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 Ryozo Kurakazi (Done)

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PostSubject: Ryozo Kurakazi (Done)   Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:58 am

Human Hollow

Basic Information

Ryozo Kurakazi
True Age:
Ryozo is a strange man two minds in one body there are two distinct versions of him. The first and dominant personality is the original Ryozo, raised a carnie he loves a flash and flare which hides subtlety and espionage. A masochist and sadist he loves pain in all its forms and savor the suffering of others. The way he caries himself gives him a strange presence somewhere between a creepy uncle and a man who wants to hug you while wearing a razor blade suit. With a snake like smile almost permanently plastered on his face he tends to ignore the idea of personal space, and tends to be a antagonist towards those he dislikes.

Devote and extremely religious Ryozo believes in the dark prophecy of Cuthulu, more particular he believes that Shriek is the reincarnation of Cuthulu in human form waiting to be reborn in the full glory of the dark lord. His loyalty to Shriek borders somewhere between fanaticism and love, as such he would happily sacrifice his own life if he thought it would give Shriek a moment of fleeting happiness. He equates defying or questioning Shriek with sacrilege and will end the life of anyone who dares defy his dark lord.

Though he respects him Ryozo hates his fellow co-leader jack an animosity he does little to hide. He believes the pursuit of science to be a blasphemy and affront to the laws set forth by Cuthulu and finds jack continual questioning to heresy in the form of research to be a crime punishable by death. However out of respect for Shreik he does not attack the man, though he is jealous of Shriek and Jacks bond.

In a personal matter shriek eats nothing but candy and loves music. Extremely talented he can play the piano, organ, violin, and flute. He dislikes most others and tends to be overconfident. He is a big fan of building playing card houses and is quite talented at it. He also is extremely talented at reading people, able to use their body language to determine exactly how they are felling or if they are lying.

In contrast to Ryozo, the second mind known simply as Hive has no delusions of religious obligation. No the hive has one main goal, self-preservation. Highly logical and almost completely unable to feel emotion the hive is collective overwhelming survival instinct and while will generally keep a back seat, it will occasionally give instructions which Ryozo carries out without hesitation.

Sweets, murder, pain (masochistically)
Death, Being insignificant, Losing Shriek's faith

Character Appearance

Five foot
Physical Traits:
Ryozo's tongue is nearly a foot and a half in length and can be extended rapidly this isn't an attack as much as it's just creepy.
Clothing above beneath a black hooded robe.
A flash light he always has a high powered flash light on him.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style:
Shriek’s fighting style depends on which of three fighting modes he using. Toying the first of the fighting modes focuses on using his human abilities with a slight touch of his Hollow abilities to confuse and disorientate and separate his opponents. He generally uses this fighting style while hiding in the shadows, or as a shadow. While not particularly focused on killing his opponents using this style it does focus on turning his opponents against one another, tiring them out, and if the opportunity appears taking life. His next fighting style is true combat, by this point he has decided to reveal himself to his opponent and his fighting style changes drastically. He uses much less subterfuge and barely uses his human powers instead focusing on using his full bring and hollow powers. In this style he focuses on using his incredible speed and summoning abilities to attack from several angles. He will normally go for the fast kill here. His final fighting form is to enter his hollow form, in this mode Ryozo disappears entirely and the Hive has full control. Fighting in hollow form is somewhere between a brawling brute and shrewd commander using the various insects it can summon to either distract or kill and using it’s own body in the opposite fashion.

Speed, Agility, energy reserves
Strength, planning, over confidence.

Abilities & Weapons

Fullbring: Lovers Bane

Weapon / Item(s) / Whatever it is on you:
Unactivated it looks like a bracelet made of bone with little brownish red splotches on it. The bracelet is made of the skull of the first person he ever killed and the splotches are blood from anyone he's ever killed with his full bring.
Activation phrase:
"Tear them apart, Lovers Bane"

Name: Split
Effect: Not so much a power as just a function, lovers bane can be split at the handle into two separate weapons. When this happens the blades on either side half in size.

Name: Telekinetics
Effect: Lovers bane can be moved by it's owners mind using all of it's abilities and controlling the weapon within five hundred feet of himself.

