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PostSubject: Elvosto Toru (finished)   Elvosto Toru (finished) EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 2:49 am

Basic Information

Name: Elvosto Toru
Age: 38
True Age: 392
Sex: Male
Personality: A destructive blood thirsty criminal is what he could be called. His mind only think for one thing and one thing only killing. He was born to kill he has no other choose but to kill. He cares for no one and nothing cares for him. Its no joking matter that his will to see people reseave pain is his only reason for wanted to stay a live. Being sent to hell what other reason can he really have he is in a hell. Hell truly turned him to being the way he is. You could blam hell but thats gonna get you no wear. His mind causes him to only thing and feast like an animal but that doesent mean he is one. In fact he is very civilized when not battling. That does not mean he wont cut your neck in an instant no, in a battle he really is not thinking the way he is acting. Multi attitudes, he is bypolar you could say. Because in his mind he is extreamly clam but still wanted to kill you could say he stays clam inside and his outsides just goes on and does what ever it feels like. He does not like people who dont like to fight. If someone actually trys he is still going to kill them but has a little more respect for them. The ones that try to get out of it are the ones that he truly hates but loves to kill because he gets to really get in grove and show his strength. When he gets in the zone he truly enjoys himself because showing people who think fighting is not worth anyones time is so fun to him. He tryed not fighting but look were he is at in the bottom of hell. He great killing instinct has clouded his mind for sometime but still he thinks about getting out of hell and living free again. His attitudes does not change he is purly the same all the time. Hence he might would change if he is ever able to get out of hell.

1: Being in hell his likes are limited but he has learned to injoy making plans to get out of hell. Even if they have been screwed up its still hope of getting out of that hell hole. Out of all the plans he has made he created one he just loved and keeps with him. He has never read it outside or next to anyone because its to much love in the dame thing.

2: Some of his other less liked but still something to do likes are. Having fights to know who is the strongest and more elite of the hell demons. He is very strong and holds a high rank so really enjoys winning and getting a higher rank.

3: The only other thing left in his hell hole life killing. Killing and bringing pain is the only other thing that has brought any kind of joy into his life. Seeing others be harmed and beg for their life truly is one of his favorite joys and loves. He truly loves this when they get on their legs and beg him for another chance then he fills them with hope and then cuts them down.
1: Most think or would think that your in hell what else do you have to fear. Elvosto begs to differ. There are many and his most feared is having to spend a life of being immortal in hell. Whats worse dieing or being sent to a place where you live to die and be brought back to life again and again feeling pain over and over again.

2: Another thing he fears is the ruler of hell the beast with the power to kill anyone. No one has the power he does he is a monster. Immortality and a master of everyone who is in hell what is Elvosto expost to do with that nothing except excape from hell.

3: The last thing that hell can do to you. Seal you in a hole and your body rotes and melts away but your mind and sould are still there. That is something anyone would fear. He fears this even more than dieing over and over and over.

Character Appearance

Height: 6'1
Weight: 179
Physical Traits: - PICTURE HEAR
Clothing: The official grey hell bandages that cover his whole body up until his face. Then his cloths cover the banges. When out of hell he wears the official hell cloths and mask that keep him from being caught and killed.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style:
Before ever being sent to hell his skills at fighting were ones to be most wanted and desired. His powers hence then have been increasing for some time now. He has five blades that have the most shiny and beuitiful blade and sharpest of the sharp. They have been untouched from hells dark aura. Thats only because Elvosto keeps them safe.

During a fight Elvosto with in every quater second draws a new blade. Then with in the quater second does a quick but deadly attack. In a full out attack about its deadly because with ever draw of the blade thats a charge for a strong attack mixed in with speed becomes a deadly mix of power. He brings out the very best of himself when his opponent does not want to fight so he prefers to make them try to not fight instead of actually making them mad. In a way he is crazy but smart at the same time.

From hell he has learned and trained with demons that have the power to destroy the ss with hardly using none of their power. Thats one of his goals to become that strong. So he has strickly trained himself to think and act in a battle as a beast. To always intimidate his opponent and never show them his next move. From this he has one many battles, from these many battles he has learned the varias weak points in any opponents body. Studing the ways of fighting tale slinder build, short fat, tall fat, slinder short, etc. Each has their own weakness along with key points.

