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PostSubject: Shriek Requiem   Shriek Requiem EmptyWed Dec 28, 2011 4:21 pm

Basic Information
Shriek Requiem Blue10
Name: Shreik Requiem
Age: 20's
True Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Shriek was once the leader of a mafia; he is a very complicated but calm and young man and comes across as intelligent and charismatic. He is also a very cold man, almost inhuman, not feeling any remorse for killing people, hurting pregnant women, and even raping children. He would personally shoot and kill others by his own hand. However, the only people he cares about is his fellow comrades; he doesn't care if your blood or a poor child, he only considers his comrades important to him and even up to the point as refering them as brothers and sisters.

He is an utter psychopath and fanatic, using anyone including children (except his comrades) to accomplish his necesities. He tortures children and thinks he's right to do it. He doesn't just excuse it because it's what he wants; he actually thinks he's noble and doing good. Shriek really thinks he's doing the right thing, or "doing evil to do good." On top of that, his idea of "good" is itself evil and base prejudice/racism. He also seems to have a destinguished liking to young children, being abused himself he belives every child deserves to face the same fate although he also states that he enjoys the sounds of the sound of there cries just as much as the sensation.

Shriek deeply enjoys the sound of torture, the sounds of pain and especially the sounds of screams. The only time he doesn't enjoy it is when it is with his comrades even though he does enjoy it himself being a noted Sadomasochist. he deeply enjoys feeling pain just as much as giving pain; he does what ever he pleases and gets what he wants when he wants it making him slightly spoiled, but not really selfish for he never intends to put his comrades in danger of his own selfish desires.

Despite his psychopathic personality, Shriek seems to be very playful despite keeping a calm and serious expression even though his games deal with blonde and pain he deeply enjoys playing. he tends to look extroverted since he deeply enjoys the accompany of his comrades, but then again Shriek see's his world black and white with layers and layers of red due to his sense of guilt and regret. his sense of guilt and regret are not towards killing people, however it is due to his past.

Likes: domination; power; children; comrades; blood; gore
Fears: death of comrades; solitude; reliving his past/nightmares

Character Appearance

Height: 186 cm 6'1''
Weight: 74 kg 163 lbs
Physical Traits: Shriek is a tall man with really white skin and black and purple hair. Due to lack of sleep he tends to have a dark circle around his only eye. his left eye is a bright teal color while he is missing the other. he also has black lips that conceal his abnormally sharp teeth that are said to look like sharks teeth. he also has long purple and black nails. in resurrecion his hollow hole is located where his right eye is.

Clothing: looks like the photo above, but instead of black and white it's black and purple. he also has a medical patch around his right eye, medicall wrapping around his mouth and sometimes his nose, his hands bandaged and also his left arm right beneathe the shoulders is wrapped up in a crimson covered bandaged. he also tends to have an attachment to his purple scarf.
Accessories: a golden pocket watch; Billy the puppet.

equipment: Reverse Beartrap; venus fly trap; angel trap; shot gun collar; and other torturous devises such as the human grinder.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Shriek is known for his graceful, cruel, and deceitful fighting ability, Not only can he do some pretty flexible and fast attacks, but he's great at dodging objects. He has proven to be deadly, his deviousness and volatility makes many opponents difficult to anticipate his next move, and this has led to him winning many battles. Using reistu enhanced poker cards as his primary weapon, he throws them with ease and deadly accuracy. All in all, he relies a lot on his reflexes more than his eyes. In terms of physical abilities, he has been a noted as both incredibly fast and strong, his durability is average unless he uses resurreccion where he recieves hierro and despite his skeletal figure he's pretty good at pacing himself so his stamina is pretty good, or else it would have been low; he normally tends to plays games with others and if they win he lets them live.

Strengths:he is an expert in Hakudo; he poseses great strength, speed, reflexes and pain resistence. he also has a keen eye which grants him x-ray vision, nearly 360° vision, for seeing pin points, and the ability to see reistu networks.

Weaknesses: Zanjustsu, (He can use cards not swords) Garganta and Sonido (He uses blur). He also has a small blind spot at the upper thoracic vertebrae which is a weakness of which Shreik is actually aware of and takes extra precaution in concealing it from opponents.

