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 and the french surrendered...

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PostSubject: and the french surrendered...   Thu May 16, 2013 7:25 pm

World News

"We have an update on the situation in Paris, France where a man has taken over the city and has it barricaded by a massive unnatural lightning storm. Everyone who has attempted to leave or enter has so far been reduced to charcoal to this point."


Location - Government Building


"Why are you--" "QUIET" Snap. Kaze just broke the neck of the French President, François Hollande, and was now sitting in the man's chair, "People of France.. Rejoice! I have come to claim your land.. your possessions.. your lives.. your SOULS!" he said to the cameraman he was currently forcing to broadcast, "I claim all of this and more in the name of Kaze the Blackwind! Those who oppose me LOSE ALL HOPE"


The camera feed suddenly cut out after that because Kaze had pointed his gun at the cameraman and slew him in cold blood. The building was, naturally, surrounded but all of the vehicles had been badly damaged by Kaze's lightning storm and to top it off he was using his earth manipulation to form a protective barricade over his building.

Location - City Limits

"What should we do Saber.. it looks like no one can get in." Ryuuda said as he got off her motorcycle as they reached the human made barricade to keep innocent people from getting killed by trying to enter the city. He had his gear with him, though concealed thanks to flat space technology, but he knew he himself couldn't make it to the man responsible for this even with his speed magic..

"I'm not sure.. That power is enormous.. I cannot take him alone despite being able to reach him.." Saber said quietly to Ryuuda, for they didn't want to raise false hope to the people gathered that someone could get inside, and she too got off the bike after turning it off.


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PostSubject: Re: and the french surrendered...   Tue May 21, 2013 4:22 pm

"Well. Seems I'm not the only one to make it here for a fight it seems." A man said, directly behind both Saber, and Ryuuda. Parius Chitose sat on a wall behind them, his long, black hair and white headband flowing in the wind of the storm. He was wearing his custom samurai outfit, and his headband had the Vanguard symbol right in the middle. The outfit was a purple kimono, with a black piece of very flexible armor over it, which had a small, white zig-zag design at the top. He had a upright collar, which is connected to his sleeves, and buckled across his chest, near his throat. He had stylized, finger-less gloves, which fit perfectly with his sleeves. Parius then had black hakama, with a white zig-zag design on the bottom of them, over his chest armor. This was held in place by a white obi, in which he carries his two blades. He wore the usual Shinigami sandals

"Didn't expect some of my own to come here of their own free will. Oh well." He looked directly at the storm at this point. "Kaze the Blackwind, huh?" So, Renko's dad is in there, huh? This should be alot of fun then. Parius then looked back to saber, and Ryuuda. "So, anything new come up? You know, besides the storm that is raging, ready to turn us into charcoal if we get close?"

Picture of Parius, if TL:DR his outfit description.

Parius's Character Page


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and the french surrendered...
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