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PostSubject: Robert Solis    Robert Solis  EmptyThu Mar 17, 2016 6:20 pm

Advent Human Template
Robert Solis  5ebe0911
Basic Information

Name: Robert Solis
Age: Early 20's
True Age: 23
Sex: Male
Personality: Robert Solis is a care-free, good-natured, but somewhat lazy man. He has no problem with helping people, but is not to keen on being ordered around. It's why working as a mercenary has worked wonderfully for him. And he loves being a merc. He is also stupidly good to work with, willing to cooperate with anyone on a job, so long as they aren't murderous psychopaths. Despite presenting himself as kind of dumb, Robert is incredibly smart, and can usually read most being intentions simply by their body language. He is rarely taken off guard, even by the most random things, and tends to keep a level head during battle.

He has a degree of respect for the more good-allied races, such as Shinigami, Bounto's, and Quincies. He feels they are naturally good at fighting Hollows, and evils of the world, while he is kind of "cheating", with his prosthetic arm, and gloves that regulate his power. However, being that his powers could literally kill him, he feels almost no shame in his equipment. He also holds the person who gave him his gloves, and arm, Gaige Ashe, in high regard. It was becuase of her that Robert is able to live a normal life today. He also still has a degree of affection for her, since she was the one who broke off their relationship.

His demeanor in battle could be described as battle hungry. He always is looking for a good fight, and has even fought opponents that were stronger than him, simply to test his abilities, and see how powerful his opponent is. But, despite all of this, he knows when not to fight, and is actually very comfortable with not battling everyone who walks past him.

Robert's biggest fear is losing control of his incredible power, which will kill him if not regulated, no matter what. As stated before, if it weren't for his gloves, and his prosthetic arm, his power would eventually go out of control, and blow up. He can rest easier, but he is still fearful of his power going out of control.
Likes: Being lazy, battling someone in a good fight, Gaige Ashe
Fears: Being told what to do, a disappointing fight, losing control of his powers.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 Lbs
Physical Traits: Robert is a handsome, young man, with a paler, but clean complexion. He has spikier, blonde hair, with his bangs reaching below his chin, and framing his face, with a piece of it falling between his eyes. His eyes are a very bright orange, which is slightly disorienting to people he is meeting for the first time. His body is lean, but muscular due to his battles. When his power is active, a flame appears on his forehead, which is strictly cosmetic.
Robert Solis  Vongol11
Clothing: Robert is most often seen wearing a white dress shirt, a dark blue tie, and a black suit. His gloves take the appearance of normal, white dress gloves. Over this, he wears a black cloak, with red lining on the opposite of the outside, which has a golden set of six buttons, on a golden chain, keeping it on his shoulders. Despite this, Robert can wear anything, at any time, this is just his most usual outfit.
Accessories: Robert's entire left arm, is actually a synthetic, robotic prosthetic. his hands are covered by two, specially designed gloves in order to hold his own body heat in check. Everything was designed, and built by Gaige Ashe.

His gloves (Zan Steel Strength):
Robert Solis  Vongol12

General Fighting Style: As his ability is very much based on himself, Robert is a close range, hand-to-hand expert. He fights using a combination of different styles, from boxing, to mixed martial arts. His body heat also steadily increases in battle, and he can augment his kicks, and punches to have heat behind them. In Hyper Mode, his battle style changes, to more of a sword-strong style, as Robert also has some good training in that way of fighting. He is also incredibly strong, without the body heat augment. His normal human arm is easily able to break concrete, if he were to punch it, and his prosthetic arm is able to match this strength, and even surpass it. However, his stamina is really his biggest drawback, as fighting for too long, especially in hyper mode, can run the risk of him making his body to hot, and exploding. As such, Robert is a pretty good example of an explosive, fast battle style.
Hand to Hand Expert
Swordsmanship specialist (In Hyper Mode)
Stamina, due to the nature of his powers. If he fights for too long, his Body Heat ability runs the risk of blowing himself up, and dying in the process. At Hyper Mode, he can only fully fight for up to 8 posts, before either having to pull out of the fight, or risk his entire being, being exploded.
Robert never uses a gun, due to his body heat having the chance of exploding the bullets before ever being shot out of a gun.

Primary Stage

Ability Name: Extreme Body Heat
Description: Due to a strange mutation in his DNA, around his 20th birthday, he discovered that his body's natural heat can be made to go up to incredible levels. However, in discovering this, Robert managed to blow his own arm off, due to his body not being naturally accustomed to heat that intense. Due to his gloves, he is able to regulate the heat, even being able to make flames appear on his hands. as such, all of his punches have the potential to burn an opponent, and he is able to make his legs heat up, in much of the same way, just without the flames.

Ability Name: Explosive Fist
Description: By pouring some more heat into the gloves, Robert is able to make his punches have the force of a small explosion. He has two versions of this ability.
1. The explosion is Cero-powered, and can push opponents up to 5 feet back
2. He can charge up for 1 post, and up the power to a Gran Rey Cero, and is able to push an opponent back up to 10 feet back. This one has a 2 post cool-down

Ability Name: Hand Jet
Description: Robert is able to fire a jet of flames from his hand, through special devices on the palm of his gloves. The flames range can vary, from 2 feet, up to 15 feet. Anything longer than 5 feet requires a 1 post cool-down. It is at Cero power.

