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 The Knight and The Damsel (Styxx v Vyn)

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Joris Cullen
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Joris Cullen

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PostSubject: The Knight and The Damsel (Styxx v Vyn)   Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:04 pm

Grasping at his chest. His mind filling with electricity as his own reiatsu continued to spike higher and higher. The sand around him lifting up into the air as electricity sparked between the tiny fragments of stone. He was mad, his bustersword was buried deep into the ground in front of him, the partially severed head of another hollow was in front of him. The entire creature was twitching about as it started to try and plead for what was left of it's life to him his foot snapped out. Catching it in the jaw shattering the lower half of it's mask. The immense amount of spiritual pressure released from the mask shattering allowed for the creature to become an arrancar before his eyes. This was the first time he'd ever witnessed something like it. The force of it alone sent the sand blasting backward the buster sword dislodged from the ground he caught it with a shadow, spinning it around and throwing it right at the newly born arrancar, releasing back into his normal form just as the blunt of the blade would connect with the arrancars face the sharp point materializing first as it pierced through the newborns head. "Mongrels don't get to live. Begging for your life was the mistake that costs yours." He finished the sentence with a deep inhale devouring what was left of the arrancars escaping life.

His hand still across his chest, the electrical current around him falling but his own reiatsu still coursing through his mind. He was trying his best to sense something he knew he'd never find. Where was she. She couldn't have gone far from their original conflict she was likely somewhere in that oriental country still, but she wasn't certain where with the human world escaped him at times and he was never certain where he was going to pop out. A plan struck him, and he just hoped that his Gargantua would carry him to somewhere populated.

As he stepped out his silver hair caught the first ray of the sun rising, the smile spreading across his face as he stepped out of the eternal plane of night and into the morning dawn. The dew in the air reflecting the sunlight across his own shining armor on his chest. His pale skin seeming to be as white as paper in the light. He released a large burst of residual energy from his fight with the hollow born arrancar and allowed it to carry his voice in three various languages hoping any of the languages his sister had taught him would carry over. "Among you is a girl! She possesses an arm of metal! Hair as fiery as a flame! Unless she shows herself within the next hour I'll reduce all of this area to dust! If anyone besides this woman is brought forward to confront me I swear innocents will die! No one else needs to be a hero!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Knight and The Damsel (Styxx v Vyn)   Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:52 pm

Sitting in her room in hong kong, watching the television, she sighed with exasperation when it was suddenly cut off to show a urgent news report. A familiar arrancar was in the shot and people were screaming. The reported explained the arrancar's demands, and that there had yet to be any sign of the woman in question. Vyn stood up and pulled on her jacket. walking out of the room she stopped outside Zackary's and went to knock. Her friend and protector had been furious when she'd come back with a broken arm. However, she hesitated because this was not a fight she wanted to involve him in. He might spend the rest of his life guarding her door for this, but she lowered her hand and walked away.

Vyn looked around as soon as she got outside. She'd paid enough attention to figure out where he was, which was close to the same place where they first met. Vyn crouched down, then jumped into the air, flying through the sky like a rocket. She landed a few streets over, ripped a street sign out of the ground and jumped again. Her second jump landed her a few hundred feet from Styxx. She jumped again, aiming directly for him. The distance closed fast, and as she reached him she swung the street sign like a hammer, attempting to smash it into him. And then she fell, landing on the roof of the building Below him, ruined stop sign in hand.

"Well look who came crawling back. Didn't quite get enough of my sword inside of you?" She said, smiling cockily. She'd considered the last fight a victory. Actually she'd kind of thought he had died. She was partially pleased he had not. Though she had a feeling this fight was going to be much more intense.

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Joris Cullen
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Joris Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: The Knight and The Damsel (Styxx v Vyn)   Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:40 pm

He spotted her flying through the air the first leap, then second leap he saw her holding a metal sign in her hand, by the last leap she was flying at him with the sign. Hardening the hierro along his leg and taking a step off the side he swung his leg to catch it and rip it out of her hands with a returning kick. When she didn't let go he was surprised looking back at the damage he'd done to the stop sign. Narrow his eyes he looked down upon her. "The joke only is the tip of iceberg." Sondoing next to her, hardening the hierro along the length of his entire arm he went to slam his elbow into her. Assuming she jumps back he'll stay upon the roof top. "This time, I know what to expect, and I won't be looking to leave you in one piece."

Taking the shield off his back he drew his sword and looked down at her, "Though because I know what to expect. This will be fine." He didn't believe he needed to release, he had lost before just because he thought she was powerless, but he knew some of her secrets now. His smug smile was sure to set her off as he sonido'd before her shield up to protect himself from any forward punches as he swung the sword down. He knew her bones her made of metal, but her flesh was not. Regardless of how resilient she was he would chip her down and strip her of every bit of flesh upon her body as recompense for their last encounter.
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PostSubject: Re: The Knight and The Damsel (Styxx v Vyn)   

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The Knight and The Damsel (Styxx v Vyn)
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