Name: Burst image
Effect: Burst image causes lovers bane to create an energy replica of itself and fire it off like a spinning blade. The replica explodes on impact with the strength of three bala (split) Cero (whole).

Name: Hunger
Effect: Lovers bane hungers for death and blood thus when is cuts someone it tries to do additional damage by sucking the life force from them. Every cut made by lovers bane drains 2% of the current total reiatsu of the victim. This energy appears as a red glow around lovers bane, which quickly dissipates.

Name: Cleave
Effect: By cutting through the air lovers bane can open up a swirling blue portal that is the same as a garganta.

Name: Will to survive
Effect: Lovers bane is semi-sentient, the soul inside the bracelet has no attachment to Ryozo and is willing to serve anyone who wears it and hungers to take life.

Note: Lovers Bane cannot be used in hollow form.

Boosts: Speed x3, Strength x3, Sensing abilities x5.

Standard Powers
Ryozo can quite literally fall into his own shadow losing all corporal form and becoming a living shadow, in this form he can do and take no damage but can move. Eradicating his shadow with a bright light will hurt him and push him back into his 'human' form. This form is an all or nothing thing he cannot partially be a shadow or a human.

Shadow hold
By stepping on someone's shadow Ryozo can slide into it taking control of their body, for this to work the person must be the same tier or lower as Ryozo. All damage done to the person while Ryozo is in their body is shared with Ryozo. While Ryozo is in their body the person is fully conscious of everything that is happening but cannot control their body only communicate with Ryozo. Ryozo leaves the body the same way he entered through the persons shadow.

Shifting Shadows
Ryozo can reach out and take hold of any objects shadow allowing him to shape and structure the material as he sees fit. This ability does not work on living objects, zanapakuto and other spiritual weapons.

Shadow lift
Ryozo can use his shadow, and other shadows near him to create a force that repels him, allowing him to glide through the air. This doesn't allow him to move faster but it does allow him to move as if he could control his personal gravity. (i.e. He can do like twenty flips and swim through the air, or walk along the ground.)

Human powers cannot be used in Hollow form

Hollow Powers

Standard powers:
Bala, Cero, High speed regeneration, Sonido

Custom abilities:
Living Hive:
Within Ryozos body live thousands of hollow insects, they live in a space parallel to this world partially in this dimension partially out. By using his hollow reiatsu to open up rifts between dimensions Ryozo can release the following hollow insects (insects must stay within 100 yards of Ryozo)

Wasp Leech:
A hybrid between a leech and a wasp these insects are completely invisible they fly around and take hold of an opponent digging their teeth in they suck in reiatsu and explode with half the strength of a cero (Strength of a cero, Hollow form). Ryozo can create up to four of these at a time (Eight, hollow form).

Stag Mantis:
These mastiff-sized hybrids of a stag beetle and a praying mantis are incredibly strong, tiered at 1-5 and have incredibly strong hierro. They have two arms and are quadra-pedal totaling six limbs they have two main fighting techniques. The first is sword fighting using their top arms which from the elbow up are zanpakuto hard blades. The second is to drop onto all six limbs the horn on the top of their head glows with energy and they charge firing forward at just under shunpo speed, upon contact a half strength cero is released (Full strength, hollow form). Ryozo can make two of these at a time (Four hollow form). They can also leap

Fly Drone/ Behemoth:
These small black flies can be created in the thousands, they directly communicate with Ryozo and are not limited by distance from the creator. They act as Ryozos personal spies. Within the range of their master they can condense into the behemoth, this change is permanent. The Behemoth is nearly eight feet tall and incredibly slow its body is as hard as a Zapakuto, accept for a hole the exoskeleton over the heart which is always exposed as a black lump of beating flesh. Appearance wise they appear like a giant man, with a black exoskeleton, seven-foot tentacles instead of arms, and a fly’s head. The behemoth sees via motion and cannot see things that aren’t moving. Only one can be condensed at a time (two in hollow form) it is tiered at 1-3.

