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 Kira is back, but is only for the Arena

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Jun Tomoshibi
Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Kira is back, but is only for the Arena   Thu May 10, 2012 11:07 pm

Vizard Template

Basic Information

Name: Kira Reikon
Age: 27
True Age: 1666
Sex: Female

Personality: The personification of death, she loves to slaughter and kill anything with legs. The puppy kicker, the baby killer, the destroyer of life, she feels she doesn't enjoy herself enough, and she enjoys herself by killing. Typically cool and calm, she is always spoiling for a good fight. She is arrogant, overconfident, and likes to flaunt her power. To those that don't fear her instinctively, she is very seductive, no matter what the gender. However, she is very respectful to those she acknowledges being her level, even if they're an enemy, if a bit reluctant. In battle, she is like the female version of Kenpachi Zaraki of old. Her viewpoint is also that there is no such thing as cheap shots. It can be said that her presence can be felt by an entire city when she enters it, the feeling being death and calamity, and she makes herself known, if on vacation, via mass murder.

Likes: Fights, gory movies, and glory.
Fears: World peace, Sloths, Hummingbirds.

Character Appearance

Height: 6"2'
Weight: 145 lbs

Physical Traits: She has shiny black hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Glowing orange eyes that are slitted and a pretty face rounds out any facial features. She is lightly tanned and has a bust rivaling Rangiku Matsumoto's. She can easily be mistaken for a model, albiet a healthy one. Despite that she is thin, her muscle density is much greater than normal, in part due to her shikai.

Clothing: She wears a red version of a shinigami uniform along with an inverted (color scheme wise) haori.
Accessories: None

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: While she has a basic understanding of strategy, brute force is her method to get things done. She also makes sure her targets know full well what she's capable of, showing off at first, and then seeing what they got and if they can match up to her. As such, it doesn't take long before she unleashes her shikai for maximum killing power, and then combines that with her speed and kido ability. She tends to bring her mask up just before the killing blow, or what she perceives as the killing blow, and keeps her bankai as her primary trump card.

Strengths: Kido to mixing incantations of spells and using them for double the cooldown(no matter what the level of the two spells are, it will take double the cooldown of the highest level one to use even the lower leveled one again. Well the ranges at least), Shunpo to Utsusemi and leaving up to five afterimages. Expert swordsmanship. Scythe user expert. Durability. And spiritual pressure/energy. Physical Strength...which she is meant to hit extremely hard and fast...

Weaknesses: Without at least a sword, she's practically harmless if you're able to neutralize her kido and keep up with her. She's not good on controlling her hollow powers, so her cero and bala are fairly weak and she can't use her mask for very long (half the time of a normal vizard), but she still uses it/them. Her stamina also rather lacking.

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Sealed Appearance: An all black nodachi with four curved blades forming the guard.

Spirit’s Name: Kira

Spirit’s Appearance: An eight foot tall, all black werewolf with orange eyes and wielding a double sided, three bladed scythe.

Spirit’s Personality: The two share the same name, which literally translates to killer. And like its master, Kira the zanpakutou is one that loves to kill. It pretty much has only one desire, to reap as many lives as possible. Because of this, the two get along extremely well. Kira the zanpakutou is more aggressive and is more easily riled up. To those that don't fear it, it will make them fear it, a contrast to its master.

Inner World: A lifeless, black forest occasionally lit up by moonlight.

Kidou: Bakudo: 39, 61, 63, and 81.

Hado: 96, 91, 90, 31, 32, 33, 54, 58, 63, 73, 88. Hyōga Seiran.


Call Out Command: "Kill: Kira!"

Appearance: An all black, eight feet long, six bladed scythe. Three blades are on one side, while the other three are on the other side, parallel with those. Each blade is about five feet in length. There is also a curved blade on top, where the top two scythe blades are connected.

Abilities: Mi Gai Dageki-A trio of black, crecent shaped (usually) energy masses is fired at the target. It can target multiple people, up to three obviously, or concentrated to a single target. Each is the same strength as a Getsuga. Two post cooldown

Gai Shi-Rudo-Essentially summons a black wall in front of her that will block up to a level 80 kido. One post cooldown.