Abilities & Weapons


Weapon / Item(s) / Whatever it is on you
Appearance : Poker cards
Powers: games

Name: lady luck
Effect: he is able to create as many cards as he desires and shape shift them as tall as 7 feet, it can be used as a shield being able to block even the toughest cero’s. The cards are thin, but they have blade like edges that are as sharp as a zanpakutou blades, but when they are tossed they take of the speed and effect of a bala as they hit their targets unless he doesn’t care to explode them, then and only then will they stab like daggers.

Name: Byakugan
Effect: The first ability of the Byakugan gives the user a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the third thoracic vertebra. The second ability is being able to see through solid objects, and can use a degree of telescopic sight. The distance range to at least 150 meters, however the Byakugan cannot see through certain barriers. The third and one of the greatest uses of the Byakugan is the ability to see reiryoku, reistu flow as well as the reiryoku circulation system inside the body with great detail. It is from this particular ability that Shriek is able to employ their ultimate attack style: Gentle touch.

Name: Gentle touch
Effect: the Gentle Fist style is a form of hand-to-hand combat that focuses on internal injuries. Each strike, when placed correctly, strikes along the reiryoku pathway system, which is the network of vessels that carry reistu. This network is closely intertwined with the functioning of the body's organs, and so the organs suffer as well. To do this, the user surgically injects a certain amount of their own reitsu into the opponent's reiryoku pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the reiryoku circulatory system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage.

Name: strong touch
Effect: This ability doubles the users strength for three post with a two post cool down; mean while being able to cause external damage and break bones. It is the exact opposite of Gentle Fist which this style of fighting involves smashing your opponent and using Hakudo.

Name: Mystery card
Effect: has the effect of a hado 54, it is a random elemental based attack in shape of a joker card. If it’s fire then it will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact. Ice would temporarily freeze the opponent’s body for either a post or for a few seconds if they are either ice elemental or have brute strength. Thunder would produce a massive shock wave. Darkness would shoot a dark beam, light would shoot a blinding beam that slightly burns, water would shoot a massive wave of water like a water pump directly at the opponent and finally beetle bug is a small bug that is launched into the floor which causes a temporary earthquake that lasts a post. This has a post cool down.

Boosts: strength X3; speed X2; senses X2

Replicate Zanpakuto & Cero

Sealed Appearance: a pocket knife
Zanpakuto Name: none
Zanpakuto Call Out: wanna play a game?
Cero: Cero Sincrético, Bala, cero Oscuras, Hierro, pesquisa, high speed regeneration.

suedo ressurection

Appearance: resurreccion
he appears in a black straight jacket; he has belts all over him some are buckles some are not, it is ver similar to the picture above except for the fact that his sleeves are much longer and leads all the way up to his face covering his mouth. he also has chains that come down his body.

Abilities: razor barbed wires; he has ten in total, one attatched to each one of his fingers. he is able to manipulate them as far as he wants and even change its corse of direction. the barbed wires move like snakes as they are able to easily scar even the toughest hierro.

Name: cards and wires
Effect: Five ace hearts and five spades that explode like a cero within contact, five ace diamonds and five ace clubs that can pierce even the toughest hierro. these cards continue to follow their target until they make contact. they take five posts to cool down since all the mean while Shriek is able to use his barbed wires to attack simultaneously.

Name: twisted nerve
Effect: by shooting five of the barbbed wires into the ground, the wire is able to travel at a high velocity and come from right under the target wrapping around there wrist and ankcles while the last wire normally stabbs in the most creative areas such as in between the legs in attempt to wrip the individual from the inside out, down the throught or even just stab through the chest.

Name: suedo scratch
effect: suedo scratch also known as dimensional cut, enables shriek to literally cut through dimensional barriers and psychic territory. An immense reistsu is concentrated into his nails, improving its strength tremendously and also delivering vital blows towards his target. it also has a two post cool down after five slashes.

Name: Doom

Effect: used as a last resort and takes full toll on schreiks body, it is sort of like a segunda without it really being a segunda. by using one of Jacks unfinished test tubes, Shriek shows his true colors becoming a horrid monster. his strength and hierro is trippled as he brutefully thrashes his opponents with his brute force and iron like body. he is able to shoot three reistu blast that are compared to two ceros each and also a suedo bomb which is the combination of his cero oscuro and his own reiryoku which would end his form and also reduse shriek back to his human form at a terrebly low fatigue state.

Boosts: Hierro X3 regeneration X2 stamina X2 pesquisa X4.

