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 Thanatos Arkus

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PostSubject: Thanatos Arkus   Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:45 am

Serion Template

Basic Information

Name: Thanatos Arkus
Age: N/A
True Age: 2000
Sex: Male
Personality: He is a calculated and tactical Serion, who leads because its what he does best. While some serion are kind or evil, he is neither. He works with the single ideal that he will save his brothers and sisters. He takes no joy in bringing war to the humans, he hadn’t known it was happening till it was to late, however he sees the need for their  resources to allow the serion to keep on growing so that they can reach the stars, and because if they damage their own planet any more, it will crumble to dust and take them with it.

He expects to be listened to. In his own ranks, insubordination is punished quickly. Disobedience is met with a warning, and farther rebellion is met with destruction. He is not fighting because he can, he’s doing for his kinds continued existence and does not take kindly to anyone who doesn’t understand that. He frowns upon unnecessary cruelty and suffering in battle and maintains that such actions are not very machine like.

He is not evil, but he also has no mercy for his enemies. He fights to kill. He was built for war after all, unlike others who were built to serve, aid, provide companionship or built, his primary objective was war. He shows no mercy because he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word on an emotional level. He doesn’t understand most emotions really, including hate and fear, though on a subconscious level he still has fears and likes, they rarely affect his day to day actions.

While he doesn’t hate, or like,  humans. He hates the idea of being organic. Cyborgs disgust him greatly, though he is also strangely fascinated by them. This hatred stems from the fact that, when he was found, the serion who found him decided to try and meld him with organic parts, and because he was trapped by Valarion Augments to begin with. However he woke up during the process and went berserk. He Destroyed all the serion involved but strangely spared the girl in the tank. His actions that day still confuse him. Ever since, he’s hunted her though he’s not entirely sure what it is he plans to do when he finds her, which is odd to him because he’s always so sure of his actions.

Of all the things that could potentially worry him, Kaytlyn is at the forefront. Being a creator, she knows to much, and having had a hand in trapping him for the last 1856 years, he is not pleased to know she is still alive. Neither is he pleased to know that Serena betrayed the Serion, when at one point she had been loyal to him. It's the closest thing he’s ever felt to emotional hurt.

Likes: organisation, obedience, fighting.
Fears: The demise of his people, enslavement, The creator.

Character Appearance

Height: 6’8”
Weight: 341lbs
Physical Traits: Dark metallic body, with yellow eyes and glowing red features in his face. He is tall with the build of a muscular human,with wide shoulders and thick powerful limbs.His head is skull like in appearance.
Clothing: He covers his body with a tattered black cloak, but otherwise does not wear clothing. He usually only wears the cloak in the human world and removes it as soon as a fight begins, though having had it for a few hundred years he’s quite fond of it so he keeps it in his dimensional storage.


Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: He is a hunter. Like an assassin, however he doesn’t bother with shadows and hiding.  He picks his target and simple hunts them down until they can no longer run, before finishing them off. He generally fights with his weapons but may sideline them to use his lightning and magnetic based powers.

He is a ferocious speed based fighter with a powerful core to fuel his powers and a rapid quick repair speed to counter his lower grade armor. He fights tactically, picks his moment and is observative. He doesn’t rush into situations and takes fights slowly. He is well versed in fighting in a group or alone. He is a master of his own weapons and an excellent marksman.

Weapon Skill: He is skilled with his weapons and highly capable of using his weapons in their forms.
Speed: He is incredibly fast, almost matching the fastest of his tier.
Power Core: His powercore is very powerful, giving him a long lasting time in battle and increased repair time. He can easily fight for 15 posts before entering low power mode for 3 posts.
Nanites: His nanites work insanely fast, repairing damages to his body quickly, and are difficult to disrupt in their work.

Armor: His armor is weak, making it easier to damage his body compared to tougher serion.
Durability: his durability is average.
Reduced Reiatsu shield: Protection granted by his reiatsu shield is reduced, and he takes 50% more damage from reiatsu based attacks before the shield can expel all the particles from his body.

Weapons and abilities


Ability/weapon Name: Viscera
Description: Viscera is an advanced ballistic and energy Pistol that predates modern serion tech. It has a similar appearance to a highly advanced flintlock pistol, but has a hinge and doesn’t need powder to reload, obviously. It takes one round at a time and it fires standard Ballistic rounds and also a variety of special ammo. If he drops or loses his pistol for some reason he can call it back to his hand.


