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 Yamato Yomichi

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PostSubject: Yamato Yomichi   Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:47 pm

Arcane Warrior Template

Basic Information

Name: Yamato Yomichi
Age: Late 20's
True Age: 975
Sex: Male
Personality: [Describe how your character acts and thinks in general. Be descriptive]
Likes: [What does your character like? must have 3]
Fears: [What does your character fear? must have 3]

Character Appearance

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 147 Lbs
Physical Traits: Yamato is a young man who has messy, straight, silver hair and purple eyes with his bangs hanging over his right eye. His skin is slightly paler than usual, and he has a slim, but muscular body.  

Clothing: Yamato usually wears a dark grey, button up business shirt, with a black tie, and heavy, black trench-coat. The trench-coat is expensive looking, and has gold accents on the borders. The left breast of the coat holds a symbol, marking Yamato as one of the very few, and extremely rare Arcane Warriors (Read backstory). The tie is worn outside of the coat, and it reaches near his knees. He has on black, baggy combat pants, and black combat boots, with the ends of the laces, and the metal loops ending in gold. However, he can wear any number of outfits.

One of the Containers, from the Coalition shop. It holds his katana, which is his main weapon.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in terms Combat?]
Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in Combat?]

Always accessible ability:

Ability Name: Master and Student
Description: Yamato and Maru share a telepathic bond that transcends distance and even dimensions. This allows one or the other to keep in contact during any situation and for any reason. (Mostly Rp tool)

Primary Stage

NOTICE!: While in Primary, Yamato can only use ONE RUNE AT A TIME. He cannot use his Fire Rune, in conjunction with his Water/Ice Rune. It takes him 2 posts to switch between a Rune style. The Runes appear on his blade, which is the main source of his runes, giving his opponent a chance to see what version of Yamato they are fighting. Yamato has access to the three types of Rune Magic, but primarily uses his Invoked Runes.

Ability Name: Traced Runes
Description: Yamato can place his runes, in any area with a small effort of will. He has to physically touch the object he is placing the rune on, and it lasts for 1 post. The Rune will be dependent on the Rune Yamato is currently invoking(Fire Rune will be Fire Rune abilities, Earth Rune = Earth abilities etc). He can activate 1 spell a post in these Traced Runes, with the same cool-downs as the original spells. He can make 2 in his base form, 6 in his 2nd form, and 8 in his final form.

Ability Name: Vocal Runes
Description: Yamato, if he speaks the phrase associated with his Rune abilities, is still able to activate the abilities. He can do this, if his Invoked Rune Blade is either not available, or knocked out of his hands. All the spells have the same cool-downs, and post limits.

Ability Name: Invoked Runes
Description: Yamato is the last Arcane Warrior to know this art. Invoked runes are like all Runes, activated at the instance the Warrior needs them. However, unlike other Runes, which fade away, Invoked Runes are permanent, and can only be disengaged by the Arcane Warrior who cast them. Arcane Warriors weapons usually get this treatment, but they can use it on clothes, buildings, etc. Yamato is currently teaching Maru this art.

Ability Name: Fire Rune

Description: His Fire Rune allows him usage of these spells.

Ability Name: Water/Ice Rune


Ability Name: Earth Rune

Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: Lightning Rune

Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: Air Rune


Final Stage

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]


Hyper Mode

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]


Back Drop

Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]
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Yamato Yomichi
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