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PostSubject: Caliborn   Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:12 pm

Basic Information

Name: Caliborn
Age: 16
True Age: Unknown
Sex: Male

Caliborn has a variety of interests which all seem to go down the "OHGODWHAT" path of horrific things. His greatest love is probably his love of Games, if you could call it love for games anyway, his love for games goes beyond the comprehension of love itself and enters the area of "Horror". This meaning he loves games so much he would risk his life and others lives to play them, doing just about anything he can just to get to games, like a bad addiction, except far more bloody and gruesome. He is also not above cheating or finding loopholes in games in order to be the victor. As much as he "cheats" he often finds ways to justify it or say he is not cheating and in fact find ways to make the opponent seem like a cheater instead. He would go so far as to insult you, put you down, maybe even kill you for accusing him of cheating even if in a way he did. He also appears to have a thing for twists, often revealing someone at the end of his games that turn the tables entirely.

Another one of Caliborn's interests seems to be death itself. Caliborn isn't much of a reader, or has any interests in affairs of other people, though seems to always pay attention in everything he sees if it involves the death of someone. He seems to have no preference for death either, it could be tortured till death, burned, drowned, strangled, or just shot in the head and he would find it amusing and interesting, not to mention fun. This is probably why he often puts death in his games. It is not just death either, he finds torture and Genocide to be especially interesting, he loves hearing the sounds of screams and whimpers of people as they are being killed or tortured, loving the look of large populations dying suddenly from a mass genocide. As much as this is his favorite thing, he would be very surprised to see someone he cannot kill, and as such, would probably fear them, not so much fear as he doesn't want to die, more so a fear that someone can over power him and stop his fun, but he would probably never give up even in that case. He is not the type to show mercy, nor is he the type to have emotional bonds that cannot be broken with his love of death, though he may allow someone to live if they play a game with him.

In Caliborn's mind, the word love doesn't even come close to comprehension, in his mind violence and horrible torture would be more so romantic in his eyes. When the word love or gentle comes around he thinks of it as some type of dirty kinky stuff, that only the worst people would get in to, and as such, gets in to it himself. He has horrific fantasies about sweet and innocent things such as holding hands, but not because they are so sweet and innocent, cause to him, they are dirty as hell.

His favorite things to eat seem to be meat of any kind and candy of any kind. He is not a picky eater per say when it comes to meat, he would probably eat human flesh if it was presented to him. Eating it raw, cooked, wouldn't matter, he'd just rip off a piece and eat it, even if the person was still alive. His love of candy is more so just to satisfy his taste buds.

Caliborn is moderately cocky as well, often underestimating his opponents and thinking of them as just useless pawns that he will conquer. He seems to have no real reason for caring for anyone and as such, considers himself a god of some nature.

Likes: Games, Death, Torture, Genocide, Killing, Twists, Love, Meat, Candy, Horror, Screams
Fears: Those who he cannot kill.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'7
Weight: 180lbs
Physical Traits:

Caliborn seems to take the appearance that of a green skull monster. His fingers are sharpened to be claws, his feet have talons, and his mouth has sharp teeth. His bald head goes along with his skull-like appearance, with his cheekbones popped out with red swirls on them. He appears to have long eyelashes that bring out the redness in his eyes that make them so intimidating. More often then not his eyes will contain red veins in them. He has no nose to speak of, just 2 nostril holes. His body is fairly slim but seems to be heavier then most. His one leg also seems to be metallic, and is made of fairly strong steel which is connected to his nerves at the top to allow him to move it freely. One of his fangs also appears to be made of gold, the rest being green in color. He has dark green bags under his eyes.


He wears a black T-shirt with an alternate symbol for Ophiuchus on it, with the swirl in the middle being red in color, the same as his blood. He wears green trousers which almost match his skin color with suspenders that go over his shoulders, which are a lighter shade of green then his trousers. Other then that, he doesn't appear to wear anything else.



Fighting Style

General Fighting Style:

Caliborn's fighting style varies from time to time since he is not someone to stick with a certain style. Although he often changes it up, his fighting style is more often then not brutal and gruesome, bloody at some points. He often will use his strength to his advantage, however, he can also be moderately strategic and capable of planning out moves moderately well. He changes it up time to time, sometimes playing games with his opponents or just going out and killing them as fast as he can, either way works for him. He also really loves it when he manages to scare the shit out of people. In some cases... that is part of his strategies.. As one of his abilities is capable of scaring people out of their minds. He will use his powers almost every time he fights, and often relies on them more then anything else.



