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 Jack Rahlyn

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PostSubject: Jack Rahlyn    Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:38 pm

Human-arrancar hybrid Template

Basic Information

Name: Jack Rahlyn.
Age: 37
True Age: 24
Sex: Male
Personality: Jack is a power hungry scientist. He is ruthless, and gets what he wants trough force and fear. He directs a team of scientists in the experiments on Rui, a powerful arrancar they managed to capture. Jack likes to preform experiments, using data he's collected from studing arrancar and hollow, and has no qualms against doing them on himself aswell as others.

Jack is commited to his work, only because the end goal leads to power. He dislikes the leader tampering with his arrancar samples, but he says nothing out of respect. Jack dislikes fighting, he preferes to let others do it for him, but when he's needed to, he'll take on his battle transformation and go wild. He kills anyone who gets in his way, who loses concentration or who shows a moment of weakness.

Likes: Jack likes experimenting, studying spiritual creatures and make himself more powerful through experiments.
Fears: He fears losing power, the inability to preform his experiments, true death.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'7 normal/6'4 pre release transformation.
Weight: 149 lb normal/200lb pre release transformation.
Physical Traits: Jack is a short man. He has black hair thats long and tied back, hanging down at the front. He has grey eyes, he's small and not very muscled, out side of his prerelease transformation.
Pre release transformation: jack gains almost a foot in hight, and he bulks ups significantly. His facial features change too, and he looks somewhat younger. Jack fights in this form.

Clothing: Jack wears a lab coat, with the outfit in the picture above underneath, for when he's in pre release transformation.


Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: all of Jacks powers and abilities are born of his experiments, and rely on his battle transformation. He uses his enhanced strenght to wield his heavy replicate Zanpakuto, which is a large hammer. Jack attacks furiously and uses his powers when needed. Allot of the time he will use Maul along side his bone shield or bone slasher. Jack is inteligent, an watches for weaknesses, will use his suroundings to his advantage in battle. He's no novice with his self inflicted powers and even before he created maul, he faught with a war hammer.

His Ceros and bala are strong but slow and his aim is not the best, and while jack possesses a ressurection of sorts, he's only used it for short amounts of time, but each time he's gotten better at sustaining it. (he believes he's mastered it, but the power is to unstable which is why after 7 turns in suedo ressurection, he will die.)

Strengths: He is intelligent and decisive, he wont hesitate to take risks to get results. high strength, stamina and durability. Strong hierro. Good skill with his hammer and human powers.

Weaknesses: He is slow and his arrancar powers inperfected, while he gains great power in his suedo ressurection form, it causes great stress on his body. Cero and bala's accuracy are weak.

Abilities & Weapons

Primary Stage
Name: Battle tansformation.
Effect: This power was brought around from experimentation with human powers. It grants Jack a more heavily built appearance and a boost to pysical strength, and allows him to use his human powers. The battle transformation lasts as long as he wants, until he is knocked out or to weak to continue.

Name: Bone Slasher
Effect: At will Jack can cause the bones in one of his arms to extend and spike out, giving him razor sharp reiatsu blades that start at his hand and stop at his elbow. Lasts for 3 posts. 1 post cool down.

Name:Bone digger
Effect:Jack fires out a bone that bigins to spin and burys under ground. Splits into 5 pieces then shoots up from beneath his opponant. 2 post cool down. Can stay under ground for up to 1 turn.

Name: bone sheild
Effect: Jacks bones in his left arm morph and take on the form of a heavy shield. Its reinforced and can withstand powerful attacks. Lasts for three posts, 2 post cool down.

Name: Bone Javalin
Effect: Jack launches a large thick spike of bone from his arm. If it hits and gets stuck spikes pop out if not removed within a post, causing more damage and making it harder to remove. Two post cool down.

Replicate Zanpakuto & Cero

Sealed Appearance: This heavy headed hammer was the first Zanpakuto Jack managed to Replicate. It's not a real one, as it does not contain his power, but it does contain raw hollow energy. In conjuntion with the serem jack injected himself with, this zanpakuto give jack access to a suedo ressurection form. The handle is 5 feet long, with a steel spike at the end. The head of the hammer is large, and spiked on one side. Its silver and dark steel in color, the handle is ornately carved. It wieghts about 50 lb.

Zanpakuto Name: It has no real name, or spirit. Jack calls it Maul, and wills it to release its power.
Zanpakuto Call Out: “Crush their bones, Maul.”
Cero:Cero, Bala, and Gran Rey in Suedo ressurection.

suedo ressurection


jack takes on the form of the picture above. He is now 8 foot tall and covered in metal and bone spikes and armor. His is now down to mid back and his skkin is blood red in color.
Abilities: Poison gas.
Jack fills a ten foot area with toxic gas that causes blurry vision and headaches, depending. Stays airborn for 2 posts. Effects last for two posts. once someones poisoned by either poison gas or poison bone spike, they can not be effected again for 2 posts. 3 post cool down.