Learning new and old ways of fighting from varias opponents. His battle skills have increased. Along with that he has also learned most male opponents really underestimate the kick to the testicules. It may seem cheap but its still a hit and can win a battle in a instant. He prefers not to use this most of the time but will if it comes down to it. He would use it if he feels he might lose but that is rare for now.

Out of all his fights he most injoys ones that bring much pain and suffering to his opponent. Anything that makes them suffer he is happy with. As long as its just a paper cut he is happy. His key way to turn people on each other is a key to his team if he is fighting in a group. Quickly turning team members on team members is a good way to quickly destroy them while they are not watching. He cares not about honor if there was the strongest man and the second strongest if a coward killed the strongest man like a coward then the coward would then be the strongest man. Thats his moto but mostly he changes it up as he says it.

In all he is a very rage filled fighter he does not like fights with low standereds of sorry fighters. He has learned to love fighting with flames and burning his opponent to death. Learning new and more ways of bringing pain he has really changed from his first days. His blade now does not even give a sound his zan spirit dead but still he fights with it. Although his blade is not very sharp it still cuts and actually brings a more painful and tearing blow than a normal sharp blade.

1: His use of shunpo is a key ingrediant to his techniques. He renamed his shunpo by calling it (hell rush). Its not very different from shunpo but is in a few ways. First he draws in reiatsu and fires it out as he rushes forward. It increases the shunpo by a little but not much. Instead of a silent sound though this shunpo gives off a lound sound much similiar to a women taking her nails and running them down a school board.

1: His full control over kidou never actually grew. He never saw the reason for learning something that was not pure. But now he sees fully why he should have. It would have been a great improvment for him but hence its to late now he wont be getting back to real world for some time.

2- water-Due to his bodies insides being made of fire water is a very bad weakness for him.

Mods/ Weapons/ Abilities:

Weapon / Hellish Modifications / ..Tentacle?:
demonic face- his face is just the skull his hair is still attached but his face is just a skull. His nose breaths out smoke and his eyes are burning and covered in fire.

Name: Diablas ignition
Effect: Its powers grant him the power to have full control over fire. This control over fire grants him the ability to control and summon lava as well. This fearsome ability in a teir of power in 1-up could allow him to summon enough lava to cover about half of karukura town. Even though he can control it lava if he touches it will also harm him just for the fact that lava has the power to put out fire. All and all the ability grants manipulation over fire and lava

Name: Diablas ignition
Effect: His blade cracks and fire then burst from with in side. This blades power allows Elvosto to increase his speed and strength. Along with giving off a heat around Elvosto 15 feet around to be correct. The heat is equal to 325 degrees.

speed x2 strength x2

Name: ultimate hell demon
Effect: His small body explodes into flames. Then The world seems as if it stops a dark shadow comes over the area. Then the ground starts to shake. The a large bright red reiatsu rushs up into the air. Appearing is a large skeleton the size of a menos grande. Flames ingulf the skeleton forming muscle organs ever part of the body but no sking or anything just body with flames as body parts. His body now gives off a heat of 700 degree's cover 30 feet around Elvosto.

strength x3
Elvosto Toru (finished) WOLV048_cov


Name: [What is the name of your ability?]
Effect: [What does your ability do? Remember that these are supposed to be very powerful since you are strong enough to escape hell multiple times easily and fight off hell's guardians ( But not it's will ) ]

Name: [What is the name of your ability?]
Effect: [What does your ability do? Remember that these are supposed to be very powerful since you are strong enough to escape hell multiple times easily and fight off hell's guardians ( But not it's will ) ]

Back Drop

Toru was shunned in school from his 6th grade year to his senior year. He loved fighting went the a martial arts school. Their he trained for many years. Progressing to a 4th degree black belt and beating his master. Fighting was what he lived and breathed. He loved it so much that every martial arts tournament he went to he won. He became very famous for a while and never did loose.

