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 Connor Richirdson WIP

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PostSubject: Connor Richirdson WIP   Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:37 am

Arrancar Template

Basic Information

Name: Connor Richardson
Age: 25
True Age: 1500
Sex: Male
Personality:Connor is a sadistic man who loves to toy with his enemies and it is not uncommon to see him mutilating a foe just for the hell of it so it is not uncommon for him to be seen killing somebody slow and painfully just for the hell of it.He is very methodical and carefully plans and calculates everything he does inside of battle or out and he is known to be very methodical in his killing and fighting liking to make fights last.He can drink quite heavily and does so at many times in fact,he is often looking around for an alcoholic beverage because he has such a high chance of not even getting drunk.He smokes Cigarettes and Cigars as well and is often a pissy type guy when he doesn't get his Nicotine fix and that means if you tempt him no matter how little the temptation he will kill you if you piss him off in that time frame,not to say he wouldn't have killed you to begin with but...just your chances of survival are reduced from 0 to -100 meaning your fucked.Connor is sadistic in nature and enjoys inflicting pain and suffering to all and is best not crossed.

Emotionally Connor has very little attachment to anyone or anything and is not easy to depress or sadden though he has a quick temper and he is rather easy to piss off though it is highly recommended you do not piss him off for your safety.He hates losing and absolutely refuses to admit defeat unless he is dead and if he loses a battle he does not see the point in life thus he wants to die after losing.He much rather die than live with a loss on his chest and he doesn't care how or why he dies but those are his thoughts on it.He strives to become stronger always wanting to be the most powerful being in existence and he does not care how he gets there or who or what he must slaughter and make a mess of to get there but he does plan on at some time during his existence being at the top of the pecking order.Connor loves nothing nor does he plan on doing so though he is quite the ladies man and does appreciate sex and all of its glories whether or not this is because he is male or he simply likes kill them when hes done is unknown.

Connor is of Viking descent,thus he is not known for having the greatest of manners at the table or elsewhere and he is not one against slinging a few choice words here and there and well,everywhere.He loves to talk and if your not an idiot and talk about foolish emotions or shit he seems to be utterly retarded he is a great person to chat with.He,much like Kenpachi only believes in spars with allies the rest are fights to the death whether his foe likes it or not he does not really give a shit.Connor fights with a code of honor meaning no low blows no dirty tricks nothing like hiding or not fighting one on one or anything of that type of cowardly sort.Many people may think of Connor as an idiot due to him constantly rushing in headstrong during battle or anything really,but this is in fact not the case,it is rather on the contrary really,he is in fact quite intelligent and this is just due to his warrior roots as a viking and as such is I suppose you could say genetics did run its course in that regard.He is also quite adept at eating astronomical amounts of food as he could quite literally eat a whole hog and still be rather famished and asking and or looking for more food and this also applies to his thirst which is a rather hard thing to quench as he can drink a lot of fluids as well and still be quite thirsty though mostly he just wants more alcohol in his system and of course he usually gets it.
Connor is also quite good at keeping his word and if he swears on his honor to something he will do it or die trying though obviously he is alive so only the last one remains unlikely to happen.

Connor is a very honest man and this can work as an advantage and disadvantage, for an advantage everyone knows he is telling the truth always no matter what because he does not lie but it is a disadvantage in the way that he can be brutally honest in which case does lead to a lot of trouble for him many times.Connor is also very disrespectful and runs his mouth to anyone and everyone not caring who you are where your from or how strong you are if he gets a chance,he will run his mouth till the cows come home and probably longer,depends on how long it takes them cows to get home.He also loves to trash talk during a fight and if he thinks he has an advantage he will share it quite openly with his foe though he can be quite deceptive about it as well,he absolutely loves to trick his foes into mistakes and discourage them from doing things that could help and he is very good at mentally fucking up foes.He is also known for being quite the flirt and can be quite a jolly old man when it comes to the ladies and he can be quite a sharp dressing man and he always pays close attention to his appearance and works tediously to keep it up to par.He is quite proud of his dress up apparel and is often seen in clubs with more than one woman hanging on each shoulder and he is quite proud of it.He is often quite smug when such things occur and is quite happy to go on about it like it is his everyday life and it is sometimes which can get on a lot of peoples nerves when he is supposed to be busy doing stuff.As an Espada this has led to many of the girls being killed when he is not working instead of flirting and fucking which is what happens usually so this is unfortunately a common occurrence for Connor and his "Guest" though Connor forgets they can not (Obviously XD)

