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 Cain Serakov

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PostSubject: Cain Serakov   Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:27 am

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Cain Michael Serakov
Age: 20
True Age: 19
Sex: Male

Personality:Cain is typically a rather quiet person. He loves to think to himself and try and come up with ideas of things to draw while listening to music. He tends to like to draw fantasy like things, be it creatures, people, or just the fashion of clothes that would be considered impossible to do or social suicide to wear. This bubble of just silence he puts up around him makes it seem as if he were an antisocial person, yet he is the exact opposite. When he isn't off in his own world imagining he's out trying to make new friends. Being relatively straightforward with his approaches be it to make a friend or confess his love he is the same to both situations. Awkwardly present yourself, introduce, and get to the point.

Cain loves to work in groups at times, loving the interaction with others that he can experience. However there are other times he wants to work alone, believing everything would be easier if he were to just be capable of doing something on his own without outside input. This general swing of moods can happen during a project that he's working on and cause him internal conflicts that either piss him off or make him realize that he's a dick. He tends to enjoy being a position close to leading the project, but without the responsibility of actually running the project. He enjoys working with others because if he gets lazy he can always just let others take up his slack temporarily.

When it comes down to it Cain tends to be a very cynical person. However he tends to wear a mask of being very friendly and tries his best to hold that mask up around others so that he can feel like he isn't a horrible person. He also tends to act nice around others because it is within his own self interest for them to be nice to him or be friends with him. However if he sees the opportunity to drop blame on one of those so called friends he tends to have to weigh his choices more severely counteracting his cynical nature at times for actual friendship.

He's capable of falling into depression rather easily if something major happens to him. Such as losing a friend that he could consider a support pillar. Someone to talk to whenever he needed someone to be there for him. These spurts of depression seem to take over his entire mind at times, often following up with the five stages of denial. The stage he sits on the longest within denial is anger. He tries his best to take this anger out on things that aren't sentient. He does this by drawing, reading, playing games, however there are times where he will blow up on someone and chew their
head off before realizing what he's doing.

In regards to bullying others Cain sees himself as a minor offender, but who isn't. He is disgusted by those who repeatedly seek out those weaker or smaller than themselves and picking on them, yet he has been one of those people before. Realizing the error of his ways was one of the steps to him trying to be a better person, and now trying to prevent more cases whenever he can he tries to improve others or save others. One of his closest friends who he lost he had only become friends with because he changed, they had been someone he had once bullied and they had put it all aside when they realized what a great guy he could be. He stands firm in protecting those that are seen as small and weak by society or by others.

Likes: Books/Reading, Art, Drawing, Music, Coffee, Fashion

Fears: Torture, Poison, Snakes

Character Appearance

Height: 5'11'' almost 6'
Weight: 145lb
Physical Traits: Standing at 5’11” almost 6’ the rather pale boy looks over most other people. He’s a rather strange child with moderately long black hair for a boy. Within his black hair he has two long streaks of white presumably from a hereditary effect. His bangs fall around his face and just above his eyes helping accent the dark emerald green eyes he possesses. His eyes are set just far enough within his head that his nose and face cast a shadow down into the eye socket to give him an even more ominous appearance. He has a rather weak jaw line and cheek bones, with a soft chin. His smile can be described as devious at best, while his teeth seem to be perfectly fine except for the his top two canines that protrude out slight further then  their neighboring teeth. He has rather long slender fingers, each ending with a sharp nail.

Clothing: Typically Cain wears beaten up clothes that look like he should have thrown them away years ago. Holes around the waist of his shirts and holes in his jeans. His favorite shirt to wear depicts the insides of a grenade and the many different kinds of grenades and mechanisms used in them. His favorite pair of jeans happens to be nothing special other than how tattered the bottoms are from at least a year of hitting his legs together as he would walk. His sneakers are a pair of black and white vans, the bottoms worn to the point that the sole of his shoe occasionally slaps the ground as he's walking. He has a back up pair of shoes a higher heeled pair of vans that he takes care of to make sure they remain their black leathery color. However past all this he likes to wear scarves and jackets from other countries.

Accessories: A pair of dog tags around his neck, and a chain to his wallet attached to his belt loop.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Having never really trained in fighting, his fighting style is awkward at best. He had always been better at using his legs in sports however and felt that kicks were his strongest aspect. Generally deciding a swift kick to the chest to be stronger than a punch. He understands defensive maneuvers and the act of dodging fairly well, even understanding what it means to dodge using someone elses momentum due to fights in school. However against an actual trained opponent he probably wouldn't stand up fairly well. He tends to favor trying to strike quickly and jumping back away, tending to try his best to get in a solid hit before someone else can hit him first.
Strengths: Speed
Weaknesses: Upper body strength, Actual Fighting Experience

Primary Stage

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Final Stage

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]


Hyper Mode

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]


Back Drop

Background: Born within a small family at the time Cain's parents were having a hard time finding the financial footing for raising their child. Due to this Cain's early years were spent with varying periods of time with either parent. His father working full time and his mother working two jobs to try and help support her new child. He didn't understand the severity of his birth at that time but he was a shining beacon for both of his parents who before him, had no wonderful plans for the future. He had been their surprise that changed their lives.