Back Drop:


Quote :
I used to see life in black and white, there was only the good and the bad; I never knew how color blind I was, as to not nottice the red splattered all over it.

Shriek is known as the densendent of John Kramer the Jigsaw serial killer; born in new york city over a hundred after the jigsaw incidents. he suffered many years for his great uncles doings. Shriek was at first an innocent child, he saw the world as black and white, good and bad; a trait he had gotten from his loving and kind father. his father was everything to him, his hero, his life; when his father was murdered in revenge for his great uncles doings, Shriek was devastated. his world was not just black and white anymore, it had red in it... all over it. Shriek was broken emotionally having his only friend that couldn't care less who he was or what he was beside him over his mother, over his family.

Quote :
How disgusting, to think family is supposed to be the closest thing close to a human being. It isn't.

Jack Rahlyn was like an older brother towards Shriek, more so than his actual brother whom was around Jacks age. After Shrieks fathers death and during Shrieks breakdown, Jack was the only person keeping him going. Although, Jack seemed to have had this thing for power; which slowly began to influence Shriek seeing as though people with power could do what ever they wanted to do.

Quote :
My great Uncle was never crazy, if anything he was the purest person in the world; he sought to purify and teach people their wrongs and now I will follow within his foots steps.

Not too long after, his mother was remarried and they moved away keeping Shriek away from Jack; his mother never knew the error she would make. Shrieks step father was an abusive man, doing what ever he pleases and when he pleases; Shrieks mother was overwhelmed with pain and so she let him abuse her unaware that this would have some effect on her son. broken physically, emotionally and spiritually, Shriek soon began to rebuild himself with a new philosophy of his own; he wanted to purify the world and restart life as god. running away from home, he restarted life as a mafian and also continuing the job as jigsaw; he was very young, but with his intelligence and his very strong reitsu his group paid no attention to it.

Quote :
The world is becoming darker and colder, I have to do something to save them; this man says that I am the reancarnation of his god... well maybe I am.

throughout time, Shriek secretly accomplished more than what his Great Uncle John could have ever accomplished, but it wasn't enough. comrades came and went, but it wasn't anyone he truely trusted until one strange day. Shriek was always fascinated by arrancars; Arrancars weren't like shinigamis, they never pretended to be good or the hero and yet they were described as evil. Shriek liked what he saw, he enjoyed their power, he enjoyed the thrill of battling them, but that one day after spilling the blood of a powerful arrancar; a strange man appeared before him covered in blood. he never once met this man before, but he seemed to have claimed him to be some sort of profecy. Ryozo Kurakazi, was this mans name and he reminded him of what he wanted to do and what he wanted to become.

Quote :
The world is a black pit that is full of shit, but not for long; I am the new god of this world and I shall start a new era with hollowfied humans as a new race that will purify this desgusting planet and enduldge all worlds!

At first Ryozo helped him with his works as jigsaw, but then after he was reunited with Jack it became something even more. with Jacks arrancar experiments came a new idea; it was time for a new era, where the world would be purified and a new race would conquer with shriek being the new god of this damned world...

Side Notes: Leader of the event

RP Sample:
Darkness. Everything was covered in darkness. brown eyes peaked through blonde strands of hair just to get blinded by a bright light. The man shut his eyes tightly and then opened them again to see another figure across from him. Pain shot through the blondes stomach as he tried to lift up causing the younger figure to whimper in fear. the man recognized the sound and his eyes darted open in shock, it was the sound of his son. "Aiden!" he cried out. the smaller child looked back at his father in fear, tears weilded in his eyes; he looked no older than a ten year old child. "Papa?" asked the boy weakly. The man lifted up and raced towards his son unaware that he tringered a string and making a clinking sound; the room suddenly brightened up even more to reveal their current position. There was a T.V in the room, it blinked then revealed a strange pale puppet with a red swirl on each cheek, it had back and red eyes and it spoke in a very frightening tone. "Hello David." it said in a dark voice causing the son to run towards his father. "for years you worked in a slaughter house, torturing animals as if they were nothing more than toys."