One little known fact about Connor is the fact that he is absolutely when of the most laid back and easiest going guys ever if he likes you though if not its a completely different story,he can be rather calm and he is rather nice until he is pissed off and that is when he goes all shit house nuts personality wise.He is also rumored to have killed a Fraccion for waking him up ten seconds to early and for it he supposedly blasted his head off with a Bala and went back to bed.Connor is quite irritable and if you get on his nerves he will kill you and hold no qualms in doing so he will not mind at all if he ends up killing you and he does not like you.It is also true that his favorite treat is pie and he does indeed believe the cake is a lie so if you mention cake prepare for the ass kicking of the life time when he gets a hold of you unless your stronger.Connor is also known for being quite a gambler and is known to bet on numerous things and is known to blow and gain tons of many from bets and gambling though he gets in trouble for it sometimes though not usually.Connor is also quite use to using data he gathers for fighting and if he gets a firm understanding of your powers the first time you and him fight the next time he will probably have a much better understanding and have a better chance at winning do to his superb memory (Does not effect battles)As you can probably tell Connor is quite an interesting man and is probably not one you'll have the honor of remembering if you so happen to cross him.

Likes: Sex Alcohol fighting Winning Killing Gambling,pie
Fears:Losing, No Sex,No alcohol,not killing.

Character Appearance

Height: 6'5
Weight: 220 (Muscle)
Physical Traits:

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in terms of Hierro, Sonido, Pesquisa, etc?]
Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in terms of Hierro, Sonido, Pesquisa, etc?]

Zanpakuto & Cero

Sealed Appearance: [What does your sealed zanpakuto look like?]
Zanpakuto Name: Kento
Zanpakuto Call Out: RAWWRRRRRRR ("Winds Of Flame Burn The Heavens With Your Wrath Kento")
Cero: Bala Cero Gran Rey Oscouras (Maybe)


Appearance: [What do you look like in resurreccion?]
Abilities: Winds of Flame Blast-With this attack Ika shoots a gust of wind from his hands that is heated up by the flames and the winds are also going at a very high speed thus making them sharp as a Shikai blade of someone Connors level.The blades would slice the opponent up badly on top of 1st to 2nd degree burns It is also in a tornado like blast launched at the speed of Cero.1 Post cooldown.

Heat Wave- Connor launches a blast of fire propelled by air at high velocities towards the opponent inflicting Cero equivalent damage along with 2nd degree burns.1 Post Cooldown.

Winds of Blaze- Connor manipulates fire into wind and attacks his foe with it by moving his hand for example the fire and wind which are about 10 feet long and wide are launched straight when he puts his arm forwards.Slight contact makes 1st degree burns medium contact makes second degree burns and full on contact as in being completely engulfed causes 3rd degree burns.3 post duration and cooldown.

Winds of Flame Sawing Blade-Connor's blade becomes covered in flames radiating off of wind that works much like a saw blade and as he does this anyone he cuts gets 2nd degree burns and a pretty gnarly cut. 1 post Prep 5 post duration.

Wind Slash-A slash of wind going at high speeds comes at the foe within a range of 2 feet in the width of the slash that made this and 25 feet in length along with 10 feet in height.If Heirro is average to someone of Connors tier it will cut deep enough to severe vitals.Shields that protect less than Hado 55 are also screwed.1 post cooldown.

Flaming Beam-A beam of Extremely hot flames is compacted into a beam like Hado 4 and is fired by pointing his tip finger at the object he wishes to shoot.It is so hot it burns a hole straight through the foe unless their Heirro is stronger than what Connors would be and this goes through shields protecting against Hado 60 and lower.Twice a post.

Boosts: All X 3

Resurreccion Segunda:

Appearance: [What do you look like in segunda?]
Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
Boosts: [What physical capabilities increase in your resurreccion? Speed, Strengt, Stamina, etc.]

Back Drop:

Background: [Your character's History]
Side Notes: [Anything you might have left out in your application goes here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Please use the character you are applying for in the sample.]
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Connor Richirdson WIP
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