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 some custom kidou (Feel free to deny hadou 99)

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PostSubject: some custom kidou (Feel free to deny hadou 99)   Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:09 pm

Name: Push of the Almighty One
Type: [Bakudo Way of Binding ]
Number: 93
Incantation: N/A
Description: This kidou forces invisible walls around the user that can expand and push all objects including terrain around the user. It can refelct and repel anything during its duration but it only lasts as long as the user concentrates on it. (One post. but time limit would be 30 seconds.) The barrier can expand and push everything back depending on the reiatsu of the user. (Example a captain could get an entire mile out of it if they pushed out bankai levels of reiatsu where as a vice captain could only get half a mile using max power. The normal range is 20 feet. While the max is one mile.) This kidou doesn't actually harm those it pushes back. It simply forces them backwards as far as the barrier is extended. This bakudo requires intense concentration and alot of reiatsu so even captains can't use it more than once without being fatigued. This being the case that means that even though the bakudo can effect a total of one mile. It is highly unrealistic for it to reach that point as it would take nearly all of a Captain's reiatsu to do it.


Name: Gekihen hakyoku (Cataclysmic Catastrophe)
Type: [Hadou Way of Destruction]
Number: 99

Incantation: Brush off vanity and show reality as the essence of the universe converge to tear away the proof of your existance. Let these powers sunder away your very core as they attempt to destroy your insignificat soul. Roaring in the darkness as your existance is thrown into a neverending realm of pain and suffering since the cosmos itself is after your life..pray now before all is reduced to nothingness.

This Kidou has many steps to it Here they are.

1st - Flames as intense as the sun are created out of nothing in the 25 feet radius. This will form an inescapable and unextinguishable bubble of flame to keep its target from escaping. This flame happens instantly and is almost impossible to avoid being trapped by.

2nd - An extreme amount of lightning begins to form inside the flame bubble and expand to zap and electrify every inch inside the bubble. This lightning can singe a shinigami without much effort. The lightning is dodgeable but since it doesn't end as long as the Kidou is active it doesn't really matter.

3rd - Ice spikes form in the areas not being affected by lightning and continually reform when it IS effected by lightning. in essences any ice spikes not being currently destroyed by lightning is trying to form and impale anyone trapped within the bubble of flame. Neither the flame nor the Ice effect one another. only the lightning effects the ice and only so it could attack anyone trapped IN the ice before it reformed.

4th - a giant vaccum of air forms inside of the giant flame sphere to catch and keep its targets from being able to avoid much of the damage that the entire kidou will cause to their body since it sucks and forces their body to be in the center of it.. The winds themselves do not cause any damage as their purpose is to keep the being from dodging the rest of the kidou.

5th - Multiple sharp rods are created and fly into the target(s) body(s) (aka the hands and feet.) These painfully placed rods then create an illusion within the targets heart, mind, and soul. These illusions cause an image of Sharu herself to appear infront of them and seem unaffected by the godlike destruction that the beings would be witnessing being done to them. As this happens the illusion of sharu would begin to torture their very soul by stabbing a copy of her Zanpaktou into them over and over..not doing physical damage to their body but to their soul and mind instead..causing them to have their will broken as it'd seem like years passed in the 30 seconds that truely passed.

6th - After about 30 seconds of this kidou the powers containing and creating it collapse onto itself and explode into a 75 foot radius in every direction. This explosion has the power of the elements that were used in the kidou as well as pure reishi in it. making it possibly the most devastating explosion ever known.


Subject: Bakudo 88 Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:25 am
Name: Itami (Pain)
Type: [Bakudou ]
Number: 88

Incantation: Darkness of the eternal abyss, Claim the soul that wanders into my path and suck away its will to fight, Attack everything in the way of this goal as you begin your descent into making the soul beg for death. Bakudo number 88 Itami!

Description: A red outline forms over the very skin of the intended target(s) and attacks their pain receptors all over their body. This pain cannot be ignored because of this fact. Anyone who is under this bakudo will feel as if they were stabbed everywhere by small knives. Causing their actions to be hindered while under its effect and making it hard for them to focus for kidou. Though it doesn't make it impossible for either to occur.


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PostSubject: Re: some custom kidou (Feel free to deny hadou 99)   Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:01 pm

Hado denied, and i think the first bakudo is in need of an incatation O~O seems very powerful. other than that i will apporve that one with incatation, and the 3rd one as is


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some custom kidou (Feel free to deny hadou 99)
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