Until one night a man from Japan that had trained much longer than Toru came to the ring. Toru felt he could win and it looked that way from the start of the fight. But the man never stopped coming at Toru. Toru tired out letting the man come and beat him almost to death. People told him to stop the fight but he did not do so. He wanted to show them all what he could do but the man he won he broke Toru back in three different parts. From their torus life went from being good to a living hell. All those people who cheered for him now cheered for the other man. While at the hospital toru expected some to come at least. But at last no one did toru stayed their until he was healed and could walk. toru had no family left but he figured he would be fine. He was left alone and the people who wanted him to fight for them no longer called him.

He was nothing more than a ghost wondering around with humans. Toru from their only wanted revenge on the ones who he thought loved him. He then developed a plan to kill them all. He lived alone and did not work he was a bum. But one day he meet three teens that were also alone. Meeting them made him forget about what he wanted most. They like him were threw out their parents were dead. They had no one to protect them. Toru felt he needed to protect the three from any bad danger. They were a bit happy they stole from people. They stole just about everything they needed in life. They stole enough and saved what they stole and was able to rent a large but nasty apartment. It was not much but it would do for them. From the night they rented the apartment that was the night of the fangs. Toru and the other three went to a bank. They were going to try to still all of the money that was their if they could but they were not real smart enough to know something would happen to them. But instead they formed a team, Toru was held to gun point by gang.

That happened before they could ever even try to get inside of the bank. They were going to kill the three teens but toru begged them not to. Toru told them he knew how to steal the money from the bank. He told them he would steal the money if they let the three kids go. The gang figured they would not lose anything but they told toru if he failed that they would kill the teens and make him watch. Toru did the deed he succeeded in it. He stole ever little penny in the bank. Toru was so good that the bank never called the cops until the next day. After that toru's life changed a good bit. The gang asked him to join they needed some one like toru in it. He agreed and he went up in ranks pretty quick. They stole from many other banks and figured they needed to move to a different city. But the gang had been having trouble with the leader stealing from the group. So the group asked toru to kill the leader they handed him a gun and asked him to do it. Toru felt nothing but for the teens. So that night he walked into the leaders room while he was asleep. Toru shot him square in the face and never felt a thing. Toru would only walk out and say have a good night gang. The group stayed around the same city for about 3 years.

They stopped stealing from fear they would get caught. But on one night a demon would come to play with demon's. The group had been having trouble with another group so they figured they should just fight and be done with it. The gangs meet up at an ally way in the south district of the city. The gangs would start fighting each other toru would jump down and start cutting through the enemy with a sword he had bought. Then a large figure would appear from the sky. Then a red light came down and killed most of the other gangs men. Torus men would only stand their and look at toru Because now toru was bleeding. Half of his body was now missing and his friends or friend he thought were friends ran and left him laying their. Toru would only thing of the teens and then his eye's would start to fade in and out. Before going all the way out he for just one second felt like he saw a man in a black suit say to him rest for you have lived.

Toru would only remember hate and sadness. He felt alive but did not see anything or fill. He felt as if he was talking to himself but was not. Then on one day a darkness came over a small part of hueco mundo. As then a sound like a dieing child came then toru would appear laying on the hot sands of hueco mundo. From the feeling he felt before the thoughts of talking and seeing and hearing actually came true. Toru would open his eye's it was hard for him to walk. His shark like appearance was filling the air. He could only remember little pieces of his past but as time progressed he would remember even more. As to life progressed as a hollow he meet more hollows killed them and moved on. Toru the had been around hueco mundo long enough to see the great fights of the espada and see them get killed. Toru would only run and hide and stay by himself for a while. For some long time their were only a few amount of arrancars but they were weak. With the espada gone and the king or so called king of hueco mundo gone. Their was no fighting in hueco mundo for a while. Except for the feedings of the hollows and the growing. But Toru felt like the place needed some strong leaders.

Toru trained for some time before actually getting powerful enough for even some hollows to even notice him. Toru had been being followed by two hollows for sometime now so he would turn around and wait for them. Toru would wait for a long time before feeling one of the reiatsu's die out. Then he felt the other get more powerful. Toru's did not understand he would start to run to the spot were he felt the reiatsu. He then saw something very different. He say two hollows trying to remove their mask one was about dead the other was growing with reiatsu. Then a bright light would come from the hollow and then stop. The light would stop and let the hollow appear again. But this time it was more human like in every way. The word arrancar would come into Toru's head. He too wanted to become a arrancar but did not know how.