Ability Name: Explosion Blast
Description: By charging up his heat, and setting his gloves to a certain setting, Robert can create an explosive blast of fire, and shoot it at an opponent. The blast, like his Explosive fist, has two versions
The power, speed, and explosive force is comparable to a Cero, but he can charge it up for a Gran Rey Cero. It would have the same speed, power, and explosive force. 2 post cool-down on the powered up version.

Boosts:Strength X2, Durability X2

Hyper Mode
When Robert enters Hyper Mode, his Body Heat ability begins to hit an entirely new level, turning his hair white, and also meaning that Robert needs more devices to protect himself, and others, from his body possibly exploding. Which is why, when Gaige made his new arm, Robert had the arm able to transform into a blade, that could handle the excess heat he is producing. Gaige added in an extra arm, which is formed from nanomachines. The arm is black, with white accents. It is also able to handle Robert's extreme body heat. Both are comparable to Zan steel.

The Sword:
Robert Solis  50661810
The Claw Arm:
Robert Solis  Crown_10

Ability Name: Lightning Claw Augment
Description: In an effort to help Robert siphon off more of his body heat, Gaige insttalled this augment to his nano-machine, claw arm. It allows the heat to be turned into lightning, which runs along his claws, giving them a boost to their cutting ability. It can cut through  most decent Hierro. As this is an ability that activates as soon as he enters hyper mode, it is considered a passive ability, as it doesn't shock an opponent.

Ability Name: Flame Blade Augment
Description: Robert's sword acts a bit differently from his gloves. Instead of pushing the heat out of his body, as the gauntlets do, the sword, instead, holds the heat inside of it. Thus, it superheats the blade. This means, if cut by the blade, it causes moderate burning damage, depending on how much heat Robert has poured into it. So, by the time his limit hits, the blade is incredibly hot, and can cut through basic metal, like butter.

Ability Name: Lightning Arc
Description: By clawing the air towards an opponent, Robert can fire arcs of lightning at an opponent, up to five (for each claw/finger). They are bala speed, and strength.

Ability Name: Flame Lightning Explosive Wave
Description: By charging up his body heat, and his Lightning Augment, Robert can fire off an extremely powerful blast of flame, lightning, and explosions. The blast is comparable to 2 Cero Oscuras. Final Move, as it deactivates his claw arm, and his heat blade, meaning he can only fire it once. It also takes 1 post, to charge up.


Back Drop

Robert Solis isn't Robert's real name. He has kept it hidden for quite some time, in order to protect his family. However, he can still tell his story. He was born to two incredible people, his mother, and father. They raised him to be the good-natured, and care-free man he is today. It was also in this time, Robert also got his laziness. He grew up fast, and strong, due to his almost daily fights. His parents were never to happy with the fights, and enrolled him in various fighting schools. It was because of this, that Robert has his current, mixed bag of fighting styles. It was also during this time, between 13 to 16, that he missed quite a bit of school. His temperature was always higher than average, even when Robert felt fine. He still managed to graduate, at the age of 18. Against his parents wishes, Robert didn't go to college, instead opting to go out, and see the world. Leaving his home at 19, Robert never looked back.

When Robert turned 20, he found out about his mutation. It was the ability to raise his body temperature to insane heights. It explained all of his absences from school. Robert, being himself, decided that he would try and control this power. However, on his very first day of training, he managed to blow his own arm off, from pushing too much heat into it. Luckily, at the same time, he met Gaige Ashe. She witnessed him trying to harness his uncontrollable powers and losing a limb because of it.

Gaige built a pair of gloves designed to control and siphon off the sheer heat generated by Robert's body, which stopped him from dying while she worked on replacing his arm. They became fast friends during those days, as she worked to save his life and prevent a disaster. It wasn’t surprising that they became intimately entwined over the course of the month they spent together. Robert also helped her design his blade, and she, in turn, designed his claw arm, for when battles dictated that he need to use much more power than even his gloves could handle. However, after the month was up, she broke it off and they went their separate ways.

After this, Robert found a good line of work, being a mercenary. He had never been one for a normal job, and now, with his robot arm, and weird gloves, he wasn't about to sit around in an office all day. Robert grew a reputation, not as big of one as Gaige, or even Yuri Romanov. However, he managed to live well, taking jobs that matched his own goals, and ideals. He also perfected his time of fighting, how long he could actually fight, without going into full on meltdown mode. He did this for a couple of years, until he heard of a mercenary group being formed. Curiosity getting the better of him, he decided that he would join this little group, and see what all of the noise was.
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]
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PostSubject: Re: Robert Solis    Robert Solis  EmptyMon Sep 19, 2016 1:28 am

Approved, 2-1

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord
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PostSubject: Re: Robert Solis    Robert Solis  EmptyTue Sep 20, 2016 5:50 pm

Looks fine to me. Seconded.

Character Roster with links to Apps
Gráinne Xios (Black) 0 Shinigami (Neroamee)
Kaytlyn Kal'Dior 1-1 Valarion
Laura Fisher (Red) 1-2 Human
Olivia 'Liv' Firestorm (Yellow) 1-3 Arrancar
Clara Firestorm 1-1 Vizard
Elsa Arendelle 1-1 Human
Tadatomo Fukushima (Experiment 13) 1-2 Human
Zachary Gillam 2-1 Human
Isabella Solaris 1-2 Sinner (Solaire)
Krosis 1-1(2-1) Serion
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