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 The Maniacal Man visits Rome. (Zenke! Ryo!)

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PostSubject: Re: The Maniacal Man visits Rome. (Zenke! Ryo!)   Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:21 pm

Helena casually flicked out her tail and sent the cero the manchild had fired at her back in his general direction, and it exploded. He fired a second on at her head, which she bit down on, exploding and dispersing it between her razor sharp teeth. Blood welled from her mouth, but that was hardly a problem. She charged that blood into a an attack equal to a cero and fired it into his 3rd cero, exploding them both. Helen sighed and looked at them. "I was hoping this fight would get more interesting, but you are both too weak. Granted neither of you pissed your pants, though styxx I expect you've seen far worse living with our father." Helena said.

Her tail flicked and slammed into the ground in annoyance. "I mean really, it was fun for a while but all that screaming you've been doing is a real turn off, Vizard. I love being feared, but get it together." She said. A portal to hell ripped open behind her. "I'd find more fight with hell's will than here. He's all yours Styxx. Have fun." She said, and launched a final spray of blood towards Styxx, to give heal up his arm some more, before stomping off into the pits of hell.

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Ika Mazi (Jeff)
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PostSubject: Re: The Maniacal Man visits Rome. (Zenke! Ryo!)   Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:38 pm

Looking around long enough to notice that the man had Shunpo'd point-blank in front of his face attempting to use a Cero to take his damn head off, Ika had to dodge out of the way, using Shunpo as a reaction rather than an action, he was drained and well aware that his life had almost ended. "AYE, THAT'LL BE ENOUGH OF THAT, RUDE AS HELL DUDE." He rolled his eyes, as the woman left the area as she did. "Well this was a waste of time, I'm not fighting just your brother.." Ika sighed, looked off into the distance, curious as to what he should do next, what the hell COULD he do next? Well... he did have a lab to build at some point, and there was the issue of him looking for friends to help him out with that, and in general, not that it could be accomplished at this point. This battle served as only two things, a fight to wear off some of his battle rust, and a test of his abilities. He had cleared most of the rust, and most if not all cobwebs were knocked loose, and he had learned that he was not powerful enough to take on the world quite yet. As such, his journey would need a continuation elsewhere..

Ika waved, rolling his eyes as one would, and watched as his dome dissipated like a retractable tent. "I would stick around and make friends but I somehow doubt that would work out, thus this is almost inherently counter-intuitive to the ends in which I seek. Thus, I will bid you adieu, farewell, so long, goodbye, ciao, whatever language you'd like." Ika threw up his hand, and sheathed his blade, retreating off into the distance, cigarette in his mouth, smoke filling his lungs and the air in equal proportions. "What a rough day.."

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The Maniacal Man visits Rome. (Zenke! Ryo!)
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