Adaptive traits
Ryozo can mutate out one trait at a time from each of his four insects (two hollow form), new limbs do not need to replace old ones.
Invisibility- Wasp leech
Blade arms (2 human, 12 hollow)- Stag Mantis
Telepathic communication- Fly drone
Seven-foot tentacles (2 human, 6 hollow form, tentacles also double in length for hollow form) - Behemoth

Hollow Form
This form is nearly fourteen feet tall on all fours.

All hollow abilities from above at double strength, minus sonido, plus heirro and:

Breathe and birth
Ryozo can eat incoming energy attacks, by swallowing them the hive of hollow insects within his body reforms it into six black red glowing six inch bees which rise from his body these bee's explode with one sixth the strength of the original attack. They follow the same distance restriction as the other insects.

Ryozo creates a zanapkuto hard seed covered in slime which falls off his body he can create one of these every post. He can hatch the seeds at any time to create seven leapers. Who are extremely fast but very weak creatures with eight legs and a lightly armored carapace. They can leap up to forty feet and have teeth as sharp as zanapakuto.

Leaper appearance:

Strength x7, Endurance x5, Reiatsu Sensing x5

Back Drop:

Ryozo was born an only child to a crack addict mother, abandoned as babe he was taken in by a local group of carnies who recognized him as a fellow human with powers. The carnival was run by an evil and devious man who ran it like a cult, traveling from town to town the carnies would collect fellow spiritual aware humans, rob, murder, and always sacrifice a kidnap victim to their dark lord of power Cuthulu. At first Ryozo began his life as a juggler, however as he matured and learned more about his shadow biased powers he quickly began the act of an escape artist. Completely devoted to the carnival, he quickly adopted their religion his powers making him useful as both a thief and an assassin.

By the age of seventeen Ryozo’s abilities had made him a star in the carnival, combined with his fanatic devotion to Cuthulu he quickly became cold and ruthless. He would spend his days rising from his shadow form after a safe dropped on a box he was in, or was in a burning building. All respected him and he was known as one of the most devoted followers in the camp.

At twenty-two he discovered the ringleader of the carnival was using their stolen goods to fund a lifestyle of materialistic luxury. Dismayed by this injustice he came to the mans tent late at night and slit his throat, severering his head and keeping his skull which he carved into a bracelet as a reminder to others what happens when u betray the dark lord. At first a few resisted the change of leadership however, many changed their mind after e took the body of a man who had tried to rebel and left in five pieces placed in a pentagram around his bed. It was around this time he discovered his full bring, the bracelet made of his former leaders skull. Feeling the thrum of the power within the bracelet he activated in it and trained in its use.

Under his leadership the cult flourished, attracting tons of new members and cutting a bloody swath across the country. Determined to gain more power and influence he started kidnapping and sacrificing powerful and important people to Cuthulu begging the immortal demon to once more rise upon the human world, and bring about the end of days. As his fanaticism grew so too did his followers, soon his carnival was more a military compound then a place for fun and merriment. However, Ryozo began to become disillusioned with the group, convinced he was made for more, Cuthulu had summoned to this realm to bring about his earthly revival.

For years he studied prophecies and followed astrological phenomenon. Convinced that there was those out their using spiritual chants to seal Cuthulu he began hunting down religious men of all creeds. It was shortly after this that his life chained forever, he had just killed a holy group which met in a downtown church every Friday night to pray for the souls of their friends and family, souls which rightfully belonged to his master. It was there in that small church he first saw it, a crimson streak across the sky… a sign of his masters’ return. Ecstatic with joy he ran out of the building covered in blood and dashed after the light. It was here that he first felt Shriek’s power, he recognized the man as the cocoon like shell of his master and pledged him and his family to his cause.

Upon his return to his family, many disagreed with the choice to follow this new found stranger. They of course were killed and brought to Shriek in pieces as a sign of his loyalty. Joining Shriek on his path of destruction they killed many together, then Jack returned Shrieks human brother. The man was a blasphemer and a charlatan of the sciences ignorant and naïve he was convinced science held answers in life. However, the human part of Shriek would not yet let Ryozo kill Jack. Of course all this meant to Ryozo was he still had a use before he was sacrificed for his sins.
Side Notes:
RP Sample:
You know my style, if you need one ask and I'll make it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryozo Kurakazi (Done)   

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Ryozo Kurakazi (Done)
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