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 Maruyama "Maru" Ziedrich W.I.P

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PostSubject: Maruyama "Maru" Ziedrich W.I.P   Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:59 am

Arcane Warrior Template

Basic Information

Name: "Maru" Maruyama Ziedrich
Age: 17-18
True Age: 19
Sex: Female


Likes: [What does your character like? must have 3]
Fears: [What does your character fear? must have 3]

Character Appearance

Height: 5'5''
Weight: 122 LBS
Physical Traits:

Clothing: As she likes sunny weather she'll generally wear anything in a similar style to the above picture. But she's also a bit nutty when it comes to her cloths so she has like a week's worth of the above images clothing in her closet.

Accessories: N/A

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Despite being a Mage She fights as if she was a warrior. She is on the front lines dealing damage in every way she can think of. She is an explosive type fighty who holds no bars against any opponent unless her master tells her otherwise. She is a battle genius and will quickly adapt even to fighting styles and abilities she has not previous encountered.

Strengths: Magical Capabilities
Weaknesses: Stamina - While having great power and being able to use it effectively. She has a limited amount of magical energy that she can burn through. This quickly catches up to her. Fatigued for one post after five posts of combat.

Always accessible ability:

Ability Name: Master and Student
Description: Yamato and Maru share a telepathic bond that transcends distance and even dimensions. This allows one or the other to keep in contact during any situation and for any reason. (Mostly Rp tool)

Primary Stage

Ability Name: Rune Magic
Description: As an arcane warrior she employs the use of rune magic. These spells have CD's equal to the power at which they are cast and cannot be given homing unless used with traced runes as described below. At it's strongest these spells will not be stronger than gran rey cero which would incur a CD of 3 posts. The cooldown of these spells are category specific and power specific. She can only cast a max powered spell once in a post regardless of which category it was used in and she can only cast one spell per category (Fire, water, etc) per post at the maximum regardless of their power. Her second stage increases the power of these spells further and her hyper mode's runic circle buffs it even more so. Capstone it in hypermode at two cero oscuras and cero oscuras in second stage.

Ability Name: Minor Creation Ability
Description: This ability allows her to create her traced runes onto essentially anything using only her mind, for cases where she cannot physically do it herself and is unable to use verbal runes. This does not harm any object/being that is etched upon and cannot be used as an attack. It merely creates a visual of the rune(s) in question.

Ability Name: Verbal Runes
Description: When speaking she is able to have the runes she is speaking visually appear in the air around her and they will be a different color based on the category of magic they are invoking. Example red would be fire, doom, carnage, blood, etc. Rune Magic used in this way is shot forth from HER location at the time of the cast and cannot be set anywhere else.

Ability Name: Traced Runes
Description: In this manner she is able to more accurately target a location of her rune magic by using her minor creation ability to mark an object, being, or place with her runes. Using runic magic in this manner usually grants her spells some form of homing or causes them to vear around blockades, shields, weapons, other attacks, to land on their marked target or marked location. To the best of their own limitations naturally. This isn't perfect homing after all.

Second Stage


Ability Name: Runic Magic
Description: She retains all of her runic magic and other abilities from her primary stage but they are increased to the capstone for this form, cero oscuras, and follow the same rules outside of this increase.

Ability Name: Body Runes
Description: She can now activate runic magic on her own body. THis is done upon going into second stage and increases her speed, strength, and durability by double.

Ability Name: Equipment Runes
Description: Her blue color themed equipment gained in this mode is covered in purple rune words. This does two things. First it makes the armor,, shield, and weapons feel light as air to her. Second. it increases the actual weight of the armor, weapons, and shield to be four times that of what they would be normally. Making it much harder to force her to move or to stop an attack made by her. This also means that if she does move the ground under her is most likely going to show for it.

Ability Name: Runewords
Description: She is able of speaking rune magic at such speeds she can now chain up to three spells per category per post. With the rules on Runic Magic remaining the same other than this change.

Boosts: x3 magical capabilities

Hyper Mode


Ability Name: Mistress of Runes
Description: The chain casting and other abilities of her second stage are kept in this form though she loses the shield in favor of a two handed weapon. She also retains the primary skills she had with the exception that her runic circle magic shares number of casts with her runic magic. This number is still three per category per post but now she can cast two max powered spells from two different categories instead of one. The spells cannot be from the same category and they cannot be cast in the same post.

Ability Name: Runic Circle Magic
Description: A more powerful variant of the rune magic she employs in previous stages( Which are now superseded by these as they are generally far stronger) she creates, instantly, an entire circular array of runes to trigger magical effects. With the exception of two rune circles (Described further in below powers) the rest will fall into the categories of the previous Runic Magic ability) These spells follow the exact same rules as Runic Magic of the Primary stage and secondary stage but are stronger in their effects.

Ability Name: Circle of Runic: Chaos
Description: This uses the image of the above (bottom row second image) as the circle in question in terms of visuals and causes multiple annoyance effects simultaneously. This spell's duration is three posts and can only be used once per thread and does not qualify as a final therefor can be blocked by means appropriate for it's effects.

Effects of Chaos:

Ability Name: Circle of Runic: Destruction
Description: This is her final ability. It uses the runic circle below and causes the following effects to occur IN ORDER, ONE AT A TIME. She is in fatigue for the rest of a thread when she uses this and there is no means to which she could recover beforehand even if healed by someone else. The runes used in this spell are so old and so long forgotten they are gibberish to ANYONE except her master Yamato Yomichi. So there would be no way for it to be copied in any manner. Each effect occurs once per post after the initial cast. The first effect occurring in the same post the Runic Circle was created. Once created the runic circle does not require the caster to channel the ability. (unlike her previous spells) Each effect lasts a full post before ending. multiple effects are not able to occur in the same post.

Effects of Destruction:

Boosts: x4 magical capabilities

Back Drop

Background: Maru was abandoned as a child in a bet that if her alcoholic and drug addicted father and mother really did abandon her they'd get free shit for a few months. So she was really just crying over the loss and freaking out because she was just a little girl and had no idea how she was going to survive on her own when her savior appeared.

Yamato, the man she would come to know as master, arrived and after looking at her had apparently decided to take her under his wing. It meant years of training and study but it was certainly better than dying alone in a ditch right? So she was more than happy to accept his help.


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Maruyama "Maru" Ziedrich W.I.P
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