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 Rha' Chonchiyo app (wip)

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Rha' Chonchiyo
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PostSubject: Rha' Chonchiyo app (wip)   Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:53 pm

Shinigami Template

Basic Information

Name:  Rha' Chonchiyo
Age: 22
True Age: 122
Sex: Male
Personality: Rha is kind careing a kind soul but all so vary stuborn he duse not give up easyly. He chases a goul into he gets it done like wean he makes jewlery with his forge or is fighting a strong foe he well not give up into he is bloody and broken. Into he is out cold or has been crippled he well all ways stand back up knock him down ten times he gets up ten more times. As the Hero of rukon in his armor its much the same keeping the good safe and taking evil to face justice unless its a hollow he has made it his gole to fight and kill the hollows threating his home of rukon.
Rha is a bit of a lone wolf and prefers to be by himself sometimes. Though when he is around people his is a team player. He works very hard by himself and when he is in a group. Some might say he works to hard as he can be found asleep at times when he works at his forge. He’ll evens still have his hammer in his hand.
He is a very stubborn man. He will get one thing in mind and be stuck on that and nothing more. Also, when he makes a promise he keeps it. He will do everything in his power and then some to keep the promise. He’s avoided death many times due to his promise to his parents to keep living.

Likes:ha likes to relax with friends. He may like to be a bit of a loner, but he does have many friends and likes to spend time with them when possible.
Rha likes to also make new friends. While he has been a loner for most of his life, this is something he is trying to change. That is why he likes to make friends.
Rha loves to make hollow jewelry. He does this by working in the forge with hollow masks he has collected.
Speaking of hollow masks, he loves to collect hollow masks so that he can make his jewelry.
Rha also likes to dress up and play the part of Hero of the Rukon. No one really knows his true identity but Hikaru Shibata, who helps him. He uses this to fight crime and hollows in the Rukon.

Rha does not like to be involved in a long fight. If a fight starts to last to long he will escape if possible or try to end it.
Rha also does not like killing unarmed or innocent men.
Rha does not like to see women and children get hurt. It’s his main reason for being the hero of the Rukon.
Rha, like most soul reapers, does not like hollows. He will go and kill them for their masks.
Rha does not like the slums of the Rukon. That is why he dresses as the Hero of the Rukon and fights crime there.

Character Appearance

5' 6"
Weight: 120
Physical Traits: Rha is of average weight for his height, most of this comes from his muscles. His arm muscles are well built due to him working at the forge. He has some leg muscles due to him standing for long periods of time as well from working in the forge. His chest is also very strong and has a decent amount of muscles. This is also due to him working at the forge.
Wean working as a soul reaper rha wears what is considered the normal Shinigami outfit. The main difference here is that blue where it would normally be black. It is also green where it would normally be white. His sword stays at his side using a green obi tied around his waist. His socks are white and he wears black sandles to complete the outfit.
Wean working the forge he wears traditional forging clothing. His pants are long and, like his shinigami outfit, blue. He wears a long sleeved shirt the covers his arms and that is also blue. His forging apron is green and made out of a sturdy material that is fire proof. He also has a pair of gloves he can wear that are blue and green as well. On his feet is a pair of steel toed black boots and on his head is a green cap.
Accessories: The hero's armor a light waight but strong armor set he forged to wear to hide his true identity and to put fear in evil it looks a bit like a hollow in dim light good for off blanceing normal human/soul foes it dues not work on scaring hollows,arrancars, ecta.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style:
Fast paced even in his hero armor he aims to end fights fast but he knows wean to hold back even if he hates takeing a long time to fight useing everything he has to end a fight he well not kill unless he has to.
Strengths: Rha has warrior like traits. This helps him to end a battle quickly.
Rha works hard as the Hero of the Rukon to keep people safe. He enjoys his work and the people appreciate what he does.
Rha has perseverance. He keeps going till the job is done.
Rha is a strategist. He is good at short cuts and works to find a way out of any situation.
Rha is kind and sweet hearted. He loves to help all and will always take time out of his day to do so when needed.
Weaknesses: Rha has a fear of being alone. Though he is a lone wolf, he is trying to change that. He fears being totally alone.
He also hates to fight alone. He prefers to be in a group. The only time he likes to be alone is when he’s the Hero of the Rukon. Even then he sometimes fights with Hikaru by his side.
Though Rha likes to be around people he fears getting to close to them.
He fears he will loose his temper and attack innocent people.
Rha has a small drinking problem that he is working to fix. He also smokes. Hikaru and his spirit, Aura, are working to help him stop.
Rha well not kill unless he has tothis can make him hold back.

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Sealed Appearance:
The hilt is green and light blue. The blue continues up through the blade. The blade is blue and black and is 26 inches long.
Spirit’s Name: Aura
Spirit’s Appearance:  Aura is a normal tiger. She does not have the normal coloration however. She is orange in color and where there would normally be black strips there are green strips instead.
Spirit’s Personality: Aura is nice for the most part. The only time she can be a handful is when she is angry or lecturing Rha. She is otherwise a good help to Rha and helps him out all she can in battle.She all so tends to play the voice of reason for rha' and being vary moutherly.
Inner World:  Rha's inner world is that of a lush jungle area with a pile of rocks hidden somewhere inside. It rarely rains there but the trees and plants are always green. The tree's are tall and the forest reaches out as far as the eye can see.

