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 Amber Elenesta [wip]

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Joris Cullen
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PostSubject: Amber Elenesta [wip]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:47 am

Basic Information

Name: Amber Elenesta
Age: 14
True Age: 56
Sex: Female
Personality: Amber is a rather oblivious girl. Having been raised by Helena and taught how to act by her mother she believes that everything she's doing is actually right and proper. So being adorable, cute, and passionate, then turning on a dime and impaling someone or attacking them with a deadly and honed aggression. Unlike her mother who has to act innocent and sweet, Amber actually believes that what she is doing is how people are suppose to act normally.

So although she's curious and inquisitive about so much she hides a killers honed instinct within herself. To make her prey comfortable, to allow them to believe you pose no threat, and then to kill before the meat is stained with fear. Having witnessed her mothers drive to get whatever she desires Amber has developed a sort of princess syndrome that she should get whatever she wants as well and that anyone who disobeys should be rightfully punished.

Her mask well hidden and her tail occasionally visible Amber was raised by a willing foster parent under the agreement that Helena could visit her daughter whenever. She was to be raised as human as possible with the tendencies of her mother and the her fathers blood coursing through her. Often she was punished for doing deeds her mother would have considered acceptable, but her foster mother was told to raise her like a human and thus she was taught that attacking others wasn't right. To show compassion and mercy to all the creatures and people around her.

She is a spontaneous person who can be calm and relaxed at one moment and be completely excited and jumpy the next. She considers herself a person who is hard to anger, yet this is untruthful for she is very easy to anger and even easier to insult. She tries her best to fit in with any crowd as to make friends with everyone. She considers herself a quiet person even though he normally talks more then others, and she likes to tries to get to the point of a conversation or information she is sharing. She also strives to control any situation she is trapped within or tries her best to avoid a situation that will not benefit her positively.

Likes: Traveling, Food, and Water
Fears: Grandpa, being eaten, squirrels, spray bottles.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'2" or 157cm
Weight: 95lb or 43kg
Physical Traits: Amber has a tiny frame and body like that of a a young teenager. Her ears stick outward and come to a pointed tip like an elf, her easiest excuse whenever someone asks her about why her ears are like that. She has sharp canines and finger nails. Her hair and eyebrows are both snow white and really bring out her amber eyes, the iris of which are slitted like a snakes. Her hair comes down to the middle of her back when not up, she puts her hair up into twin tails that come to her shoulders, her sidebangs coming down to her shoulders, and her bangs to her nose. Unlike a normal arrancar her mask is simply the two antlers sticking out of her head that she can disguise using her reiatsu, as for her hollow hole its hidden in her chest and she can hide it the same way as her antlers.
Clothing: Typically Amber will wear a white kimono without a bottom, and shorts. Otherwise she's typically found wearing various different tops with sweaters, scarves, or button ups with blue jean shorts and stockings.
Accessories:Helena's Sinner mask and Scarf of wonder, a white scarf she carries around; it is very resistant. Whomever the scarf had belonged to before her father is unknown.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in terms of kidou, shunpo, zanjutsu, etc?]
Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in terms of kidou, shunpo, zanjutsu, etc?]

Zanpakuto & Cero

Sealed Appearance: [What does your sealed zanpakuto look like?]
Zanpakuto Name: [What is the name of your zanpakuto?]
Zanpakuto Call Out: [What do you say to release your zanpakuto's powers?]
Cero: [List out what cero abilities your character can use. Cero, Bala, Gran Rey, etc. If you wish to have custom, apply for it in the Custom Kido Board.]


Appearance: [What do you look like in resurreccion?]
Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
Boosts: [What physical capabilities increase in your resurreccion? Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]

Resurreccion Segunda:

Appearance: [What do you look like in segunda?]
Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
Boosts: [What physical capabilities increase in your resurreccion? Speed, Strength, Stamina, etc.]

Back Drop:

Background: [Your character's History]
Side Notes: [Anything you might have left out in your application goes here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Please use the character you are applying for in the sample.]
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Amber Elenesta [wip]
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