical of him at first she slowly realized he really was being genuine.

As they got older, their friendship developed into more. When they left school at 18, they stuck together and Gene started working for the coalition’s London branch. When the serion invaded, Bella joined too. And then Gene was killed in an attack on London led by the Serion, but Bella didn’t have time to even grieve. Because Amarius walked into their house, and after a fierce battle with her mother, he killed Bella's parents and captured her alive.

Amarius tore her memories apart, starting with her earliest memories of her mother. He made it so she believed she killed her mother at the age of five, and that he was her only parent her entire life. He removed any memories of her mother, and replaced them with either her father or the maid. He left her memories of Gene, but made them distant just so she wouldn’t be all mopey.

After the attack on London her father decided to move them to New York, where he sent her to join the coalition, for her mother. Bella agreed, having finally gotten over her old life and was ready move on. She was happy for the chance to make new friends and went willingly.

Side Notes: Notes On Learning Her magic: only her magic tagged with Magic I & II & III can be taught to others, since magic with the shield or sword tags are governed by those parts of her powers, and she cannot teach them to others. Magic I can be used in all stages, magic II is accessible in second stages equivalent to Final form/bankai up, and Magic III can only be used in Hyper Mode/Toukai and so on.

Additionally, people must master at least 2 spells from Magic I to learn spells from magic II, and spiritual control is a must. Serion, people with no spiritual power, and people with range as a weakness cannot learn her magic.

Notes On Amarius: She has been Brainwashed by Amarius, who uses her as a coalition spy who isn’t aware that she’s being used to spy.. She isn’t aware of this, nor is it detectable, and she acts much the same as she always had except for the side effect of her power barrier, which Amarius hadn’t anticipated.  Amarius is her “Father” in this scenario, and he killed both her parents and wiped that part of her memory. As far as she knows, her mother died when she was 5 in an accident she caused with her powers. Most of her memories are intact, but any memories of her mother are replaced, and she thinks those memories are of her maid, who Amarius has turned into a husk of a person. He has also taken the image of her father.

The level of his control over her is much greater than just manipulating her, and he has plans to farther his goals using her. When activated he can take control of her like the other members of her household and make her fight anyone he wants. Cause he’s an evil dick. That's just what they do. This will only happen in an Event thread, when he makes his grand return. Cause he’s not done with his scheming yet.

RP Sample:

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Bella Pennywell   Bella Pennywell EmptySun Mar 06, 2016 4:53 pm

Denied based on our opposition to Racism. Approved based on everything else. Tier = 2-2

Approve Beam! HAH!

Bella Pennywell Super_10

Character Roster with links to Apps
Gráinne Xios (Black) 0 Shinigami (Neroamee)
Kaytlyn Kal'Dior 1-1 Valarion
Laura Fisher (Red) 1-2 Human
Olivia 'Liv' Firestorm (Yellow) 1-3 Arrancar
Clara Firestorm 1-1 Vizard
Elsa Arendelle 1-1 Human
Tadatomo Fukushima (Experiment 13) 1-2 Human
Zachary Gillam 2-1 Human
Isabella Solaris 1-2 Sinner (Solaire)
Krosis 1-1(2-1) Serion
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Secondus approvalness...uss...whatever.

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Bella Pennywell
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