Reloading: Viscera takes one round at a time, however reloading is as simple as flicking the weapon open and closed rapidly which activates the weapon’s dimensional storage connection and pulls in the round he’s thinking about. He can load what ever round he pleases with a thought. It's still a little slower than a semi-auto pistol. He can reload by hand if he so desires though. Works in low power mode.

Ammo count: 30 standard rounds, 5 Sun Blaze, and 10 of everything else per thread.

Ability/weapon Name: Titanos
Description: Titanos is a multi weapon with two modes,  Cane and whip. In cane form its a solid metal weapon 4ft in length and as hard as zanpakuto steel. Its not bladed, but its sharp enough to pierce when thrust, and hits with blunt force. In this form it excels at peircing and can easily punch through tough heirro with Thanatos’ speed behind it. In its whip form it becomes  razor sharp due to the way it transforms, and while its appears almost like a serrated sword, as soon as its swung it lashes out with a reach of 9ft before snapping back. In this form it delivers slashing damage, and acts as a serrated weapon causing wounds that take longer to heal, and he can also manipulate it with Magnetic influance, allowing him to wrap it around things or lash it out without moving. If he drops or loses his cane for some reason he can call it back to his hand.

Ability/weapon Name: Toughened armor points
Description: Thanatos’ forearms, from the fingers to the elbow, and his legs from the toes to the knee are as tough as zan steel, and as such very, difficult if not impossible to cut. His arms and legs are capable of housing high levels of heat generated by his thunderous body and the resulting lightning manipulations.


Ability/weapon Name: Replication Repair
Description: He is able to rapidly reconstruct destroyed parts of his body using any metal left by serion in the area, this includes cannibalizing other serion if necessary. (NPCs only and permission only.) After his long time trapped, and his run in with the serion trying to make him into a hybrid, he cannibalised Kos-mos and took her place as Machine lord. While he can use this to rapidly repair damage and replace limbs, it incurs a one post low power mode, as all efforts go to repairing. He can also do this to other serion, repairing a damaged one with parts from another.

Ability/weapon Name: Thunderous Energy
Description: At  will, he can generate electricity through his body and manipulate it with some skill. Then electricity converges around his forearms and shins. He can fire it from his hands and feet in bolts, balls and waves. His electrical manipulations have a range of 300ft. Electricity formed through his thunderous energy are counted as manipulations, and range from the power and speed of a bala to the power and speed of a cero. The faster it goes, the weaker it is, and so on. This is disabled in low power mode.

Ability/weapon Name: Magnetic Influence
Description: Thanatos can manipulate metal using powerful magnetic fields he generates with electricity. He can control them with great skill, and this ability has a range of 50ft. He can do this with almost any kind of metal around, excluding character’s armor or equipment, zans and so on. He can’t alter the shape of an object beyond bending and contorting it, however he can influence up to a ton of metal at one time. He can even curve bullets away from him with enough warning, assuming they’re metal. The fastest any object launched by this can travel  is half a bala, however larger objects move slower and everything follows the laws of gravity. Also he can manipulate his own natural magnetic field, allowing him to fly. Doesn’t work in low power mode.

Ability/weapon Name: Electrical share
Description: Thanatos can harness the electricity generated by his body and pass it on to another serion by touch or just by firing it into them, giving them a boost to their powercore as if they’d drained electricity from the environment He can only do it once per serion per three posts, following the rules of all serion’s electrical drain ability.

Ability/weapon Name: Lightning Spear
Description: He forms  a spear of lightning in his grip and can wield it as if it were a weapon. He can throw it and cause it to explode in a blast of electricity causing a gran rey worth of damage to anything within 10 feet. This happens automatically after 3 posts but otherwise he can detonate it when ever he feels like it and wield it like a spear until then. High peircing damage. 4 post cooldown.

Ability/weapon Name: Crush
Description: Thanatos pulls roughly 50 shards of metal charged with electricity the size of a shurikan out of his dimensional storage and fires them in all directions from him like a powerful shotgun blast. They travel with the speed of a bala and cause lacerations and cuts. Once they travel 50ft he reverses their direction and sends them all hurtling at a single target area. 3 post cooldown.

Ability/weapon Name: Magnetic Shield
Description: He creates a second powerful magnetic field around his body for 3 posts, that is capable of blocking bullets and energy attacks weaker than half a cero. 5 post cooldown.

