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 Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum [Rena]

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PostSubject: Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum [Rena]   Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:50 pm

Watching the expanse unfold before its mechanical and organic eyes Oran witnesses the city of San Diego California as the creature moves from its portal. The rainbow colored vortex closing behind it as it steps onto the air. Standing about one thousand feet above the nearest building. The white armored creature stepping down from the sky as it's energy signature fluctuated to and fro as it descended to the busy streets where humans roamed in their vehicles.

As Oran's white plated foot touched concrete the citizens began to scatter away from the being, not wanting to be anywhere near something they knew nothing of, especially in a day and age with hollows lurking about. As the monk-like being walked through the streets of downtown Sand Diego it looked into the windows of the many shops where frightened humans seemed to run into. With a shrug Oran called out for its companions to come out and play. "T-torm, prot-totositee..." Oran spoke in its static voice as an organic mouth and eyes seemed to appear across Oran's right shoulder which began to look around and speak. "Yes yes! Oran! Ohhhh... what do we have here! Shops... food... yum yum!" Torm laughed loudly as it looked around more, the eyes and mouth moving across Oran's white plated body, until resting on the right hand. Torm using the right hand like a puppet to speak. "Hey hey! Oran look!" Torm pointed out a small shopping district "I bet you could bring balance to the world through shopping..." Torm looking longingly at a pretzel shop across the street.

With the puppy eyes working on Oran, whose face was cloaked behind its bright blue cowl and mask, it moved towards the pretzel shop, stopping traffic on the way over. Walking into the shop the frightened cashier asked in a shaky voice as to what the white being wanted. Oran which replied that it desired a soft pretzel with no salt, which the cashier gave to the robotic human.

Walking out of the shop Oran let its companion devour the pretzel in the hands as the monk continued to walk down the road causing normal havoc as some police officers stopped the being in its tracks.
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Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum [Rena]
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