"who are you?" screamed out the father of the child. "well you see, what goes around comes around." it continued without even taking in consideration what the man asked. David pulled his son closer towards him as the place was making strange noises. "I want to play a game, David." it continued causing the man to glare. "You see we have a grinder," the puppet said causing david to pause and turn to the side to see a oversized meat grinder. "and we have a locked door, now beyond that door lies your liberty, but the only way to get there is by using that grinder. It is programed so that at precisely 28 kg the door will open. It's ironic that your son weighs the same." at this David glared evilly causing his son to clutch onto him. "you have five minutes before the grinders handle locks. Personally you deserve to be locked away for life, but that doesn't mean you can't pay the fine. How much blood would you shed to stay alive?" was the last words of the puppet when the television blacked out and Kira stood there immobile as the time clicked. "papa, whats going on?" Aiden asked now sounding alarmed. Davis patted his head and then bent down towards him face to face. " much do you weigh?" he asked hoarsely. Aiden took a thought before responding. "uh about 60 pounds..." he responded uncertainly. The clock continued to click louder and louder making Aiden's heart pound faster and faster.

"do you love me?" he asked causing his son to stare at him in confusion. "of course papa, no matter what!" the young boy responded quickly."and you know that papa loves you too?" he continued "yes" said his son feeling very strange at his fathers way of speaking. "then you will do what papa tells you to do?" he asked as he carressed his sons face. "...yes..." the child suddenly found his voice sounding very frightened "even if it hurts?" he the father asked as his eyes began to glow. his sone could no longer look at him as he bowed his head and gave a little nod. "I cant here you." the father stated sounding a bit strict. "yes sir." Aiden said in a hurtful tone. David patted his head and then grabbed his hand as he took him to the grinder; hugging his beloved son he spoke silently into his ear. "no matter what happens Aiden, I love you; you are my son, remember that." he said sadly and kissed his sons forehead. David led his son to the handle and gracefully leaped into the grinder. Aiden looked at him oddly as his father made a strange painful moan. "papa..." he was about to continue but was cut off by his fathers strong voice. "Turn the level." he commanded. "what?" asked his son in confusion. "now son, there is not much time." he yelled, the clock was ticking and Aiden began to panic. "but you'll get hurt!" he screamed out. "Do it!" he commanded. "..I-I can't..." he cried "If you love me, then you'll do it." he said coldly

Aidens eyes were now filled with tears as the words clicked in his mind. His hands shook as he grabbed the handle, the clock was ticking louder and louder by the second. "Do it Aiden!" he cried out. His son obediently began to crank the grinder. The sound of bones cracking and flesh tearing filled the young boys ears. David shook and screamed in pain causing Youko to stop. "Don't stop!" his father hollered out in esquishinating pain. "Continue!" Tears treaded down his face as he took the handle. He continued to crank and his father made a horrible cry causing more tears to flow. "Faster Aiden, Faster!" he ordered in between screams.The child obeyed cranking it harder and faster. The beat of his heart now matched the tic of the timer. Blood gushed out of David's mouth and splattered over his sons pale frame, but that didn't stop the child this time. He cranked the grinder faster and faster causing his father to give a small bloody smile. "that's it …. good boy..." he said slowly as his body began to slowly sink down.

The door suddenly opened and the timer stopped causing the young bloody child to collapse on his knees breathing heavily. Tears streamed down the child's face as he slowly catch his breath. taking hold of the grinder, he pulled himself back onto his feet; he was trembling violently as he attempted to look over to see his father. "Papa?" he called painfully in between tears and sobbs. His eyes suddenly widened in shock and fear as he saw the most frightening sight. Only half of his father was there, he was facing down with a visual smile across his face. Aidens chest went up and down as he inhaled a large amount of air. Blood filled the boys senses and he fell backwards landing on something soft and wet. The boy became very still as he lifted his hand to his face to see what was the warm wet liquid. Blood oozed down his hand and onto his arm. blue eyes fearfully gazed down; and to his horror he was right over the grounded flesh of his father. The frightened child gave out a horrifying bloody shriek completely unaware he was being watched.

sitting at a desk, was a man wearing a pig mask; he had a few screens in front of him each with a different sceanery. on his desk was a few strange toys, the famouse jigsaw reverse bear trap, the infamous venus fly trap and other tools; taking off the mask he suddenly sat on his desk. he had short purple and black hair and a bright turquoise eye with a strange black marking that came down it. "How sad he sacrificed himself for the life of his child... to bad the whole world wasn't like that; atleast he was purified here instead of in hell." he commented to know one in particular except for Billy his puppet...
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