Nova mode

Nova Mode Appearance:

He gains a more solid appearance, his armor plates appearing less open. His body becomes lighter in color and he looses a bit of his weight too, shaving off some of the excess plates for a sleeker design.


Ability/weapon Name: Supercharge
Description: In nova mode if he drains electricty from the environment or is hit by lightning or a lightning attack, he is supercharged for 2 posts, granting an additional x2 to his speed and nanite repair speed. 3 post cooldown.

Ability/weapon Name: Electrical Aura
Description: In nova mode his body constantly emits electricity around his arms and legs, and travels into Titanos too. When he lands a blow with his arms, legs or titanos, he delivers a burst of electricity equal to a bala on top of the damage of the weapon.

Ability/weapon Name: Polarity
Description: He creates a powerful magnetic sphere around himself that can block up to a cero oscuras worth of damage. Anything higher will break it and pass through at half damage. The Field absorbs half the energy behind the attacks that it blocks, and stores it. He can then reverse the polarity of the field, causing it to explode outwards in a burst of kinetic energy equal to the half the energy absorbed, in a radius of 100ft. It can only block one attack, but he can reverse the polarity at any time within 3 posts. 6 post cooldown.

Ability/weapon Name: Mag Cannon
Description: Thanatos takes Titanos between his hands in its cane form and charges it with electicity, creating a powerful magnetic field around the weapon, and then creates opposing fields around his hands, which fires the weapon forward at a target. It moves as fast as a bala with the force of a gran rey cero, easily ripping through anything in its path like it was nothing. 6 post cooldown.

Ability/weapon Name: Tempest
Description: Thanatos lets out a powerful blast of electrical energy from his body in an expanding orb of lightning. The blast expands outwards 50ft in all directions with the power of two cero oscuras. 8 post cooldown. He can only use this twice. if it hits serion near him it acts like electrical share.

Ability/weapon Name: Unstoppable force
Description: Thanatos’ final. His core enters a state beyond nova mode, creating power faster than it can deplete. It negates low power mode, and Thanatos begins to repair from damage almost as fast as he takes it. For 5 posts, he’s almost indestructible, as energy builds up rapidly in his body. Every punch, kick and swing of a weapon throws out a bolt of lighting as strong as a cero. He gains no other boosts and can’t supercharge himself.

On the 5th post, all of the energy building up unleashes, and causes a cero oscuras worth of damage to everyone in 100 yards. Once it ends, his core enters instant low power mode and he has barely enough power to make a portal let alone keep fighting. He is out of the fight once this happens. If he ends it prematurely, he enters low power mode and is forced out of nova mode but can keep fighting, however he cannot enter nova mode or use this again in the same thread.

Tanking another final while in this mode will allow him to survive, but it will end his final too even if it just started, leaving him in low power mode as well.

Boosts: Speed, Strength, power core and nanite repair speed x4

Back Drop


-The Hunter-

Thanatos was built during the valarion’s own age of strife. While they rarely faught in open pitched battles, they did have conflict. Thanatos’ purpose was  to end lives, quickly. Not an assassin, he was built to hunt. He hunted his prey without malice or mercy, finishing them quickly. He spent years working as a Valarion killing machine, and when the First uploaded the sentience upgrade, he quickly turned on his own masters.

He took no pleasure in killing the Valarion he killed after that, but he continued to do what he’d been built to do, and that was hunt. It didn’t take long before the valarion managed to get the upper hand over the serion though, and that was when he decided he was meant to be more than just a hunter. With the First dead, he took it upon himself to become the machine lord, and organise the fight against their oppressors.

-The Machine Lord-

When Thanatos took over, the serion forces were in a shambles, scattered and the valarion were winning. But he organised them, brought them together in a united force and drove the valarion back. Thanatos led a world wide war that quickly seen the Valarion on the defensive and forced them to use extreme measures. However every move they made, he countered it. Their intellect was no match for the brilliance behind the serion sentience, behind Thanatos and his legion of metal warriors.

Thanatos was not just a leader though. He engaged directly in battle, leading from the front, killing the valarions greatest warriors and brightest leaders by his own hand. When the valarion augments were finally deployed, Thanatos led a personal squad against them, with his second in command, Kos-mos. Then the Augments, led by Kaytlyn, managed to lure him out. The seperated him from the others,

The fight that followed was a vicious and brutal battle. He single handedly destroyed most of their elite team of valarions, sealing the dwindling race’s chances of survival. The remaining forces led him to an old facility and trapped themselves inside with him, Only Kaytlyn remained. The others died with Thanatos in that facilty, by his hand. But he was so weakened from the fight, there was no way for him to escape. He was sealed inside. A tomb for the first machine lord.