Posion bone spike
Jack can shoot out three spikes, that carry his poison that causes blurry vision and headaches. once someones poisoned by once someones poisoned by it, they can not be effected again for 2 posts. 3 post cool down.

Reiatsu bone cannon
Jack forms a cannon of bone on his right arm, that fires powerful blasts of reiatsu. Each blast is as strong as 2 cero, jack can fire it up to three times a turn for three turns, after which his right arm is destroyed and if jack is alive the next turn, he grows a tentacle of bone in its place.

Monstrous form.
This ability is activated after jack has been in suedo ressurection for four posts. His body begins to morph and twist and grow, as spikes of bone extend from him, and two extra bone tentacles grow from his shoulders. He grows another 2 foot, and gains a thicker hierro(x2.5), and strength X5, but his speed drops to X1.5. Lasts for three turns, followed by death.

Boosts: Strength X4 Speed X2, hierro X2 Durabiliy X3 Reiatsu X4.

Back Drop:

Background: Jack rahlyn was born in new york. His father ws a renowned genetic engeneer, and Jack followed in his foot steps. When he was young he was allot smaller than the other kids, and was constantly picked on. His only friend was Shriek who stood up for him. Jack was always loyal to Shriek and when his father ws killed, Jack helped shriek trough. He even went as far as to take a beating from a bully who insulted shriek and made fun of his loss. It was around that time Jack started to become obsessed with power. He was a bright kid and began messing around in his father's lab, experimenting with gene manipulation. An incident, when he was 17, resulted in the emergence of his powers, and that was when it all clicked together for him.

It was around the same time Shriek moved away, and jack was forced to fend for himself. He was constantly bullied and beaten, and stolen from, until he snapped. He went home and began to experiment with a complicated process. He figured it was close to perfect and tested it, and the result was his battle transformation, which gave him emense strength. At first he though he was stuck like that, but the power receded and after a while it became apparent he could take on the form again. At first it was only in times of anger, but later on, he could use it at will.

Jack used it to beat up his bullies, although it was still hard, because he had no fighting experience. But he got better, and after tthat he lusted for more power. He wanted to be able to fight a hundred men, and come out on top, he wanted to use his bones to defend himself and kill others, stop bullets and cut a man's head off. These things became possible as he experimented, on himself and animal's and others. The only down side was he began to age faster, although when he was in his battle transformation he took on his true age.

Jack's father discovered what he had done, and he tried to reverse the effects. But jack would have none of it, and in a fit of rage he killed him. He killed others too, police officers and scientists, he used his strength to steal equipment. Jack was far from immortal though, and he needed more power. He could take on many men at once, but he discovered there was others like him. Men and women with natural powers. He ran experiments and tests on some of them, ones he managed to capture. He discovered a whole new world with them, reiatsu was new to him, and it presented him with so many new possibilities. Jack managed to infused himself with reiatsu, it took almost a year to do, but he increased his capabilities exponentially, and he also discovered the spiritual beings.

Before that, he had never met a soul reaper, never killed a hollow. He didn't know sinners existed, but of all of them it was the arrancar that interested him the most. They were creatures of immense power, with skins of steel and such amazing control over reiatsu they could fire Powerful cannon like things. With the powers of an arrancar at his disposal, he could do anything. So he began his work, he captured and studied weaker ones, pushed their limits, and discovered their second, more primal form.

Jack made progress, but it took almost another year, right around the time he was finally reunited with his freind Shriek and a man named kyozu, but he managed to infused arrancars into humans. Many died, which infuriated him, but he finally discovered how to do it, and he discovered that the more powerful the target, the more powerful the result. He began ifusing himself shriek and kyoku and some of thier hired guns with these powers. As well as that he delved into the domain of zanpakuto. He managed to replicate a total of two, one a powerful hammer he kept for himself, and the other, a pocket knife he gave to Shriek.

In these weapons were stored the power to transform ones body into that of a hollow, a seudo ressurection of sorts. Still, he thirsted for more, and shriek wanted him to create more, but to do so, he needed a godlike arrancar, one of such power that he could create humans powerful enough to change the world with ease. A new era was coming, thanks to the arrancar rui hiretsu.

Side Notes:Note 1: this character is going to be one of the co leaders in jun's event.
Note 2: once Suedo ressurection is activated, the power will slowly overwhelm and Tear Jack appart. This form only lasts for 7 post, so i plan for it to be powerful, but after seven posts he will die, unless some one manages to kill him before that of course.
RP Sample:

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

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Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
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Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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#BFFF00=Lime Green

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Rena's Character Roster
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Jack Rahlyn
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