He did not want to die but that would have to be a consequence. Toru would then grab his mask pull a bright white light would come from him. The white light was much brighter than the other arrancar's. In Toru's mind he did not know what has happening except for the fact he just got up and was trying to remove his mask. Toru them would start to feel a strong pain it hit every cell in his body. Then the light would stop toru would lay down and try to see if anything was different. He felt no different but was he dead or could he even tell if he was dead.

He would open his eye's to see a pair of hands then fell his face. Only a about half of his mask was left about half of what was left was on both sides of his face. He did not know what happened he thought at his level he would not succeed but he did. Toru would stand up Then he would see a black blade fall from his back. He would pick it up and look was this their before or did it come when he became an arrancar. Then Toru was face to face in front of the arrancar. Toru did not like others so he did not even give the arrancar a chance before cutting him into two half’s. The arrancar would fall to the ground then toru would start to walk away.

From then on his life as a arrancar would grow he grew a bit strong after that. He meet a new arrancar who was an espada. Toru did not know that their was new espada but did not care at the moment. He would stay with the espada and train for a good while a couple of years together they became friends. Toru was made the prime-fraccion of fraccion 7 Toru was good at what the espada had him do. Toru stay the prime for a good 50 years before getting called to the espada meeting by the strongest espada. From their Toru's new life would start and he would grow to become much stronger than a normal arrancar.

Being a arrancar seemed like a dream to toru but it did not last very long. His lust for power grew along with his rage towards people. With every new step in power he was marked more of a treat. His power grew to a size that scared most arrancars. He was quickly rushing up the espada line and being showed much more respect. This quick dash up the line frightened the espada that were ahead of toru he was now espada 5 and it had only tooken 2 years to get that far. Fightened at what could happen to them the espada created a plan a plan to kill the espada toru.

Their plan involved sending toru on a mission of attacking and killing as many humans as he could. What he did not know was that they notified and told the SS. This toru the SS was also wanting to kill so they accepted an offer to quickly get ride of this espada. It was only a few hours and toru had almost killed an whole city. This destructive behavior locked his fate and gave the get to the SS to kill him. Toru put up a very strong fight it took 5 captains to finally put him down. They gave him the most disgraceful death tearing him apart and burning him.

Toru a woke and stayed in a place he did not know of. He acted as if he was dead but wasent he was alive or so he thought. His spirit never wondered for when he became a spirit he was quickly placed under chains and held in one spot. It was not long before hearing a loud sound and a large hand come out and pull Toru in. He had no idea what was happening to him. He felt anything would be better than just staying there in the same place. He was wrong because as quickly as he was pulled in he awoke tied in bandages with a smell of the dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Elvosto Toru (finished)   Elvosto Toru (finished) EmptyFri Dec 23, 2011 4:35 am

finished and ready for check
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PostSubject: Re: Elvosto Toru (finished)   Elvosto Toru (finished) EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 4:27 pm

your blade skills degree's need to be toned down to 110ish.. 325 would pretty much kill anyone after 20 seconds... I've looked it up..

Otherwise I don't see a big problem.. anyone else?

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PostSubject: Re: Elvosto Toru (finished)   Elvosto Toru (finished) EmptySun Jan 15, 2012 5:33 pm

Lava wont put out fire. Um, I think the ability to summon lava is a bit op, considering it says you can cover half of Kurakara town. That would be way to much.

Also you didn't say how long the Blade skill lasts, or give it a cool down.

For the ultimate hell demon, you definatly need to say how long it lasts and give it a cool down. Also if 325 would kill anyone after 20 seconds, 700 will set turn them to ash in seconds. That should be lowered to about 200, Or some other reasonable number around that.

Fix that and what rena wanted and I'll approve.

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PostSubject: Re: Elvosto Toru (finished)   Elvosto Toru (finished) EmptyThu Feb 16, 2012 2:07 am

Not usable until you get a 1-5 tiered character.

Tier: 2-4

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Elvosto Toru (finished)
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