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 Tenryuu [WIP]

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Joris Cullen
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PostSubject: Tenryuu [WIP]   Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:12 am

Serion Template

Basic Information

Name: Tenryuu
Age: 18
True Age: 99
Sex: Female
Personality: Tenryuu, albeit being a Seiron, believes she isn't part of the race at all due to her complete conflicting views to the Machine Lord. She can see that her entire race is in the same situation it had been in before her creation and are all just being used again. She understands that for their race to continue changing and moving forward that their planet is no longer a viable source of material, yet she believes that openly invading earth for its resources is the wrong way to go about it. This disconnect with the Machine lord has let her intelligence and sentience go unchecked and search for its own reason and way to do things.

She's light hearted and enjoys being playful with anyone who's not openly hostile. This innocence makes her seem naive that anyone could take advantage of her kindness. Although she's careful with strangers upon meeting them she seems to warm up really quickly to others and at times can even be seen as disrespectful with how fast she can move into regarding someone with nicknames. Careful about situations that would involve her own body Tenryuu is ignorant to certain relationships, habits, and traditions of other races and at times doesn't quite understand if she is doing something wrong or being disrespectful.

Because of her differences with the Seiron and believing she's nothing more than just a human with special powers she's considered a Chuunibyou. She believes that the eye patch she wears over her left eye seals away the large majority of her powers and that she's actually stronger when she removes it. On top of believing that it's just power sealed away, she goes so far as to believe that a heavenly dragon was sealed within her body and that it grants her the power she possesses. The reasoning for this is that her name directly translates to Heavenly Dragon and with her own knowledge aside from the Machine lord she doesn't understand why she has the power she does.

Contradicting her light heart she's rather bellicose. This willingness to pick a fight can be over something trivial like rock paper scissors, an arm wrestling contest, or an out right display of power. The nature to fight just about anyone can come back to bite her if someone proves to be stronger than her she'll want to prove it was just a fluke and keep fighting them until she beats them. This attraction can sometimes develop deeper in her though she'll deny it completely.

Likes: Flowers, Popsicle's, Sword maintenance, peace and quiet.
Fears: Losing control to the dragon, the Machine Lord, extreme heights.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'8" or 173cm
Weight: 1 ton or 1000 kg.
Physical Traits:
Tenryuu has short purple hair that comes down to her shoulders in the back. Her bangs outline the sides of her face and come out just into her face just a bit at the cheeks, while another portion of her bangs rests across the center of her face. The color of her hair is a dark amethyst that can sometimes be mistaken for black in the dark. Her eyes are both a golden yellow, yet at times her left eye can be seen as a light pink/purple color. Her teeth are all rather sharp as well, each looking like a canine when her mouth is opened wide or in a toothy grin.

Clothing: Tenryuu wears a cardigan over a school uniform with a necktie, thighhighs, and an eye patch over her left eye.

Accessories: A top her head she has two pointed tear drop like headphones without a band connecting them. She also wears a scabbard on her right hip.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in terms Combat?]
Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in Combat?]

Weapons and abilites

Ability/weapon Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability/weapon Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability/weapon  Name: [Name of power]
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Ability/weapon  Name: [Name of power]
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Nova mode

Nova Mode Appearance:

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Boosts: (max of x4)

Back Drop

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Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]
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Tenryuu [WIP]
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