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 Crowning the new ruler

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PostSubject: Crowning the new ruler   Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:25 pm

Tara was still unable to believe it. Not only was Azazael killed by the cursed shinigami leader, but Arngrim had managed to seperate before being slain as well. It was unheard of for a Hollow to regain itself when merged into a new one, but it only served to Believe firmly in her King's power.. which turned around and shocked her further because when he returned, weakened but alive, he made Tara the new ruler.

"But I am a Soldier! I do not know how to lead.." was the first thing out of her mouth, but he convinced her to take the position anyways and officially stepped down on the spot. This ceremony was only a formality to force the Espada to gather and acknowledge their new boss, Something she was still...nervous about.. but her soldier training kicked in and she remained stoic as she prepped for her new destiny.

The Espada had gathered.. She was sitting on the Throne in Las Noches.. Arngrim only had to give his speech about transferring rule and it would be done.

(Short post but.. a short thread probably? So...)


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PostSubject: Re: Crowning the new ruler   Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:20 pm

Arngrim stood next to Tara. She sat in his throne. He didn't care. His desire to lead died with him when Azazael defeated him. Not because he felt he too weak. He'd just had enough. Enough of being the one to give orders, to make decisions. Tara wasn't too keen on the idea of leader, but there was no one better to lead the arrancar.

Arngrim opened his mouth, watching the arrancar below. Some were familiar, some were not. It didn't matter, because he intended to make things clear for them. "I'm stepping down as leader. And Tara will take my place." He said. An arrancar in the back shouted, "Why would we listen to you!" Arngrim grinned slightly. "Because, I am still your king, until I pass the title on." The same arrancar sauntered up to the front. He was a new Espada. "Your not my king. Your a joke, losing to a hollow."

"Oh? And you think you can beat me too?" Arngrim asked the Arrancar. The Arrancar opened his mouth to speak but Arngrim was on him in an instant, a single punch flattened espada to the ground. Arngrim pressed his foot down on the Arrancar's face. "There is a reason you are the only one who spoke out against me. Because everyone else here, knows not to fuck with me. But you still make a nice example of why I am king." Arngrim fired a cero point blank into the arrancar's face, eviscerating the arrancar's upper body, splashing blood and gore across the room.

Arngrim walked back up the steps slowly. "There. Now we're all on the same page." He said as he walked back to Tara. He never actually had a crown, but he did have the mark of the cero espada. Arngrim seared off his mark infront of all the espada, and then placing a hand on Tara's arm, he passed the mark, along with the power that gave him his edge, the power needed to lead, to her. He felt himself grow weaker as the mark appeared on her skin. "You will rule well, I know you will." He said.

Arngrim smiled at her, then looked back to the others. "All hail Cero Queen Tara." He growled. Then he left the throne room, the formalities over with.

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Crowning the new ruler
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