Being a Sinner, Caliborn's strength is already above other races, being capable of fight against bankai and shikai without even needing to activate his abilities. His strength is most definitely his greatest attribute, he takes pride in it as well, despite getting the x4 boost for being a Sinner, he is also 3x as strong as that, and his strength becomes even further enhanced when he uses one of his abilities. He uses his strength most in battles and will often not even need to rely on anything else besides this, especially when he activates one of his abilities. His strength is so powerful that ice storms or high winds would not even shake him, and if he were entrapped in ice, he could simply shatter it from the inside with pure force alone.

His endurance is another thing he takes pride in, it also gets the Sinner racial bonus of x4 but it is also higher then most Sinners by at least 1.5x. He is capable of taking many hits without a bit of damage unless of course the person he is fighting is stronger then he is. He will often walk through attacks like they are nothing and just continue to attack without even caring about the "damage" his body is taking.

Caliborn's spiritual pressure is incredibly high, so high in fact that when it is released around him, the air looks as if it's being brought to the ground. His spiritual pressure also seems to let off a sort of intimidating feel, as though your going up against a demon, and only increases when he transforms.


Caliborn's weakest trait is most likely his speed, while it is higher then average, that is only because he is a Sinner. It does not get much of a boost compared to most Sinner's though, he often talks about how he does not need speed to be powerful, but he is unable to move at speeds that of a average Sinner.

Mods/ Weapons/ Abilities:

Weapon / Hellish Modifications / ..Tentacle?:


Caliborn is in possession of a weapon of his own, a black cane (Seen above in his appearance) that is capable of transforming into that of a black heavy gun that looks similar to a AK-47.

Bullets: Caliborn's gun is capable of firing out blasts of condensed reaitsu at a high speed. These reiatsu bullets are about half as strong as a bala and move half the speed of a bala, but can be shot 3-per-second. After approximately 100 bullets are shot however, he must wait 3 posts in order to fire it again.

Disappear: His Cane/Gun is also capable of disappearing and reappearing at will in his hand if he so desired, meaning if he is unable to fire bullets for 3 posts, he can have the gun disappear until he can again.

Name: Monster

In order to activate the rest of his abilities, he must first transform into his monster state (or be in his Demon state.)

Upon transformation, Caliborn will grow in size, sprouting large horns on either side of his head that curl. His face will extend and his eyes will turn glowing red, his teeth growing out as does 2 large muscular arms from his back. Hair will sprout from his head and down his back that is red in color. (The red parts of his skin are in fact green, but I was unable to change the color.) His body also seems to be covered in glowing (Green) carvings that make out no particular design. His metallic foot will fall off and be replaced with a leg that matches his other leg, his feet being turned into hooves. His strength is increased 3x what it was originally and his endurance is increased 2x what it was originally. His body also seems to have a burning feel to it, similar to a hollows acidic touch.

Name: Voice of Death

In his time being alive and being a Sinner, Caliborn has killed many. This ability is controlled by Monster Caliborn and is activated when he releases a roar, however, To those around him, all they will hear is the endless screams of all his victims just before they died. It also seems to be different for some as depending on the person hearing the screams of horror, the screams will relate to them the closest, meaning if say, Caliborn killed someones mother, they would hear their mothers scream over and over, however, if all Caliborn killed was people they do not know, they would just continue to hear screams of random people. His roar is also capable of causing an earthquake with an approximate 100 meter radius around him which can cause cracks in the ground.

Name: Instant Regeneration

At will, Monster Caliborn is capable of regenerating anything from a small cut to a loss of a limb. He is unable to regenerate vital organs or anything that would kill him, for example, he cannot regenerate his brain, his heart, or his lungs. He is capable of regenerating something as big as a lost limb up to 8 times before he reaches his limit and would start to fade away from fatigue.

Name: Spacial Flashing Blast

Monster Caliborn in capable of opening his mouth and unleashing a powerful blast of condensed reiatsu. This blast will alternate in color rapidly and glowingly and is approximately as strong as 3 oscuras cero's in 1. The blast radius is about as large as a single oscuras cero, perhaps a little more. This blast of energy however can only be used once per thread as it takes a full day to recharge it. Anything that is caught in this blast except for someones character or their spiritual weapon such as a zanpakuto will be instantly disintegrated into nothingness. The reiatsu in this attack is also incredibly unstable with negative effects. If this energy were to be absorbed or combined with a persons body, they would forever see the image of Caliborn's monster face whenever they close their eyes, and it would not wear off.

Name: Claw Shot

Caliborn's Claws can be shot out of his fingers at any time, meaning he can fire out a total of 20 at a time, and regenerate instantly however, require a 1 post cooldown before being shot again. His claws contain a poison in them that causes severe pain in the area it hits someone. The pain would be the equivalent to being stabbed by a large knife. They also have the same acidic effect of his body, however slightly more severe and can cause acidic burns that are a bit worse then the ones caused by his body.