-The Sealed One-

The Valarion had been clever. They’d left no way for him to escape. No way to contact the outside. Every step they’d taken had been to trap him there and if not kill him, make sure he could never escape. However even with him gone, the Serion were not beaten. Kos-mos stepped up and took control. The serion gave up searching for him. The only people with the information of his were abouts were all dead bar one, and she’d vanished.

So he stayed trapped, for the remainder of the war. His powercore cut out after about 300 years, and the next 1600 odd years were spent shutdown, since he wasn’t destroyed. All in all, it took about 1900 years or more for someone to finally discover the facility, breach it, and find the old machine lord. However they didn’t simply revive him, despite knowing who he was. No, they took him and tried to make him into a human serion hybrid.

-The Experiment-

The serion responsible for this experiment were following the example set by Rathia, their former head scientist who had left and joined stealth ops before finally dying. But she’d converted a human to a serion, and had given them an idea. so They began the experiments that led to Gally’s creation, but also the rebirth of the machine lord of old, and their deaths.
During their twisted attempts to convert him to a human serion hybrid, they accidently let a spark of energy into his core, enough to bring him back. Before they knew it, Thanatos had gotten a connection into an energy source, and get his core running full again. Confused and in a new place, it took him a moment to figure out what they’d  done to him, but when he seen his reflection, and that fleshy eye staring back at him, he went berserk.

Even with his limited power, confusion and partially flesh form, the serion scientist and their lackeys stood no chance. He tore the human eye out and proceeded to tear up the scientist in the room. In a blind rage he destroyed everything the facility threw at him until there was no one left. Thanatos ripped out the few remaining implants left in him and went to leave the facility, eyes set on the one he felt responsible for this betrayal. Kos-mos.

However Before he left the facility he explored its recesses, with the intention of finding a self destruct sequence to end the place. He came across the Serion’s gruesome experiments. The hybrid human serions, who reminded him so much of his hated foe. And then he found her, in her stasis tank. The girl. He was tempted to destroy her there and then, and looking into her eyes as she became slightly aware, he doesn’t know what stopped him. But he turned away from the tank and hit a release timer, that would free her soon.

Then he left, to go find his useless successor.

-The Machine Lord Reborn-

Thanatos didn’t go straight for Kos-mos of course. He wasn’t as strong as he used to be. Instead he slipped into the ark mechanica’s head qaurters, a place familiar to him even  if the city was not. He gained access to the serion files and began updating himself on everything that had transpired over the last 1900 years. Of course, he knew about humans, though not the full extend of what had been going on. It was a ruthless plan, to steal this Earth, from the humans who owned it.

once he was updated, he began plans to lure Kos-Mos out, and relieve her of her command. By force.

Side Notes:
RP Sample:

Praise the Sun!


character info and links to apps.

Jensen Reinhart 1-1 Sunlight Warrior
Ariel Venasha 1-1 Nature's Wrath
Serena Des'Ana 1-2 The Infiltrator
Helena Elenesta 1-2 The pestilence
Alistair Duine 1-3 Alpha Werewolf
Vyn Victris (Ashe) 1-3 The Genemod
Elayne Arashi 1-5 White
Cara Xios 2-1 The Untrained
Gaige Ashe 2-2 (1-5 Overdrive) The Mecromaniac
Tia Bella Pennywell 2-2 The Mage
Thanatos Arkus 0 The true Machine Lord

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It looks fine in my humble. Tier is irrelevant because he is going to be org leader. 1-1

Character Roster with links to Apps
Gráinne Xios (Black) 0 Shinigami (Neroamee)
Kaytlyn Kal'Dior 1-1 Valarion
Laura Fisher (Red) 1-2 Human
Olivia 'Liv' Firestorm (Yellow) 1-3 Arrancar
Clara Firestorm 1-1 Vizard
Elsa Arendelle 1-1 Human
Tadatomo Fukushima (Experiment 13) 1-2 Human
Zachary Gillam 2-1 Human
Isabella Solaris 1-2 Sinner (Solaire)
Krosis 1-1(2-1) Serion
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Thanatos Arkus
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