When he turned five his parents had another child. His little sister, Catherine, who his parents had planned. He had a basic understanding on how to form sentences, yet not always the most coherent. He didn't truly understand the significance of what another child within the house meant for his parents but he had learned that his mom seemed to work awfully hard for him. Now that he was having a sister as well his father's job changed too, from being an automotive to a builder, along with his mom changing from working two separate jobs to one job as an accountant. When his little sister was born he got to spend sometime with her and his mom, yet he had just started school and couldn't play or talk with his mom during the days anymore.

By the time he was nine his parents had gone from living in a small house in a bad side of town to living within a nice community. Here he got to get a few friends and realized the best way to dodge blame for something was to try and place it on someone else. At this time he began to play little league soccer and tried his best to win. Along with soccer he also began to skate. His parents working hard enough to be able to support the family and their hobbies. Yet much like him another surprise came along the way and soon they began to cut back on some of those luxuries for Cain's younger brother, Christian. His parents began to work a few more hours in preparation for their next child and Cain was in charge of baby sitting his little sister most nights while his parents were out working. At the time Cain tried his best to play with his baby sister and build the relationship a brother should have with his little sister, yet he understood she was still just a bit too young.

Within the next three years he entered middle school. Cain had begun to stand up for himself to others and to maintain a position of seeming strong to others so he wouldn't be bullied by others, he subsequently became a bully himself. He was twelve in sixth grade, while his sister had already started school his brother had only just turned three and he was sad. He wouldn't have a brother who he could really wrestle with or be rough with. So he viewed all those around him during school as unfortunate for having to deal with his rowdiness because he had no one to mess with at home. It was at this time that he found a target that he enjoyed to bully the most, a boy named Oliver. Little did Cain know that this boy was going to be one of his closest friends. This boy was the person who slowly began to change his ideals standing up to him whenever he would come to beat the kid down, and always standing back up defiantly to the boy who would bully him.

In High school Cain received a wake up call and the only person willing to be his friend afterwards was Oliver. Cain had come in as the new bully in school, he was to be tested by all the others and little did he know his antics were child's play to those above him. He returned home that day beaten and bruised, eyes swollen, and only one person by his side to help him along, Oliver. Oliver taught him how someone had to stand up to the bullies and never give in, to fall 5 times and stand up 6 is the strength of man. Oliver and Cain became close friends and the two families Oliver's and Cain's became friends as well. The next events in Cain's life were what truly shaped him up to be the man he is currently.

Oliver and Cain stood tall together protecting as many kids as they could in the school. They took beating after beating to protect those that they could. Oliver always took a more peaceful approach, while the hot tempered Cain would only be able to contain himself for so long before fighting back. All it took was one hospital stay too long and Cain's entire view of their vigilante protection of those in the school became his job alone. Stuck in the hospital for a week with a broken leg and two broken ribs Cain had received news from his family about Oliver. A group of kids had grown sick of their antics and wanted to strike a deep blow to Cain by beating Oliver too a pulp. Just they took it too far, one of the kids while kicking Oliver in the chest had missed and gone to high, crushing his esophagus. The boys were charged as adults for understanding what they had been doing the entire time and Cain received therapy to try and help him cope with the loss of his only friend.

Now having graduated from high school and already in his first year of college the young man is still haunted by the death of his friend and sees any opportunity to stand up and protect another regardless of it being bullying or harassment he jumps at the cause. Remembering Oliver's way of standing up to protect others when he was bullied by Cain. He would re-enact Oliver's method of peacefully trying to stop certain encounters, but he understood some encounters required one to take action to protect others and one's self. The catharsis that he underwent seemingly triggering something deep within him and setting his timeline down a different course then a normal adult, he felt that a power was welling up within him and yet he had no clue what exactly that entitled him to, and he didn't want to learn until he fully understood what he wanted that power to be used for. For he still didn't even know what that power was truly, if it was just welled up emotions of Oliver or if he truly meant something more to the world.

Side Notes: I hinted at him realizing that he has powers, just that he doesn't know how to use them still or what they actually are in general.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Cain Serakov   Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:08 am


Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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PostSubject: Re: Cain Serakov   Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:24 pm

Seconded at original tier. Welcome to duty, Commander.

Character Roster with links to Apps
Gráinne Xios (Black) 0 Shinigami (Neroamee)
Kaytlyn Kal'Dior 1-1 Valarion
Laura Fisher (Red) 1-2 Human
Olivia 'Liv' Firestorm (Yellow) 1-3 Arrancar
Clara Firestorm 1-1 Vizard
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Tadatomo Fukushima (Experiment 13) 1-2 Human
Zachary Gillam 2-1 Human
Isabella Solaris 1-2 Sinner (Solaire)
Krosis 1-1(2-1) Serion
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PostSubject: Re: Cain Serakov   

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Cain Serakov
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