Name: Demon

At any moment, Caliborn is capable of going from his monster state to this state.

Caliborn will become enveloped in a powerful spiritual pressure, his body from his ribs down will become dust replaced with a powerful explosion of fire. The fire spreads across 300 feet radius from the bottom of his body and is shot up through his head. His body will grow to an incredible size, at least 600 meters in size from ground to top. His horns will grow out further and 2 more horns will replace the ones on the top of his head. His body, what's left of it anyway, will be carved with designs of spirals, symbolic to his cheek swirls in his original form, they will be glowing red (Though the rest of his appearance is green in colour). The hands on his back will transform into gigantic wings which he can flap to create a powerful gust of wind that would push back most things. Upon transformation, he is capable of unleashing blasts that are made up of condensed reiatsu, each one being 3/4ths the power of a cero and heat seek the target. He is capable of firing out a dozen at a time, and only a dozen per post and they move at the speed of a cero. The blasts also have the same side effect as the spacial flashing blast in that they cause the side effect of seeing Caliborn's monsterous or demonic face whenever they close their eyes if they were to absorb or fuse with them in some way. His strength is increased to 3x what it was in his monster state, and his endurance is increased to 3x his monster state as well. His spiritual pressure is increased to 3x what it was in his monster state. He is able to use the abilities of his previous form however if he used the spacial blast before, he would not be able to use it again if he transformed in the same thread.

Back Drop


As a human, he actually does not remember much other then he did horrible things. From what he gathered from memories, he does not remember his name, or what he looked like, all he could remember was the number of people he has killed in his life time. He was a successful serial killer whom took the life of over 30 people before getting killed. Supposedly he would put them in traps, playing games with them using their lives, he recalls always smiling when playing these games, and he seemed to never lose either, and when he did, he would reveal some shitty twist that would make him win.

Eventually however, the FBI caught up with him. His crimes were far too cruel and his mind was far too devious to properly lock him up. From what he remembered, the FBI captured him, putting him in a room for questioning, having a expert on the insane interview him to try and get behind his mind. To the question "Why do you do this?" he simply replied, "To win the game." This of course made the expert confused, asking him why he would force a person into playing a game, not exactly why he killed them, to which he replied to with, "Games are everything, without games what fun is there in life? So lay it all out there, put your life on the line, put others lives on the line, only then can you truly understand the glory of games." This disturbed the expert, and after a few more questions, the Expert came to the conclusion that he was far too dangerous to keep alive. He was put in a jail cell, shackled to a wall.

When the day came for Caliborn to die, he immediately thought of this entire situation as some sort of game. As such Caliborn's love of winning pushed him to the point of horror, bending down to the point his mouth hit his leg, biting into it, slowly ripping out chunks. The look on Caliborn's face was incredibly disturbing, it was as if he was enjoying it, all because it was part of the game, as he ripped and ripped, he got to the bone, grabbing a rock and smashing the bone. He stood up on one leg, breathing heavily from the blood loss, but he was free from the shackle.

When the people came to execute him, they were met with the surprise of a life time, Caliborn bit the officers neck as he entered, took his gun, fired a shot at his head, killing him. As he was leaving the cell, he was holding onto the wall to avoid falling over, shooting any officer that came in his way until he had killed 10 more officers. When he got outside, he was met with the army, all pointing their heavy guns at him, Caliborn wasn't scared, in fact, he was thrilled, saying he would be back if they killed him, that he would kill them all, he would win in the end, he made a promise that his soul would rip their flesh into oblivion, he took his gun and fired off shots at the officers, killing 2 more before they shot him with several bullets. This wasn't quite the end, he managed to get up on his knee, firing another bullet and killing another person, which surprised them all, finally shooting his head with several bullets, spreading his blood about the area. His blood moved down in the pattern of the street, in a spiral of red blood that would later be the spirals of red on his cheeks as a sinner. He died with a smile on his face and his eyes open, the blood from his head leaking into them and colouring them red.

Caliborn awakened as a sinner in hell, looking at himself, he noticed himself as a green monster of sorts, finding his reflection, it seemed as though hell was trying to scare him with giving him a freakish appearance, but Caliborn just found it hilarious and fun, he loved it, and he didn't know what his former appearance was, so it just became the appearance he knew of. He remembered his promise to kill them, and he was going to do it. The following years he managed to control his monsterous form, killing many weaker sinners in his path to fuel his voice of death.

Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
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Denied 2.

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
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Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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