Spell Name: Sai
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 1
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: I will point my fingers at a person and call out the name of the spell. This will bind the persons arms behind their back.

Spell Name: Rikujokoro
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 61
Spell Incantation: Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!
Spell Effect: This is another restraint spell. This immobilizes a person with six spiritual bands. To use this spell I will hold up my index finger and point it at the target. This will generage a yellow bit of energy which summons six thin, wide beams of light. These in turn slam into the targets midsection to hold them in place. The enemy is then unable to move any part of their body up to and including those parts where the beams hit the enemy.

Spell Name: Tozansho
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 73
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: The spell starts off a a single point. From there blue energy extends upward to four points. From there an inverted pyramid is created around me. This then solidifies into a barrier that can be used around already active spells and can also be used to trap other people inside. This includes enemy and friend alike.

Spell Name: Sajo Sabaku
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 63
Spell Incantation: unknown
Spell Effect: This spell is similar to Hainawa in that he will create a very thick rope from the yellow energy he creates and ensnare the target with it. To create this rope he will raise his palm to the target and close his hand into a fist. This spell will bind the upper body of the target. According to Hachigen Ushoda, physical strength alone should not be enough to break out of a level 60 Bakudo spell.

Spell Name: Byakurai
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 4
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: Rha will gather high-density spiritual energy. He will this discharge this from both hands. An alternative way to use this attack is for Rha to point his index finger at his target and generate a concentrated bolt of lighting to use against him or her.

Spell Name: Shakkaho
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 31
Spell Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!
Spell Effect: This spell has different uses and can vary depending on how much energy is used. Rha will generate high-temperature flames either on his finger tips or in the palm of his hands. The energy generated will range from a small orb to a large orb. This destruction caused by this can either be small or large depending on the size of the orb and amount of energy used. No matter the power the spell causes concussive as well as burn damage.

Spell Name: Kurohitsugi
Spell Type: Hado
Spell Number: 90
Spell Incantation: Sleeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!
Spell Effect: Rha has only used this spell once in his life and it was used in a life or death situation. This spell locks a target in a back spiritual coffin. Rha will then generate a purple/black spiritual energy using his own reiatsu. This energy covers the target with a powerful torrent of gravity that takes the form of a box. It then is covered in several spear-like protrusions which pierce the box and lacerate the one inside from head to toe.


Call Out Command:
Reveal, Aura, Tiger of the poison mist.
Appearance: a graceful nzappa zap (A throwing ax)
Abilities:  Poison Mist
Boosts: nothing chages other then the mist covering his body and weapon

Back Drop

Rha was born to two loving parents, Sara and Jon. He was raised by them and watched his father often as he worked at the family forge in the jewelry store his family owned. He never knew his grandparents as Sara's partents disowned her when she married Jon. Once in a while a friend of the family, Hikaru Shibata, would come by. Hikaru was made Rha's godfather when he was born.

When Rha was 8 years old he was with his parents in the den when some hollows attacked. Hikaru was suppoesed to be there earlyer in the night but did not make it due to sleeping in. He maded it in time to save Rha, but just barely. Rha had a large gash along his back from one hollow and his parents were dead. Hikaru had taken Rha to the hospital from there but Rha had left on his own before Hikaru could check him out safely.

Rha lived on the streets alone for may years, doing his best to survive. He would steal when he needed to and found help from many people at times when he really needed it. When Rha was old enough he got tired of being a thief. He soon went back to his shop and opened it up. He then began to make jewelry out of hollow masks. Once he discovered his Zanpakuto he began to hunt different hollows in the area and taking them out. He would also save the helpless. He soon earned the title, "Hero of the Rukon." by the people of the rukon after a while.

He keept this up for many years, getting to know his zakpakuto better and better with each fight. Soon he was able to learn Aura's name as he fought and that made him just that much stronger. He started off with a rock relationship with Aura. They fought and did not get along at all. It took some time, and a little help from a passer by, Hikaru Shibata, to get them to become friends. Soon after Aura and and Rha became friends, Hikaru and Rha became friends as well.

Eventually Hikaru helps Rha to discover who his parents are through use of the Shibata library. Rha had asked Hikaru if he knew anything about his past. Hikaru had not known that his hollow side was blocking some of his memories so he just refered Rha to the library. Rha eventually found the book that talked about the Chonchiyo history. Rha later found out that Hikaru is his godfather and found out that Hikaru was supposed to marry his mom, Sara. He found out that his Grandfather cut off his mom from thier wealth due to the fact that she married Rha's father, Jon, instead of Hikaru. That soon lead to a big fight between Rha and his grandfather. Eventually his grandfather was arrested for doing what he did and Rha became the head of the family.

Side Notes: Rha's Shakkaho can be green in color but no power is added just a color change.
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Rha' Chonchiyo app (wip)
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