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 Arcane Warrior Information

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PostSubject: Arcane Warrior Information   Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:00 am

The Symbol for Arcane Warriors

The History

Thousands of years ago, magic was incredibly commonplace, and easy to use. Mages, for he most part, governed themselves, and the times were peaceful. However, with the abundance of magic, also came people who were determined to use it for their own selfish desires. These people, called the Black Council by the people who they oppressed, came into power, and a dark age began. As time went on, the ones who could combat these dark mages withered, and  other mages lost hope. Finally, 100 years before the reign of King Arthur, a group of mages got together, and started a new order. An order of mage, drastically different than any other that has existed. Mages, but with the strength, and constitution of warriors. The mages slaved for many years, but thy finally created it. The first Arcane Warrior. They created her, by taking an already gifted warrior, Gabrielle Farcrown, and taking her to a point of intense magical power, a Ley Line. She bathed in the magical power, ad became something wholly different from a traditional mage. In the following months, while others were turned, Gabrielle created the basis for the magic that would become the calling card of an Arcane Warrior - Rune Magic. While it took many years to take the shape that it would become, the magic that Gabrielle had created served the purpose that it needed. In an intense siege upon the Black Council's castle, Gabrielle and the other Arcane Warriors killed the mages, and claimed their castle for their own. It was their, after the battle, that the Warriors formally created their order, and swore to upkeep the peace of the mages. What followed was a bloody time, as any mages that abused the power that they had, was taken out by the Arcane Warriors. After what came to be known as the "Black Purge", the land came to know a kind of peace. Under the always watchful eye of the Arcane Warriors, the magic world went into a golden age. No magic was truly forbidden, only the abuse of it. So, things like Necromancy, and Death magic was allowed, but only while Arcane Warriors were present, mostly to keep the Non-Mage populations from being afraid. However, near the end of King Arthur's reign as king, the Arcane Warriors, all but dissapeared. only one was left, a man known only as Stormcrown. He wandered the world, keeping the peace where he could,and began writing a new way for the Arcane Warriors to operate. There would no longer be a large Order of Warriors, but there would now be only two. Stormcrown adventured for quite some time, before finding himself an apprentice of his own. A young Japanese immigrant, who had been brought to Europe. His name was Yamato, and he accepted Stormcrown's offer to become his Apprentice. Yamato trained for many years, before Stormcrown dissapeared as well. In time, Yamato came to his homeland of Japan, and came across someone who he could teach as well. A young women known as Maruyama Ziedrich. Taking her under his wing, and showing her the ancient Rune Magic. Yamato knows, in time, that he too will dissapear, and strives to teach Maru everything he can before that happens.

The Three Rune Magics

Vocal Runes: Vocal Runes are the most basic,and therefore the most utilized, of the three Rune Magics. Vocal Runes are generally what Arcane Warriors in training learn first. However, just because it is basic, does not make it any less powerful. Vocal Runes are the act of saying the name of the Rune, in the chosen language of the Arcane Warrior using them. Anything from fire, to pure magical energy, anything can really be used by the Vocal Runes.

Traced Runes: Traced Rune are, generally, the second thing taught to Arcane Warriors in training. Traced Runes are, in the most basic sense, taking a Rune that is linked to a spell, and placing it somewhere near the Arcane Warrior. Like the Vocal Runes, almost anything can be utilized as a Traced Rune.

Invoked Rune: The usual final step in training an Arcane Warrior, Invoked runes are like all Runes, activated at the instance the Warrior needs them. However, unlike other Runes, which fade away, Invoked Runes are permanent, and can only be disengaged by the Arcane Warrior who cast them. Arcane Warriors weapons usually get this treatment, but they can use it on clothes, buildings, etc.

The Arcane Warriors of Note

Gabrielle Farcrown

Age: 79 (At Death)
Tier: Extremely Powerful
Race: Arcane Warrior
Personality: Brave, Leader, Merciful to an Extent
Relations: The First Arcane Warrior, and Creator of Rune Magic, and the Order of the Warriors Arcane
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Arcane Warriors
Rank: Founder/Leader of the First Arcane Warriors


Age: 1565
Tier: Extremely Powerful
Race: Arcane Warrior
Personality: Serious, Leader, Teacher, Father Figure
Relations: Leader of Arcane Warriors, before Yamato. Also considered his "father"
Status: ?
Affiliation: Arcane Warriors
Rank:Former Leader of the Arcane Warriors

Yamato Yomichi

Age: 975
Race: Arcane Warrior
Relations: Teacher to Maruyama Ziedrich
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Arcane Warriors
Rank: Current Leader of the Arcane Warriors

Maruyami Ziedrich

Age: 19
Race: Arcane Warrior
Relations: Student to Yamato Yomichi
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Arcane Warriors
Rank: Next in Line to be Leader of the Arcane Warriors

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Arcane Warrior Information
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