Haburi Kei Gai-Black, triangle shaped protrusions come out all along the blades and exponentially increases the scythe's destructive power. By tripling her strength and the overall power of the blade for a single post. Her strongest ability. Four post cooldown.

Wolf Pack: Summons five wolves that are six tiers lower than she is. They explode with the power of a cero when they bite you or are destroyed. 1 post cooldown.

Boosts: Stamina triples, strength doubles.


New Name: Kaibutsu Kira

Appearance: A giant, black werewolf the size of Komamura's bankai. Its forearms is clad in spiked armor, as is its chest and legs. Hidden in its fur, are dozens of black wolves that will attack if one gets too close. Also hidden in its fur, are approx. 15 eight foot tall black werewolves armed with a variety of swords and three bladed sythes. The giant itself wields a pair of massive scythes that looks exactly like her shikai. While it can act according to its own will, if damaged, the damage also shows on Kira. In addition, she gains a pair of silver, two bladed, four and a half foot scythes with chains at the very bottom connecting them to a bigger weapon, which is a scythe/pendulum weapon with two blades on each end, facing opposite directions. It is also ten feet long and the chains that connect the smaller scythes to it connects at the center.

Abilities: The spikes on the armor can launch at the speed of a cero.

Kuroi Harike-no Yaiba-Her last and final trump card. this attack has two forms, the second of which is the true trump card and last resort. The first, she needs to swing/twirl her massive weapon above her head. The giant werewolf and its minions dissolve into black energy that fuses into her for a single, last ditch attack energy attack. Because this is her last effort, it is able to break through and shatter even the strongest of defenses, and if it doesn't kill, it will most certainly cause enough damage for someone weaker than she to finish them off. Or the explosion will do it for her. She is naturally done afterwards.

Wolves/werewolves-Kira can summon her own pack in bankai, creating up to fifteen normal black wolves and five eight foot tall werewolves armed with her shikai. The normal wolves are 6 tiers lower than she is, the werewolfs are 5 tiers lower than she is. This is the upgrade version of her shikai's. Three post cooldown.

All previous abilities are usable as well.

Boosts: Her strength and speed triples, and stamina is uped by 1.5 times.


Appearance: Her mask takes the shape of a human skull with four black spikes on it, two above each eye.

Abilities: An augmentation of all of her natural powers. Times 3. But she can only hold it for half as long as a normal vizard.

Hollow Powers: The standard cero and bala, both are black, but not very powerful compared to other vizards or arrancars.

Back Drop

Background: Much about Kira's history remains a secret. According to records, she joined the Gotei 13 when she was about a century old, and was a rising star among the ranks. All of that ended when she became a captain. There, she murdered two captains and hundreds of shinigami as she escaped into the Human World. Somehow, she avoided detection for the most part, and had cut a bloody swath through the ages (about 300 years). Somehow, she ended up in the hollow world, where several adjuchas had dragged her there. It was at that point when she noticed a disturbance in her very soul. She soon found out why. Naturally, she fought her inner hollow for dominance. In the process, the semi-hollowfied Kira obliterated an army of Gillian and Adjuchas class menos. Not all at once, but they still did it. After nearly a week of fighting in the Menos Forest, Kira managed to come out on top…barely. She stayed in Hueco Mundo for another 400 hundred years, training and honing her hollow powers as best she can. She returned to the world of the living by threatening some lower grade hollow, then killed it later. She soon met another woman vizard named Rena Lisola. They fought and Kira lost. In exchange for not killing anyone, Kira was offered a place, a home, where she can battle all she wants. And have glory. Kira accepted and now resides as the last obstacle to anyone who wishes to fight the Queen of Heaven's Tower.

Side Notes: Was originally an Org. Leader. Then the org. got disbanded, so now she would be 1-1.
RP Sample: Um...any staff's use? For the Arena?

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PostSubject: Re: Kira is back, but is only for the Arena   Thu May 10, 2012 11:13 pm

Approved!? o..o i see nothing wrong..


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PostSubject: Re: Kira is back, but is only for the Arena   Thu May 10, 2012 11:21 pm

Same, Seconded 1-1 tier. Good luck.

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PostSubject: Re: Kira is back, but is only for the Arena   

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Kira is back, but is only for the Arena
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