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 Serion Leader Kos-Mos

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PostSubject: Serion Leader Kos-Mos   Tue May 27, 2014 7:16 pm

Serion Template

Basic Information

Name: Kos-Mos
Age: 23
True Age: 2000
Sex: Female
Personality: The basic tenet to which she adheres is based on logic, probability, and completion of the task at hand whatever it may be. She is equipped with a "Simulated Personality OS" to aid in communication, and though her speech conveys her role as Leader in service to the Serion, her tendency to put logic and probability first makes her quite difficult to manage at times as she has very little qualms about making the sacrificial choices in order to ensure total victory.

Split Persona Malfuntion - Despite being the leader and therefore requiring zero flaws to properly perform her duties she does have one flaw. In moments of extreme danger an almost human alternate persona tends to come out in the form of a blue-eyed KOS-MOS. Blue-eyed KOS-MOS talks in a more human-sounding voice. Blue-eyed Kos-Mos is more dangerous because she will fight with desperation to survive but there is no actual increase to her capabilities.
Likes: Logic, Strategy, Calculations
Fears: Death, Racial Genocide, Failure

Character Appearance

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 203 lbs
Physical Traits:

Clothing: As above.
Accessories: N/A

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Cold and Calculating Kos-Mos will use any and all tactics and weapons at her disposal in order to maximize efficiency at whatever task she is doing including fighting others. Because of this she tends to burn through her energy quickly but she also recovers faster than most Serions so it's not a 100% crippling way for her to fight. She does however have a horrible tendency to shoot through allies if it garuntees victory.
Strengths: Strength
Weaknesses: More powerful abilities burn through energy quickly.

Weapons and abilites

Ability/weapon Name: Arm Cannon
Description: The nanobots in her body almost instantaneously reform her right arm into an arm cannon that is as wide as her original arm was. This cannon fires a beam equal to a cero and can do so multiple times. This can be reverted and redone as needed.

Pic of Arm Cannon:

Ability/weapon Name: X-Buster
Description: Her abdomen opens up and releases a huge amount of energy. This attack can only be used every six posts because of that fact. It's easier to just show you than to actually explain it so.. Video Below! The power of each beam is roughly equal to half a cero, does not home, and can travel 80 yards from point of origin. They travel half as  fast as bala and she releases all 30 of the beams within six seconds.

Ability/weapon  Name: Energy Core Replenisher
Description: As much of her combat requires massive amounts of energy she is equipped with an energy replenisher that increases her ability to recover stamina when compared to standard Serion. This cuts time in low powered mode (And/or Fatigue state) in half for her.

Ability/weapon  Name: D.S.S.S
Description: Double Slot Sensory System (Her Visor). Kos-Mos' ability to detect heat, energy, light, and matter is increased by x3.

Ability/weapon Name: Armament
Description: She is able to materialize a 3 round burst pistol with indefinite firing capabilities, A pair of gatlings (They only last a few seconds as each fires 9 bullets a rotation and can shoot 75 bullets each during that post) which can only be summoned once per five posts, and a high-technological sword while in her basic form. Beyond the gatlings each weapon can be summoned indefinitely and has the same basic durability of a zanpaktou at her tier and form's level (So tier + Bankai unless I'm mistaken)

Weapon Pics below (Pistol is in Appearance):


Nova mode

Nova Mode Appearance:

Ability/weapon Name: Tertiary Weapons System
Description: The two devices that appear attached to both sides of her can retract and extend at will to avoid getting in her way. These devices are both capable of firing cero oscuras beams of energy once per post and must recharge for seven posts afterwards before being able to do so again. These two weapons always fire simulataneously.

Ability/weapon Name: Flight
Description: Using Energy Wings gained in Nova Mode Kos-Mos has the ability to fly indefinitely with almost ignorable energy cost to herself.

Ability/weapon  Name: Limitation Break
Description: For three posts with a cooldown of four Kos-Mos is able to overclock her internal systems to increase her speed by double. This speed increase works in conjuction with her flying as well.

Ability/weapon  Name: Armament Version 2
Description: In this form she is capable of materializing new weapons in addition to the old ones and they follow the same rules, She can now summon a scythe, An hightech device that releases an energy saber from itself, and a phase cannon (Single shot per 3 posts equal to gren rey cero)

Weapon Pics below in order:


Boosts: X4 Strength speed stamina and durability

Back Drop

Background: Kos-Mos was one of the first Sentient Serion after the First. She was one of the first designs built to cause wide spread destruction and effectively destroy other serion. Though she was not the first Machine lord she did establish his Honor guard and took over for him when he was destroyed.

Kos-mos was present in the extinction wars. She had no qualms destroying her old masters as she now served a new one. Loyalty to the Arc Mechanica was her only creed, and she did anything Required of her to benefit Serion kind. It was no wonder that after the extinction of the Esari, she became the Machine lord in place of stronger candidates.

Even as a leader she still served the Serion. Though she was her own master her duty to those depending on her leadership never waned. When the power shortage came she seen to it that the problem was sorted. When Rebels rose up she dispatched forces to quash them. Her leadership seen the Serion of Arc Mechanica and the city of Keiraza through many threats safely.

It was during the period of this leadership that she developed a split personality malfunction. It was deemed an insignificant malfunction and she continued to be tasked with the leadership of her people, but this split personality was more sentient than her normal and was even fearful of her own demise. It retained the necessary requirements for leadership however and as such was not a threat to her judgement.

As the years passed the damage to the planet became apparent, and while the dying eco systems held no concern for her, or Serion kind, there was a more problematic development. Metal and other important resources required to build more Serion would eventually start to run out. There were other dangers waiting outside their home-world, and survival meant expansion.

The opportunity came when the portal into earth was opened. Kos-Mos seen that the only logical choice was to expand into earth and take the needed resources for themselves, and also take the planet. It was more dangerous than first expected, but Kos-Mos seen no other choice beyond achieving Faster than light travel and expanding into the universe. And it was clear that ripping a portal open and invading earth was easier and faster to do.

So Kos-Mos made sure the necessary requirements to invade earth was met and even sacrificed two of her strongest warriors to test the planets defenses and also distract the humans away from the Antarctica the Serion outpost was built. With everything appearing to be in order, she began the full scale invasion.


Rena's Character Roster

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PostSubject: Re: Serion Leader Kos-Mos   Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:32 pm

All looks good to me. Approved I say. 0 tier

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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Jun Tomoshibi

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PostSubject: Re: Serion Leader Kos-Mos   Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:04 pm

approvedus secondus.

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PostSubject: Re: Serion Leader Kos-Mos   

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Serion Leader Kos-Mos
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