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 Fatigue State

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PostSubject: Fatigue State   Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:56 am

In a battle where the opponents are evenly matched or even in a battle where one person is overwhelmed by many. There comes a point and time where you must admit your character has reached the limit of their power and enters Fatigued state. Fatigue state lasts for at least 3 posts minimum unless otherwise stated my an admin or a mod that it will last longer or shorter as the case warrants.

To make this fair to everyone. Fatigue state is when your character is tired beaten up and/or overusing his powers. You can still fight as normally however all attacks made by a character in Fatigue state will be reduced to 50% of its normal power. The speed of a fatigued character will also be reduced by 50% aand the use of shunpo limited to once per two posts.

Example of a character that hit Fatigue State.

Say a character is able to use any number kidou and is of a ViceCaptain position. just because that person CAN use the kidou doesn't mean it won't affect him.

-Battle- Example1 uses Hadou 91 on his target

-after kidou use- Example1 used up so much reiatsu from using such a powerful spell with his current tier that he was forced into Fatigue state instantly for at least 3 posts..

Example of a character that hit Fatigue State but recovered quicker than his foe..

say that both opponents are the same tier and have been melee battling for the past 7 posts back and forth like madmen. However one of the opponents (OP1) are ment for Kidou use or for speedy stealth rather than brute force and the other opponent (OP2) is ment for melee battle.

-battle- both opponents had been going at it for 7 posts each totalling to 14 posts of constant combat.

-Result- OP2 would hit fatigue state after his foe and would recover quicker (1 post quicker) because he is MADE for the constant battle. Where as OP1 would hit fatigue more quickly and take the full 3 posts to recover from it.

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Fatigue State
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